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Local authorities and their representatives have called for £60 billion of government spending to be devolved to them in order to achieve £20 billion of savings – a forlorn hope!

George Osborne, who called for proposals on how to make the savings in advance of November’s spending review, will go for anything that attacks the poor.

He knows his party, you see. Tories are rich and they are lazy – and they want to continue being rich and lazy. Therefore they support policies that support their wealth and indolence, and hammering the poor does that just fine.

There is a reason Tories support austerity – it transfers money away from the poorest in society (who can starve or freeze to death in the street as far as Tories are concerned – and have done so since the Conservatives took office) and hands it to the richest.

Osborne may offer a sop to the Local Government Organisation but This Blog does not expect him to alter course now.

George Osborne is to be given proposals from cabinet ministers on Friday about how they plan to cut their departmental budgets by 25% or 40%, marking the start of negotiations about how the government will slash £20bn in central government spending.

The chancellor set the deadline for submissions from departments with non-protected budgets for Friday, asking them to model the two different scenarios of cuts before November’s spending review.

The reductions will affect all departments except health, spending on education per pupil, national security and international development.

Source: Deadline arrives for ministers’ plans to cut spending by up to 40% | Politics | The Guardian