UKIP members should have a second career – in comedy

The aftershocks of UKIP’s win in Clacton continue to reverberate across the nation.

The following was sent by Martin Odoni, he of The Critique Archives, and was so good it had to be shared:


Isn’t the operative question, how much more stupid can UKIP voters be?

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14 thoughts on “UKIP members should have a second career – in comedy

  1. Les

    shouldn`t call a voter stupid just because of justifiable error, I wouldn`t call a labour party voter stupid for say believing the labour movement is socialist and represents the working man when clearly it does not.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It can’t be called a justifiable error when Douglas Carswell, the new UKIP MP, also happened to be the constituency’s former Conservative MP – and had been for more than four years.
      Oh, and the Labour movement is socialist and does represent working people – even if it is debatable whether that is also true of the current Labour Party.

    2. hstorm

      Les, this voter, whoever he/she is, went in with the express wish of voting a particular candidate out…. and voted *for* him.

      That is not a ‘justifiable error’ worthy of a shoulder-shrug, it is the most fundamental, 180-degree-wrong-way cock-up that can be achieved by anyone making an honest attempt to vote. Even spoiling the ballot paper would have been better, because then at least the vote wouldn’t have been allotted to the person the voter wanted to get shot of.

    1. aturtle05

      Or a one minute conversation with a UKIPper. Nige changes his policies more often than he changes his beer glass!

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        They’ve got a new webpage up with their current policies and I’ll be doing an article.

  2. Guy Ropes

    You are suggesting that Carswell had an option as to what he might do;. He didn’t – the whips saw to that. So are you saying that all political parties in Westminster have a 2 tier mode of operation; national subjects: do as we tell you; local problems: do as you want? Never seen any evidence of that. I have a tory MP who has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING other than what his head office tells him. He won’t even sign a petition which seeks to ensure more protection for vulnerable children. The man’s an ass. Carswell however has been brave and has gone against the whips; he’s changed sides and ASKED the voters if they approve of what he’s done in switching. They do approve and good for them. Your article is pettifogging nonsense and if you can’t see that our country is being assailed by the enemy within (look at the Times this morning)who seek to close down you and others like you, and me, with my “free speech”, then you’re not the man I thought you were. As UKIP are fruit cakes and nutters why oh why do you spend so much time criticising them? The Tories are the ones you should be shouting at or we get another 5 years of crap on our heads. Probably worse than the 5 we’re currently suffering. But you, like a whip, will win the day because you claim to have found a fool in the UKIP fan base. Some victory. We applaud you from the bottom of our hearts. Another victory for the working class.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      There’s a lot more to being a constituency MP than just responding to the Westminster whips. The fact that they should be responding to the concerns of local residents – and available to discuss those concerns with them (it’s why they habitually have no Parliamentary business, or only light work, Fridays – they’re supposed to be doing constituency work) is a major part of the job. Carswell clearly wasn’t doing his job in this regard, as the UKIP voter (a) said so, and (b) didn’t even recognise that they were voting for the same person about whom they were complaining!
      For the benefit of other readers, “pettifogging” is placing undue emphasis on petty or trivial details and with respect I deny the charge. For an MP, ignoring the requirement to connect with constituents is not a petty detail.
      Regarding free speech, you’ll recall I have been in the vanguard of the fight to stop attacks on our rights so, again, you are mistaken.
      UKIP deserve criticism because they are trying to upset British politics in favour of an even more right-wing situation than we have at the moment, which is the furthest the UK has gone in that direction, at least in living memory. I shout at the Tories often enough.

    2. hstorm

      “As UKIP are fruit cakes and nutters why oh why do you spend so much time criticising them?”

      *BECAUSE* THEY ARE FRUITCAKES AND NUTTERS. Fruitcakes and nutters have a habit of saying a lot of things that should be criticised.

      As for criticising the Tories, read roughly three out of every four articles on this website.

      You know, this latest paranoid whine could be just about the daftest objection you’ve come up with yet.

  3. Tim

    Over on Labourlist one comment said that UKIP were a “… cult led by a cu*t”. Which sums up UKIP in a nutshell as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Tony Dean

    Another UKIP candidate disaster:-

    15 October 2014 Last updated at 09:54
    UKIP candidate admits animal welfare charges

    A candidate in one of UKIP’s key target seats for the next general election has admitted six animal welfare charges.

    The charges against Cornwall farmer David Evans, 71, of Week St Mary, include keeping sheep in an emaciated state.

    Evans was picked to contest Camborne and Redruth, which is currently held by Tory George Eustice with a majority of only 66 votes.

    UKIP was unavailable for immediate comment.

  5. Guy Ropes

    Your correspondent doesn’t mention that website where the confirmed sexual preferences of Labour party members is displayed for all too see. Their preferences are not nice. We can all pick holes in other party’s members or voters – it’s a game that truly does no one any good. Does it? Can you confirm that the Clacton voter to whom you refer was not, previously, a committed socialist (disillusioned like so many) or a past, regular Labour voter?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The UKIP obsession with the sexual preferences of Labour Party members is a matter of concern to me. I don’t spend much time worrying about which way my MP swings. Is this another sign of discrimination by UKIP members and supporters?
      Nobody mentioned any such website because it isn’t part of the discussion, Guy. And nobody’s bothered about who the Clacton voter supported in the past, either – it’s not relevant to what he has said and done.
      Don’t try to change the subject when we’re all having a good time making fun of the fruitcakes.

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