Who are they kidding? ‘Team Cameron will play the ball, not the man’

This is hilarious:

How to attack Labour under Corbyn was the top item at a meeting of the political cabinet on Tuesday.

David Cameron and George Osborne know that, despite the temptation to lampoon him, they must play the ball, not the man, at least in the short term.

Corbyn won a mandate from an electorate of more than 550,000 Labour members and supporters. In the Tory high command, they suspect that the forces that delivered him as Labour leader may not be confined entirely to the left but could be part of a wider questioning of politics and politicians that is happening on sections of the middle ground, too.

“We will have to beat him with clear intellectual arguments, not personal abuse” says Alan Duncan, a former party vice-chairman. “It is a chance for us to discredit socialist thinking for good.”

Source: Team Cameron will play the ball, not the man, and let voters decide for themselves | Toby Helm | Politics | The Guardian

In response, let’s just quote cartoonist Gary Barker, who tweeted The Guardian‘s politics account with the following message:

“And just who do you think you and they are fooling?”

14 thoughts on “Who are they kidding? ‘Team Cameron will play the ball, not the man’

  1. Nick

    gove thinks JC is a dangerous man as he could win the next general election and then we would all be in trouble

    good that’s what i say i would very much like to in trouble with JC in control and i think any sane person would be

    i just wished i lived in Islington North

    on a side note JC birthday and mine are just one day apart in may how canny is that no wounder why we think the same

  2. gary

    oh dear, the Tories are faced with a real politician and a real intellectual and all of a sudden they are faced with the frightening prospect of having to answer for their corrupt ways and lack of any real job doing. boo hoo cameron. we have a real adult now to face your childish tantrums

    1. Nick

      Alan Duncan, a former party vice-chairman. “It is a chance for us to discredit socialist thinking for good.”

      so the the conservatives are the real experts in below

      so the arming of dodgy countries over many years is ok ?

      the killing of the sick and disabled is ok ?

      the huge debt for university students is ok ?

      The cost of buying your own home in many parts of the uk is out of reach for most people is ok ?

      going to war and engaging in war is ok ?

      Alan Duncan, a former party vice-chairman is just a typical wealthy tory shouting his mouth off from the sidelines without doing a days work in his life

      in the words of Sybil Fawlty i think we can well do without your words of wisdom Alan Duncan,

  3. chris Kitcher

    Camoron and his cheapskate chums are just playing at politics and have no interest in the future of the UK. Rich kids with no f***ing idea and a lot of gormless UK citizens fall for their idiocy.

  4. Adnil

    Poor old JC will get the same treatment as all other Labour leaders ie yah,boo,he can’t eat a bacon sandwich,he wears a duffel coat, he’s Welsh,he’s got a beard,he dresses like a geography teacher. .Or some such blx. And the great British electorate will swallow it whole.

    1. John Gaines

      No, the Millipeed was a sham, a liar and a classisist (the I went to Oxford, I got top Degree, the I lectured at Harvard, all bull/s…and looking down his nose at us poor workers whom he will protect so long as we admire him….a Labour MP..NO, innit for the EASY money…Yes.
      Corbyn is real and he is slaughtering the Nazi Press, a genuine Labour Leader, not a P/ ant Tory Lite:

      Now even the UK’s award winning, every year, financial Journalist says Jeremy is correct on his economic facts:

      “Anthony Hilton: Corbynomics are not as crazy as critics suggest”

      ..you have to read it, it makes ‘Gardy Loo’ Gideon appear in his real colours..financially Ignorant Blue”:


  5. Mr.Angry

    I think the British electorate are starting to wake up and so they should, who ever voted for this shower must be sadists or even self harming.

  6. Crissie

    They are so devoid of intellectual argument and credbility they will look even more utterly ridiculous than the pompus, selfserving bumbllng fools they already portray. This should not be about attackng a man or an opposing force it should be about resolving this problem and solving the issue of the country needs.

  7. mrmarcpc

    Cameron wouldn’t know how to play well with anyone, including his own party, all he is about is himself, like the rest of them, he’s not bothered about doing what’s right for the country, he’ll do what’s right for himself, like all Tories think and do. If anyone thinks otherwise, think again!

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