Miller’s punishment for being found out – more cash than she had to pay back

Money, money, money…

Having resigned from the Cabinet, it seems the fraudster Maria Miller is entitled to a payoff totalling £17,000 – equivalent to three months’ ministerial salary.

This means that, as punishment for behaviour that, anywhere else, would lead to a criminal conviction (if not imprisonment), she is to receive a payment that not only negates the £5,800 she had to pay back, but includes an additional £11,200 – nearly twice as much again!

Other MPs are urging her not to take the money but it seems likely that she will.

And people wonder why we doubt her in her displays of contrition.

She’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Meanwhile, David Cameron is left to stew in one godawful mess. Not only has he been exposed as a critically weak leader, but this affair has shown that a Conservative-led government makes crime pay.

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13 thoughts on “Miller’s punishment for being found out – more cash than she had to pay back

  1. AM-FM

    CH4 news were visiting her constituency and said she was going to give the £17k to charity.

    Meanwhile, the Selfservatives have now had to sack the their vice chairman Michael Fabricant for tweeting “about time”.

    Selfservatives – You Just Couldn’t Make Us Up.

    1. Malcolm Burt

      Really gutted that she got to stay as an M.P. as she`ll still be on some 60 grand plus a year expenses when the truth is that she should be doing porridge.38 Degrees have got a petition going,calling for her to face criminal charges.Many people out here havn`t got a pot to piss in,due largely to policies which she supported.I am incensed that we have been paying the council tax for the home of her parents whilst fighting my own council & their bailiffs for non payment of my own!

    2. AM-FM

      I don’t know the details, and the council tax seems a (relatively) small amount, but still surely she could have shown the slightest bit of honesty and only claimed for her half of the CT.

  2. Mr.Angry

    How can she just walk out and be paid to do so, this is beyond comprehension, whilst the rest of the country suffers in silence. An absolute disgrace, Cameron should resign also as he is at the helm of a corrupt heartless party.

  3. Joseph Smith

    There is now no doubt in anyone’s mind that this government is vindictive and defensive, added to which they have failed comprehensively to comply with any 2010 pre election promises excluding the unspoken one which said we will cause huge distesss to the ill, disabled and needy by encouraging them to take their own lives and by doing so you will save the state some money. Whilst I, as prime minister will support my self appointed expenses fiddling MPs and my Facist mass murderer Ian. I will also ensure my wealthy friends and family pay less tax and increase their wealth. I need another term please

    Dream on idiot,!!!!

  4. drewdog2060drewdog2060

    There is an articl in the Daily Telegraph in which it is stated that Maria Miller will be donating the whole amount to a local charity which, to me is the appropriate thing for her to do.

    1. Mike Sivier

      No – it is inappropriate because that money should not have been given to her.
      This isn’t a hard concept to understand: She did wrong. In my opinion she committed crimes and should face prosecution for them in a court of law. Yet, instead of being penalised for them, the government has decided to give her £11,200 of taxpayers’ money (that’s the £17K minus the paltry £5,800 she paid back last week).
      She has been REWARDED for her wrongdoing.
      Anything she does with that money is, by definition, wrong because it is wrong that she has it.
      That money is OURS – not hers.

  5. david

    hmm any other non politician who quits their job has to work their notice and gets no severance pay and even if she donates it all to charity ( even doubt it’ll be one to help out the poor) she’ll just use it as a tax write off and probably claim it all back on expenses

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