Get your conspiracy theories out – Leon Brittan has died

Leon Brittan [Image: Guardian].

Leon Brittan [Image: Guardian].

Did anybody else know anything about Leon Brittan having cancer before today’s announcement?

According to his family, the former Home Secretary died last night, aged 75, after a long battle with the disease.

This writer was completely unaware that Mr Brittan had been diagnosed with it, and a (quick, admittedly) search of the Internet makes no reference to it either.

The death, and the revelation that it was due to a hitherto-unmentioned disease, is almost certain to lead to conspiracy theories – especially when one considers the fact that Brittan’s reputation has been tarnished by his connection to historic allegations of sexual abuse, in which it has been suggest that he not only hid evidence of such crimes, but may have committed them himself.

Personally, this writer finds it a huge inconvenience. I have been working on a piece of fiction involving a group of assassins working for the Establishment (not the government) to eliminate anyone likely to cause embarrassment to the power-that-be; their modus operandi being to make the death look like an accident or natural causes.

Now I’m going to have to rework chapter one completely.

Afterword: Some readers may feel this article does not show proper respect to somebody who is recently deceased. While sympathy is due to Mr Brittan’s family, there are so many questions remaining to be answered about his life and conduct that they should not be avoided for the sake of social niceties. That is how it is ensured that these matters are forgotten.

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19 thoughts on “Get your conspiracy theories out – Leon Brittan has died

  1. Fred Stinkelberger

    Do you reckon the truth will come out about “The London Tape” now?

    Say Hi to Di, Leon.

  2. hstorm

    I shall lose no sleep over the death of Leon Brittan. Child abuse allegations or not, he was the epitome of the Nasty Party. But conspiracy theories? I don’t think they’ll start unless someone else linked to the VIP ring suddenly kicks the bucket very soon as well. As it is, waiting thirty-odd years to bump one of them off does sound awfully patient on the part of any conspirators.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s only recently, with the revelations about the dossier and the (difficult) setting-up of the inquiry into historic child sexual abuse, that his name has become relevant again. And the conspiracy theorising has already started.

  3. Janice thomas

    Saw a tweet that said something about a non Zionist medic for the autopsy. If he really had cancer and was under medic care during this “long battle” surely there is no requirement for an autopsy…just saying.

  4. Thomas M

    If the rumours about him were false, then I’m sorry for him. If the rumours are true, good riddance to him.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      This is a link to a Spitting Image sketch, ‘Leon Brittan sings like a canary’. Tim – please don’t post links without telling us what they link TO.

  5. fathomie

    @thomas M, my brother in law’s father was a member of the press council. Back in the early 80s when Brittan was part of the Thatcher govt, it was due to be announced that a senior figure was about to be ‘outed’ as being involved in a Child sex abuse scandal. That man was, well, you can guess without me naming names. Mrs Thatcher decided, as this would have caused the Tory party a major embarrassment, to slap a ‘D’ notice on it, claiming as we were at ‘war’ it would have ‘undermined national confidence’. Conveniently, Brittan has now died, and getting at the truth has become a hell of a lot harder.

  6. Pete B

    CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer
    The 1975 Church Committee hearings

    The answer to the question – Can you give a person cancer – is yes. After nearly 80 years of research and development there is now a way to simulate a real heart attack and to give a healthy person cancer. Both have been used as a means of assassination. Only a very skilled pathologist, who knew exactly what to look for at an autopsy, could distinguish an assassination induced heart attack or cancer from the real thing.


  7. Nicknick

    A bit odd mike he never said he was unwell but his type never do they just soldier on
    well that inquiry that he would have been part of is now dead so that’s the end of that story

    it reminds me of Robin Cook who was against the gulf war he died suddenly and the death of David Kelly Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction: he to died in bizarre circumstances

    you stay in wales mike you should be safe there and keep out of politics ;):

  8. Joan Edington

    Mike. Not a comment on this one but, the for last day or so, all your notifications and follow-up of WordPress comments have been going into the spam folder of my BT email. Is this yet another conspiracy, against you?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I was not aware of this. Unless anyone has a better explanation, it seems likely this is an issue with WordPress, as notifications are an automated process run by the site/software. I’ll ask about it straight away.
      Thank you for raising it.

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