Israel kills seven aid workers in Gaza; shipments turn away in fear

Here’s a pertinent question:

It was prompted by the murder of seven aid workers – including three Britons – by Israeli military forces with whom they had been co-ordinating their movements, on Monday (April 1, 2024).

John Chapman, 57, James Henderson, 33, and James Kirby, 47, formed the security team on the World Central Kitchen truck that was bombed by an IDF drone.

Israeli authorities initially tried to lie to the world that Hamas was responsible for the atrocity, but changed their story within a matter of hours in the face of mounting evidence and condemnation.

The material result of the airstrike is that charities carrying aid to Gaza are turning away; they know that they cannot rely on assurances from Israel that it will not murder their workers:

Here’s a video clip, for those of you who don’t have much time to read the details:

Some were quick to suggest that the strike was “a dreadful mistake” by the IDF…

And Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not even be bothered to give a detailed explanation. He just said: “This happens in wartime.”

For the full, horrifying details, let’s go to Marc Owen Jones:

He took the following details from the Haaretz report he mentions:

This haaretz report, apparently based on a defence source raises more questions than it answers. Some points.

1) Firstly, the source acknowledges that there were 3 missiles fired from a drone. There’s no doubt that the operators knew it was an aid convoy. This isn’t in question.

2) Upon destroying the first truck the source claims survivors got out and entered another truck.

3) The second truck was then attacked

4) The survivors then got out and were attacked a third time

5) These multiple strikes were done on three different vehicles the IDF knew to belong to aid workers

6) The defence official initially claimed a single Hamas operative got in the vehicle. They then say he stayed at the warehouse. At what point did they know his movements? If they knew his movements why wait till he was among aid workers?

7) Even if the presence of a Hamas member, on what basis does one Hamas member justify attacking three vehicles and 7 civilians?

8) Furthermore, if the IDF attacked each vehicle in succession, they are implying that the terrorist survived the 1st and 2nd strike. How did they know he survived?

9) Indeed, if the IDF can tell that one Hamas operative survived they could target him alone surely?

10) Why would they wait till he departed in the vehicle to attack if this put all three vehicles in danger? Indeed, this implies the IDF protocol is to destroy all vehicles in a convoy if they see any survivors?

11) What this tell us is that the IDF will kill an almost unlimited or undefined number of civilians in order to potentially kill one Hamas member of unspecific rank or commitment

12) While we know that this is more or less how Israel operates, it also likely that they they are providing a cover story to hide a deliberate targeted attack on WCKitchen.

Here’s an extremely sinister aspect to this story: as the UK has been providing weaponry to Israel, it is entirely possible that the Britons in the convoy were killed by British-supplied arms. Labour’s Richard Burgon has called on Foreign Secretary David Cameron to investigate whether this happened. If it did, it will undoubtedly fuel calls for the UK to cease arms supplies to Israel.

What can we conclude from this incident?

Firstly: Israel is indeed targeting and killing aid workers, as suggested in the X post quoted at the top of this article.

The only logical reason for doing so is to stop aid, including food, from reaching the people of Gaza. Mission accomplished – the shipments have turned back.

This supports claims that Israel is deliberately starving Gazans to death – an act of genocide that is prohibited by international law.

The aid workers who were murdered included three Britons. The UK should therefore cease all weapons and ammunition supplies to Israel. The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens, not to supply arms to other countries for the murder of those citizens. Using this logic, it is clear that any arms supplies to Israel by the governments of the other aid workers’ countries of origin should also cease.

It is possible the weapons used to kill the aid workers may have come from the UK. This is another reason for the UK to stop supplying them.

Israeli representatives have lied through their teeth about the incident – first saying Hamas was responsible, then that it was a mistake of the kind that happens during wartime. It could not be a mistake; the aid convoy had been co-ordinating its movements with Hamas.

It’s not a perfect summary, but the gist can be supplied in the following, which also satirises the IDF’s claim about itself:

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