Iain Duncan Smith is trying to trick you into thinking he has saved £50 billion because fewer people are claiming benefits.

Apparently this is a good thing despite the massive human cost of his project to push people off-benefit and contract the welfare state – we know that 1.6 million people have stopped claiming, not because they got a job but because they could no longer cope with the abusive behaviour of DWP employees.

We also know that many thousands have died – through suicide or complications of their physical conditions (if claiming incapacity benefits) after receiving decisions that were not only wrong, but may have been fraudulent.

And there’s the Universal Credit fiasco on which this blog reported today (February 4).

Jonathan Portes said delays to ‘reform’ of these benefits was costing the DWP £5 billion per year – that’s £25 billion over the course of the Parliament and this writer is far more likely to believe Mr Portes than the Coward of Caxton House.

Of course, if you would rather believe the Secretary-in-a-State, then this blog has words of advice that are to be taken to heart:

Don’t lose your job.
Don’t contract a long-term illness or disability.
Don’t have an accident at work that harms your general health.

You may not survive the benefit system.

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23 thoughts on “Iain DELUSIONAL Smith

  1. chopale

    Ed balls seems to be the medias “prize” fall guy at this time of forgetting names. never mind the prime minister forgetting his child’ when on his exit to go else where. and the coalition manifestos promises. what we need, is for people to put up flyer posters’ Iain Duncan smith; WANTED FOR D.W.P. BENEFIT CRIMES.

  2. Jim Round

    I know that you are not a fan of Ms Reeves, but as a minister/MP, would she have access to these files, or anyone else within Labour for that matter?
    If so, this needs to be made a priority and shouted from the rooftops loud and clear.
    If Labour don’t have access to these files, why not?
    Aren’t we supposed to be a democracy.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The Opposition doesn’t get access to government files. Rachel Reeves is a shadow minister, not an actual minister.
      This is why Labour can’t firm up its commitments on spending until after the election – if it is asked to form a government; the information will not be available to the new government until it takes office.
      Regarding your last question – I don’t know. FoI request?

      1. Jim Round

        I’d guess that at least one of the unfortunate (can’t print the real words) deaths were in a Labour MP’s constituency.
        The coroners reports you have referred to are in the the public domain aren’t they?
        This is where you need you’re local MP to have a backbone, and go against party lines if need be.
        Things like this are a wide open goal for Labour, and if it is the system that prevents them from raising and challenging these things then the system is rotten and if/when Labour get into government, it should be changed straight away.

  3. Nigel Harman

    Ian Duncan Smith should be tried for crimes against humanity.Not hide behind others under him if only the UN had proper teeth.

  4. Maria

    I read the article in the daily mail, from what read they actually worded it as Duncan-Smith will save you £50 billion, I take it that means that he hasn’t really saved £50 billion, probably wasted a lot more than 50 billion and eventually they will have to put right the problems causes and that will cost more anyway. A failure of a man is Duncan Smith, and the worse part of him is, he has no morals what so ever for humanity, his loyalties lie with money.

  5. Pete B

    Ian Duncan Smith is really the Minister for Propaganda.He trots out dodgy statistics,downright lies from his CV to anything DWP related.Google Lying Duncan Smith and you will get lots of results.

    Smith has only got away with lies and statistics because the British Press,owned by and large by rich people,do not care about the little people.No wonder they,the elite,want to control the internet.Because we can speak to each other about the real truth.

    The BBC does not want to challenge Smith nor most TV channels.If the Tories win the GE its because people do not know the truth.The press is like Pravda or Tass in Soviet Russia in days gone by.

    1. Keith Jackson

      I guess if Tories get back in we will have state like tv like in the places you state, it will probably be a crime to speak out against them like we do now.

  6. Andy

    “Don’t lose your job.”
    “Don’t contract a long-term illness or disability.”
    “Don’t have an accident at work that harms your general health.”

    For some reason when I saw those words I thought of ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ By George Orwell which was written during the last “great depression”. Before the welfare state. Should be compulsory reading in schools.

  7. prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    I think we should stop using the term unemployed and use the term job shortages instead. Unemployed implies there are jobs to go to and it is therefore the unemployed persons fault. Job shortage describes the situation more accurately and points the finger of blame at the government – the people actually responsible.

      1. jammo

        Atos found him fit for work despite being blind with the mental age of a 12 year old he was 62, and had to move in with his 92 year old mother in his dying days due to the bedroom tax!

  8. Roger Boaden

    ‘Count My Lies’ IDS said recently ‘It’s absurd and offensive that taxpayers are funding these payments for people who have retired to the Mediterranean and enjoy warmer weather.’ He was giving an ‘exclusive’ interview to the MailOnline about Winter Fuel Payments, a subject he has returned to on several occasions over the past two years, despite the fact that Steve Webb has admitted it will save ‘about £17 million’, and tens of thousands of elderly British pensioners living in the cold parts of Spain and France will suffer!

  9. Joan Edington

    Just a thought Mike. Does your resorting to name-calling (minister in a state, RTU etc) make you a stupid bully as well or does that only apply to people who name-call Labour MPs? I do, however, agree wholeheartedly with your names.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      As far as Iain Duncan Smith is concerned, I really couldn’t care less. Does anybody look like a bully when compared to him?

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