Ed Miliband could win absolute majority, poll suggests


It’s impossible to suggest seriously that this means anything, with so many polls flying around, but it’s nice to have some good news on a Sunday afternoon so here’s The Guardian:

Labour has regained a slim lead over David Cameron’s party, according to the latest Opinium/Observer poll.

Ed Miliband could win an absolute majority according to the survey, which puts him on 35% – two points up on last week. The Conservatives have slipped by one point to 34%. If there was a uniform national swing – meaning the changes in each party’s support from this poll were evenly applied to 2010 election results across all constituencies – Labour could win an overall majority.

Ukip is on 14% while the Liberal Democrats and the Greens are tied on 6%.

Pollsters at Opinium said it appears that the two main parties are statistically tied, with variations in recent weeks being within the bounds of statistical error.

The full article is here.

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15 thoughts on “Ed Miliband could win absolute majority, poll suggests

  1. Dougie McPherson

    And pigs might fly 🙂 🙂 the poster has it exactly correct that there are far to many Polls going around at present its hard to just keep up with them all in truth, that said what would worry me about any poll issued today! Was when was it taken, last night per chance? As the punters were coming out of the clubs after a superb night !! It appears that they probably did as that’s the ONLY WAY one hopes that Labour would get an overall win!! (Just my opinion and my nightly pray that it won’t be true) 🙂

  2. Dougie McPherson

    And pigs might fly too 🙂 🙂 the OP got it dead correct in saying there are far to many polls on the rounds just now to take anything very much from any, but one must wonder where, IF this information was only made public today, just where this “new” poll information could have come from? My vote would be for the most likely source I.e. The last taxi rank of the evening, it’s got about that much credibility whichever way you look at it anyway.
    Any future Gov with any Labour influence looks to be just a repeat of what weve had for the last two sessions at best (just my opinion for what it’s worth

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s a bit desperate, suggesting this poll came from “the last taxi rank of the evening”. Anyone saying that must be haemorrhaging credibility themselves.

      1. Dougie McPherson

        @Mike Sivier – Not sure there was really any reason for the abusive comments, I wasn’t being abusive to you or anyone else was I? And as it just so happens I have regular serious bleeds, that are often rated as “life threatening” making your coments now of a more personal nature ??? you of course (I believe being the good sport that I am!! Am on this occasion willing to accept that you were not to know the latter part of the post above, however you do now my friend, I must say this is why!! I find on the hole its always best to keep these things factual as I do I’m sure believe you were only proclaiming you regularly did just a few nights back on every post??
        @ConcernedKev – Kev my friend I trust your comments were also not aimed at myself as I am not aware if I know you or not, if I do, then you would, know why I find the comments offensive to say the least, to say I take serious offence would NOT be an understatement, however this time I am happily willing to pretend it never happened, but then & in the best light!!!! they are very truely the likely only members of the public that would of been likely to be available that time of the night (as the poll surely must have been carried out late at night/early morning i would have thought or else the poll would have made the lunchtime news team surely??? It was just a suggestion on where enough bodies may be t the same time to get some sort of legible answer it was either that or a local kebab shoppe which I can assure all would more than its likely have been 10 times worse…
        Just my opinion guys! your all allowed yours, last time I looked so was I? allowed similar free speech, (if I am wrong on either free-speech or of the finer points of Bedroom Tax as is concerned with-in his post do pls tell me, so I can change my data sources)

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        For my comment to have been personal, I would have to have known that you had such a medical problem – and how could I know that if you hadn’t mentioned it? Also, you are out of order in relating it to a comment about your credibility. How silly of you.

        If you think it’s best to keep things factual, why did you fabricate a suggestion that this poll was made on the last taxi rank of the evening, as you did? That really was an abusive comment, aimed at the polling company and intended to denigrate the result.

        The law on expressions of opinion is very clear: They must be based on demonstrable facts. Can you demonstrate that the poll was carried out where you suggested it was? Can you demonstrate that I knew anything about your claimed health condition? Of course you can’t.

        I think an apology is in order – and I daresay ConcernedKev deserves one as well.

  3. Pete B

    If Ed wins,and I hope and pray that he does.They will have to drag CMD kicking and screaming out of Downing Street.IDS will be next to him saying,”I believe you are P.M. Dave I believe.”

  4. Mr.Angry

    Keep up the pressure Ed you owe it to us all get these evil b*****ds out and give us all a break we need it, can’t take much more of this lot, people are dying. This is not Ethiopia it’s the UK, and something has gone terribly wrong.

  5. aturtle05

    Yawn, yet another poll that says what the people want – until May 8th when we find out that too many people thought “Oh, my vote’s not important, Labour’s going to be a shoe-in, I don’t need to vote”

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I didn’t think the poll was saying that!
      This is the first I can think of – certainly the first in a long time – that actually suggested Labour has a chance at a clear majority.
      I don’t think anybody’s going to think “Labour’s a shoe-in” from that; more likely they’ll think, “Oh – I’d better make sure this happens.”

  6. Thomas

    The Lib Dems at this rate will spiral into the ground and lose most of the seats they have. Now that will be worth waiting for. If they lose more then thirty seats, Clegg’s political career is burnt toast for certain.

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