Suspended by the Labour Party again – but this is a GOOD thing

Oh yes it is.

It seems unlikely that anybody who reads a newspaper or watches TV can have missed the fact that This Writer has been libelled left, right and centre by the mainstream media, with claims of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

They have used an article by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, that is nothing more than hate literature, to support their claims – but there is one serious problem: None of the allegations against me that appear in the article are true. It is a mishmash of doctored quotes, comments attributed to me that are in fact by other people, and words taken out of context.

The trigger for the current round of outrage is the publication of “leaked” Labour Party documents that showed I had been readmitted into the party after my membership was suspended last year (on suspicion of having published material which could be inerpreted as anti-Semitic, after someone sent the CAA article to Labour HQ). I find this very strange, as I reported the decision to readmit me when it happened – along with my reasons for rejecting the terms.

(The idea was to give me a warning and require me to go for “training” with the Jewish Labour Movement. If I were to accept those terms, I would be admitting guilt – and I’m innocent of any wrongdoing in this respect.)

So far, the following newspapers have falsely accused me of Holocaust denial – with absolutely no evidence to support them: The Sunday Times, The Sun, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Jewish Chronicle, Israel National News, Jerusalem Post. Robert Peston falsely accused me in his TV show Peston on Sunday. I’ve just spent a merry evening writing complaints to all of them.

The Metro at least had the decency to say that I was facing allegations – admitting that nothing has been proved.

Particularly disappointing is the number of Labour MPs who have lined up to condemn me on the basis of nothing at all, including: John Mann, Wes Streeting, Gareth Snell, Anna Turley… If you know of any more, feel free to send your evidence in to the comment column.

In the midst of all this sound and fury today, I received an email from the Labour Party. It stated:

Notice of administrative suspension from holding office or representing the Labour Party

We acknowledge receipt of your email of 19 January 2018. In this email you reject the training, which
the NEC Disputes Panel on 16 January 2018 decided was a necessary condition of your membership.

In light of your refusal to comply with the requirements of the panel you have been automatically
placed under administrative suspension from Party membership and your case has been referred to a
hearing of the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) under rule6.I.1.A of the Labour Party Rule

“In relation to any alleged breach of the constitution, rules or standing orders of the Party by an individual member or members of the Party, the NEC may, pending the final outcome of any investigations and charges (if any), suspend that individual […] the NEC may instruct the General Secretary or other national officer to formulate charges against the individual or individuals concerned and present such charges to the NCC for determination in accordance with their rules”.

If you have any questions, please find enclosed appendix 6 of the Labour Party Rule Book which
explains the procedural guidelines in disciplinary cases brought before the NCC.

The Secretary of the NCC will be in touch in due course to arrange the hearing.

I can’t wait.

A hearing means I will be able to see the evidence against me, find out who my accuser actually is, and present evidence in my own support – at last.

You see, Labour’s disputes process means the actual defendant doesn’t actually get to see any of the evidence against them until they are at the point of being expelled – at a hearing by the National Constitutional Committee. Does anybody think that’s right?

After my membership was suspended in May last year, I was made to wait nearly six months until being called to an interview with a party officer. I was invited to bring a witness, documentary evidence and a list of any other people who could provide useful information. I don’t know why I bothered because my contacts went uncontacted, my documents went in the bin and my witness – I thought the point of having a witness was to ensure fair treatment, but she has never been offered the chance to ensure that the contents of the officer’s report tallied with what was said at the meeting. What was the point of her presence?

After the interview, I had to wait until the NEC’s disputes panel met in January to discuss my case. I was initially told, by the officer who interviewed me, that it would go straight to the NCC, but then my representative on that committee made the point that this was unconstitutional and they had to agree to put it on the disputes panel agenda. Someone in the Labour Party really wants to get rid of me, it seems.

It gets better. My case was left off the agenda of the disputes panel meeting in January, meaning those who were willing to speak for me were left rather unprepared when it was included after all, under “Any Other Business”. This treatment has been branded as “disgusting” – and not by me. It goes to show that someone really wants to get rid of me.

And in the end I was offered a warning and “training”. Perhaps that’s why the fake “leak” happened – so the party’s leaders would be forced to rethink their decision.

This seems likely. After all, I sent my email rejecting the disputes panel’s decision in mid-January, and the new suspension has only just happened – after the current controversy began. Doesn’t it all seem very suspicious to you?

Some have suggested that This Site has been attracting too much attention to events that are actually happening, in contrast to the distractions provided by the mainstream media, and that this is an attempt to poison minds against me.

If so, the move has failed. Views are up, and so are donations. Please keep them coming, via the “Donate” box below the text of this article!

The NCC meeting will not happen for at least six weeks after I receive delivery of all the evidence that will be used against me, so it won’t happen for a while yet.

We’ll have to see what happens then.

Whatever it is, it will be big.

UPDATE: Today (February 6) I found defamatory articles in The Times of Israel and the Huffington Post and have demanded apologies and retractions. Please let me know if you find any.

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27 thoughts on “Suspended by the Labour Party again – but this is a GOOD thing

  1. Zippi

    £ike I said, if you disagree with the prevailing wisdom, you are labelled, in order to silence you and shut down the debate. Would the same thing be happening, I ask, if you had said something that “could be interpreted” as racists against black people? Something tells me not. I don’t understand why people are singling out Jews and Jewish people as a special case. What happened to equity? Surely, we are all entitled to the same level of respect and protection?
    I thought that a fundamental principle of our legal system (establishèd in the 13th century, at least) is the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial.
    I am not surprised by some at least one name, given what has happened in the past. How is it that people are able to ruin reputations, seemingly at will, with little or no evidence yet, the accused is not in a position to defend themselves?
    I wish you well but this is very stinky and symptomatic of what I see as a broader problem with society at large. If we are not careful, we will soon find ourselves in prison for holding – never mind expressing – opinions that are unpopular.

  2. Pam Sanby

    You’re obviously upsetting the Tories with your articles, otherwise why go after you in this way. You’re doing something worrying for them! Keep it up!

  3. Pam Sanby

    Oh and I know it’s the Labour Party suspending you. But what I mean is the smear campaign against you is, in my honest opinion, because you’re upsetting the Tories with your articles and they’re at the back of this somewhere.

  4. It's Me

    But if you read your articles, on here, you get a sense of the opposite of what they said in the so-called paper. At least they must respect you enough to acknowledge your presence. That is a grand thing and most people choose to not believe everything they read in those rags.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s a welcome thought but they sway the opinion of decision-makers and I don’t want to end up labelled a “Holocaust denier” for the rest of my life just because a judge read the wrong paper one morning.

      1. aunty1960


        Labour will have dropped you because of the publicity and even if it not being true and misrepresented like Ken Livingston and Jackie Walker and taken out of context they will drop you like a hot potato.

        Appearance being more important than Truth.

        But we will stand by you.

        This is why I wont bow down. I saw a change and a chance of change with Corbyn in the running. he would open the party and politics to people again and they will engage freely and will help them be informed. I promoted him, paid and paid and paid, joined, purged on defamation charges and misuse and misrepresentation of my disability. Only because I stand up to their Rot, like I would to any rot.

        You stick to your guns and never as a good friend of mine said


        as it was often said, they can take away everything but dont let them take away your reputation and your name.

        They really do not understand working class and traditional working class pride

        I think you have been defamed as an asset and even Labour is distancing themselves from you. So Good Job Done.


        Be an independent and speak freely. Labour needs criticism and a kick in the arse in order to be the best. They take your loyalty and vote for granted.

        Many turned to Plaid Cymru and Greens before because of Labour’s tricks and they will again, same tricks, attacking their own. and the best.

      2. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

        I will certainly back you Mike! I am disgusted with Labour for making such a hasty decision and I know your integrity over the years has proven you as one of the most honourable people in politics and the very sort that we need so badly to fight the corruption of so many.

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        Thanks for your contribution, Rupert.
        I don’t think the decision by Labour’s NEC was hasty – I had to wait eight months before the meeting took place, and for no reason, because essentially all they were given, in order to make a decision, was a copy of the lies about me; none of the facts that I provided. It is the quality of the information provided to disputes panel members that is the problem.

  5. jeffrey davies

    ah they really want you gone the blairites still rule this party its about time these ugly greedy people were sent packing to their true party the Torys yet on its goes those who can damaged them get silenced while they play the fiddle jeff3

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Have I been silenced?
      I thought I did quite well, overtalking Nick Ferrari yesterday morning.

      1. aunty1960

        Email reminded me LRC Labour Representation Committee Annual Conference is on this weekend Saturday 10th. For you I have renewed my membership and paid for 2 ticket to conference.

        Many joined LRC when purged from Labour and defamed. I shall raise and profile your case. This not the only time and you are not the only one. And I hope someone who knows you and those many who do will stick up for you.

  6. R Mitchell

    If the Labour party doesn’t start getting its priorities in order and certainly if it suspends you Mike on this flimsy treachery than it can suspend me as well. I want a proper Labour party not one which is half Labour and half Conservative. and I want one which back the EU as well!

  7. Pat McQueenie

    The Ultra Right Wing Zionist Jews are dangerous and not to be trusted, they do not and never have supported Labour this group support New Labour only they are further Right, what I ask is the reasoning behind them naming themselves The Jewish Labour Movement this Title suggests a closed Shop and a Welcome come in Comrades but only if you are Zionist Jews,This title like Scottish Labour and Welsh Labour is divisive there is only One Labour Movement I’m a Scot and I despise SL I support the Reborn UK Labour Movement under one Leader and this Leader is Jeremy Corbyn, We as a Political Party do not need TJLM, SL, WL, what we need is one Massive Labour Movement the Tory Right Wing Way is Divide and Conquer, A more serious Concern is the Hounding of Mike Sivier and other Party Members by Right Wing Thugs and Liars, The Genocide which took place between 1933 and 1945 is as undeniable as it is Heinous, but for Zionist Jews to Deny any other Peoples were Exterminated and that only Jews were the sole victims is for want of a better word Hypocritical, And the Provision they have given the Labour Party NEC for Mike to get back his Membership is frankly Sinister, and Reads Like something from the Nazi Propaganda Rags The National Beobachter, and Der Sturmer, He ( Mike) May have his Card back but only if He ( Mike) attends and the only way to describe their Sinister Demand is Brainwashing Sessions to be Carried out by Zionist Jews, Why is the Labour Party NEC even listening to the lies and ramblings of a named movement within a Political Movement Affiliated to Left Wing Policies ( Socialism) ably backed by the equivalent of the Nazi Rags mentioned above only Britain has more Propaganda Rags Than Nazi Germany had, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Standard, The Times, The Observer, The Express, The Sun, Add to this List TV Brodcast News Channels, Question Time, the impartial BBC😂 Sky News and Current Affairs, etc etc and we in Britain have a more Rabid Facist Propaganda News Media than Nazi Germany had circa 1933-1945, I will end with this if any person persons group or movement is to be suspended or even removed from the Reborn Labour Movement it should be Sinister Divisive and Secular Movements such as The Zionist Labour Movement,& New Labour, Why are the Labour Party Exec even listening to trumped up charges and Lies about Mike Sivier, I suggest we allow the Divisive Zionist Labour Movement to go it’s own Way or are they untouchable because they Pour Money into The Labour Movement sadly this is probably the Reason guys like Mike and Myself are flogging a Dead Horse.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      If anybody from the organisation you’re attacking actually reads this, they’ll accuse you of several anti-Semitic tropes – for example, comparing Jews to Nazis, Jewish conspiracy.
      Be careful.

  8. Tony Dean

    Smacks of the Tory Dirty Tricks Department to me. Mission to discredit and undermine critics of the Tory Government.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That might cost a bit of money. I’m a carer, reliant on ad revenue and donations to This Site for the wherewithal to stay out of poverty, and I’m only just managing.
      That said, if readers keep the donations coming in (the button is below), I might be able to change that.

  9. Jeanette Fletcher

    After I was denied re readmittance to the party after a brief spell away, I was advised to request a Freedom of Information request under the 2000 act. I requested my FoI on 7th December, with the statutory period of complice being 40 days after submission of the request.

    Like Diana Ross – I’m Still Waiting.

  10. Roland Laycock

    O’Dear Mike it looks like they have the knife in for you and hope you will just go away there must be loads of people that’s been done to you stick with it, presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial.and that’s just not what you are getting as the words go its a witch hunt by a tory in the party

  11. che

    We all believe in you Mike, it is disgusting a crusading journalist like yourself should be treated this way by the party whose policies you support.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      In fairness, Labour’s top people don’t really know me, except by (tarnished) reputation. They are following a procedure they have adopted, which they think is effective but which is being abused by officers who hide evidence, and by committee members who assume guilt just because a complaint has been made. One thing I need to do is demonstrate that the current system is failing.

  12. Brian

    Perhaps, the Jewish lobby has not considered the obvious in this scenario and should take note of their own aims. Are they not concerned with the concept of denial and promoting acceptance through their representative organisations.

    Such hypocrisy will land them with egg on their faces in light of political matters this misrepresentation appears to engage. If it’s correct, and many believe it to be so, that this campaign against factual journalism of current events is designed as diversion from truth, just where does that leave both the deniers and the lemmings, ipso facto.

    The Jewish diaspora should consider it’s options while it still can, or they will become the authors of their own hypocrisy. It would not be unreasonable to defend this situation, not collude with it by allowing a vicarious lobby group to act disingenuously on behalf of Jewish interests. The stakes are high and we will see many abandoning this ship as it begins to take on water.

  13. phil aldo

    mi5 stooges alive and well. the labour movement has always been plagued by them. be nice to find your accuser, and maybe even the agent?
    good luck fella.

Comments are closed.