Maria Miller: Another Rotten Apple in Cameron’s Cabinet of Crooks


As Maria Miller is rightly hounded out of office and hopefully into the courts for her egregious abuse of privilege, many are pointing out that she is but one rotten cog in a thoroughly rotten machine. So if we want real change – the prosecution of Maria Miller is where we start, not where we stop.

Maria Miller is Culture Secretary and Equalities Minister for the UK government.  Between 2005 and 2009 she claimed £46,000  in fraudulent expenses on the mortgage on a family home that she later sold for £1.2m – and used her position to bully a commissioner in efforts to keep the whole thing quiet.  Her punishment? Giving back £5,000 and a 32 second apology in the House of Commons.

Despite abusing the expenses system for four long years, only ending her scam when the MP Expenses Scandal broke in 2009, and her evasion of the ombudsman reviewing her expenses ever since – she has been backed by Prime Minister David Cameron and cabinet colleagues.  Cameron says of her:

“Maria Miller is in her job and she is doing a good job as culture secretary.

“Also, she went through this process and the committee found that she had made a mistake in her mortgage claims. She paid back money. She made an apology and that’s the right thing to do.”

Were it not for the relentless pressure of the news media and public campaigns – that would have been the end of the matter for Maria Miller.  She cheated, she tried to cover it up, and she kept her job and her profits. For Maria Miller, crime paid.

In contrast, when 22 year old Sacha Hall helped herself to several bags of waste food left out by Tesco after its refrigerators failed – she was immediately arrested, charged with handling stolen goods, and taken to court and given a 12 month conditional discharge. Tesco even admitted there was no value to the food as it was heading to the landfill.

There is truly one rule for them, and one for everyone else.

The Crooked Cabinet

But Miller is unlikely to be held to account by her cabinet colleagues when we have one of the most corrupt cabinets in UK history.

(For details of the other bent members of Cameron’s Cabinet, see the original article on Scriptonite Daily.)

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14 thoughts on “Maria Miller: Another Rotten Apple in Cameron’s Cabinet of Crooks

  1. Nick

    She has been part of the welfare reform team since she has been in office and presided over many deaths and that i feel is why she should resign

    had she tried hard to stop these negligent deaths then that would have been in her favour but she stood back and did nothing and like most mp’s was just looking out for herself in a typical conservative manor

    as for expenses she got a good reduction and gets let off and that’s hardly setting a good example so she should stand down

  2. John Keen

    (For details of the other bent members of Cameron’s Cabinet, see the original article on Scriptonite Daily.)

    Link not working.

  3. Joseph Smith

    My e petition to get Miller sacked has been rejected. So I’ve signed the 38 degree one. Yet another example of government cover up and further proof of just how corrupt and dishonest Cameron and the forty thieves are. Get rid of them.

  4. amnesiaclinic

    Excellent to highlight the difference in the way the law is dished out. I hope someone with legal experience would step up and get an appeal for Sacha. A petition would be a good start at Parliament or 38 degrees while keeping up the pressure on the cabinet. As I said on the petition it should be pay back all the money AND resign and go to prison for fraud!
    Good work, Mike.

    1. Guy Ropes

      On the question of equality before the law, a good place to start may be to quote from the speech given in South Africa last year by the UK’s senior wig wearer, Lord Judge. This is readily available on the net. The whole basis of the speech is that everyone must be equal before the law. No doubt they might be able to skew that to their own advantage should they wish, but it’s as good a place to start as any.

  5. AM-FM


    “Minister for Women and Equalities
    under the responsibility of The Rt Hon Maria Miller MP as Minister for Women and Equalities

    Creating a fairer and more equal society”

    Bye bye then.

  6. alan

    I think we will find that 38% is an arm of government to pacifty people, make us think we can have our say. Unless government sees advantage in something it will not run with it.

    Maria Miller has now been forced to resign. She is a thief, let us not forget this, a thief, again, a thief, and she did not pay back the entire amount she deliberately stole. No independent scrutiniser because parliament will overrule what is not in its favour.

    Miller is a thief and should be prosecuted. if the law was brought back into our courts we would see her prosecuted. However we have Acts of Parliament that are wrongly spoken of as law, and being Acts of Parliament the latter can control whom it wishes to prosecuted, manipulating the Crown Prosecution Service.

    The Criminal Justice System is not called that for nothing. The present day system of so called justice criminal.

    1. Mike Sivier

      In fact, Acts of Parliament are law – hence the phrase “passed into law” when they get Royal Assent. You’re one of these ridiculous ‘Freemen of the Land’, aren’t you?

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