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This is hilarious:

How to attack Labour under Corbyn was the top item at a meeting of the political cabinet on Tuesday.

David Cameron and George Osborne know that, despite the temptation to lampoon him, they must play the ball, not the man, at least in the short term.

Corbyn won a mandate from an electorate of more than 550,000 Labour members and supporters. In the Tory high command, they suspect that the forces that delivered him as Labour leader may not be confined entirely to the left but could be part of a wider questioning of politics and politicians that is happening on sections of the middle ground, too.

“We will have to beat him with clear intellectual arguments, not personal abuse” says Alan Duncan, a former party vice-chairman. “It is a chance for us to discredit socialist thinking for good.”

Source: Team Cameron will play the ball, not the man, and let voters decide for themselves | Toby Helm | Politics | The Guardian

In response, let’s just quote cartoonist Gary Barker, who tweeted The Guardian‘s politics account with the following message:

“And just who do you think you and they are fooling?”