Austerity IS killing people and Corbyn must man up about it

You can probably tell from the headline that This Writer is a little disappointed in the Labour leader.

Jeremy Corbyn told Aneurin Bevan Day celebrants in Tredegar there was “mounting evidence” that Tory austerity has been killing people.

He said: “There is clear and mounting evidence that austerity and inequality are killing people.

“For years people were living longer and life expectancy was increasing. That has now ground to a halt and in some parts of the country life expectancy is falling. This is unprecedented.”

Mounting evidence? We’re eight years into Tory austerity and the evidence is all around us!

We know that Tory changes to benefit eligibility have killed thousands because This Site forced the government to admit it after a two-year Freedom of Information battle.

We know that Tory changes to health and social care have killed more than 120,000 people because, again, the Conservative government has admitted it.

We don’t need more proof that Tory austerity is lowering life expectancy.

We do need a Labour government that will launch an investigation into the number of avoidable deaths that were caused by Tory policies – immediately upon taking office.

We need a government that will seize all relevant papers from all relevant goverment departments immediately, and that will follow all evidence trails without fear or favour, no matter where they lead.

The dead demand it.

Corbyn’s words are not strong enough.

He needs to man up and take the Tories to task over the mass deaths they have caused.

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35 thoughts on “Austerity IS killing people and Corbyn must man up about it

  1. Roger Errington

    Not for the first time you’re sounding a bit hysterical, Mike. ‘Clear and mounting’ means what it says. Corbyn’s words are plenty strong enough.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Not hysterical – angry.
      Corbyn and the Labour Party at large know perfectly well that austerity has been killing people for the last eight years. It’s time he came out and said it in no uncertain terms.
      What we had today is a lot of mealy-mouthed meanderings around the point.

      1. john

        i live with copd age 58 and am also a carer for someone with bipolar age 51 who i have helpted since 2001. there is no help or support here in leicester

      2. john

        brexit was all about tax havens it was all about ripping of the poor for the benefit of the few

    2. Rob

      Nope, Mike. I agree with Roger.

      There is nothing “mealy mouthed” about a statement that there is “clear and mounting evidence”. Remember, evidence is what we convict criminals on. He is not saying that we need more evidence. And he is saying that the evidence is [already] clear, and that there is more of it every day.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        You’ve just made my point for me. Talk of evidence suggests the fact that austerity is killing people has yet to be proved. It HAS been proved, time and time again. That’s what he needs to be saying.

    3. trev

      It’s not hysteria Roger, the Tories have killed thousands more than terrorism. They should go to jail for it but they won’t do, they’ll just get away with it and future generations will learn about it in History lessons.

  2. hugosmum70

    Corbyn can do nothing until he actually gets into westminster as PM and whenever he has made public ideas or what he intends to do if he gets in , the torys seem to jump on his bandwagon with their watered down versions which are never workable. better for him to keep shtum on some things so they have major inpact from the moment he gets in. only when he does get in can he implement things. its been proved that no matter how much he tackles the PM etc he gets nowhere not because hes not a strong leader but because the present PM is stubborn and intends hanging in there at all costs choose what she has to do to attain that.but you can rest assured that something will not help the cases of the deserving poor.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      He can’t take action until he forms a government, no – but he certainly can make the point, that austerity has been killing people and is continuing to do so, much more forcefully. After eight years of Tory government – and six and a half years in which I have been reporting the deaths on This Site – it is inappropriate for him to continue fudging his words. The Tories have already made claim after claim about what they are doing to stop the deaths but we already know that these have been empty words. They have nowhere to go on this.

      1. Ulysses

        And that could be the ammunition Corbyn & Labour need to put the Tories on the ropes. We have been saying this on this blog since before Corbynism, when I andvothers found Mike, a fellow traveller, a voice for the unvoiced. when the death toll became un ignorable.
        Go back to the start of this blog and see how many contributers lo longer post, have fell by the wayside.

      2. Jeffrey Davies

        of course they all now they were told from the off but still aktion t4 rolls along without much of a ado

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Much stronger. That’s my point.

      He’s in hospital for around 10 more days, then he has around six months’ recovery time, thanks for asking.

      1. Jeffrey Davies

        Then he be atos crapita or maximus will find him fit for work oh dear god help us

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Sure. But I also write a political website and may use it to question the consensus. I have done this, and am finding a lot of blind support that may, in itself, be harmful.

  3. Dan Delion

    At least 200,000 unneccesary deaths from your figures alone directly attributable to Tory Government policies. When you consider effects of other Govt actions (especially in NHS, poverty, poor regulations) one wonders how a voter can even think about using the Tory ballot paper tick-box!

  4. Jeffrey Davies

    Jeremy Corbyn told Aneurin Bevan Day celebrants in Tredegar there was “mounting evidence” that Tory austerity has been killing people.
    yet they all now that many of us emailed them daily weekly monthly about the plight of those sick mental ill and disabled but aktion t4 rolls along without much of a ado they our mps should hang their heads in shame the Torys well tried for crimes against their own peoples yet on it goes aktion t4. jeff3

  5. James Taylor

    I dunno Mike, the interview with Sophie Ridge that I just watched she suggested to him that austerity could cost lives and Corbyn responded with “Austerity does cost lives, no question about that”.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s certainly better. I want to see him promise the actions that I described in the article as well, though.

      1. the ramblings of a deluded mind

        one problem with making a commitment now on this issue.. the nazis are watching and as with the policies they snatch and fudge over, they can make sure the evidence stated is either buried or disappeared by the time they are ousted. stating out now what he will do when he gets into no 10 just shows them where to go to burn the evidence. as it stands they are not competent enough to do that alone. he is better off biding his time and doing the shock troop attack as he enters no 10.

  6. Tony Dean

    As someone who was threatened with legal action by a DWP contractor who carries out assessments for various benefits because I called them murderers.
    They backed down when they realised that a lorry load of evidence that they were responsible for multiple deaths would be presented in court.
    All it needs is someone with a backbone in the CPS to carry out a prosecution.
    Ignoring coroner’s notices to avoid further death would be a start because that does end up people ending up in jail.

  7. Jeffrey Davies

    while we talk they talk in the side rooms of the house of ill repute more die more will feel the hands of the tory rule its beyond a joke now while a lot will say nah its all made up never have I seen a divided country by these and the blarites they turned this country to whot it is today a death trap for those who will fall ill for many will not believe this but history when told will show how these greedy ones drove many to their deaths jeff3

  8. rotzeichen

    Mike whilst I do understand your anger, in this case you are hitting the wrong target, there is only a limited amount you can do against an overwhelming body of right wing MPs that would challenge and test every point and question he tries to raise, there are still those in the shadow cabinet that are not truly on side.

    I believe once he has the mandate in parliament, or nearer an election he will reveal a better choice of options than what we have at present.

    The point I have made generally on this site and numerous others I contrigbute to, is that you have a substantial readership that would benefit from the knowledge that we as a nation do not have to raise taxation in order to spend in our economy.

    What is not understood, is that the government issues our currency, and that taxation is follwed by the government issuing that currency. Meaning our country is not like a household, it does not have earn money before it can spend. The government is also not limited like a household and can spend on anything that is for sale in our currency. Conversely due to Maastricht treaty rules the EU is like a house where arbtrary rules state that each country must earn Euros through trade, in order to spend in its own economy. Britain has no such constraints, except Neo-Liberal governments that perpetrate these myths.

    With this in mind, I would like you and other blogs to transmit these facts to your readers, from that you could also outline what this knowledge actually does. Quite simply we are being artificially constrained by Neo-Liberal theology which has no basis in fact and simply transfers wealth and power to the rent seekers at our expense.

    Whilst the Neo-Liberal Tories are dismantling our state saying we have no money, you could explain how money is not the object but political will is, and how we can as a country start to lead the world again by creating jobs and services that pay real wages and deliver a sustainable standard of living, whilst looking after the planet as well.

    Everything the Tories are not doing.

    This short video spells it out in detail:

    I am sure Professor Bill Mitchell would be only to pleased to help you frame this debate for your Blog.

  9. trev

    It’s about time Corbyn said something, Labour should have been screaming Blue murder (literally in this case) but the only one I can recall who got up and did that was Dennis Skinner, and the Tories just howled with laughter.

  10. trev

    My comments often don’t show up on this site, particularly if submitted via my phone.

    Anyway, it’s not hysterical, the Tories have killed thousands more than terrorism. It ought to be blanket coverage major international news headlines – “100,000 BRITISH PEOPLE KILLED BY OWN GOVERNMENT”. They should go to jail for it, but probably won’t, they’ll just get away with it and future generations will learn all about it in History lessons.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Sorry you’re having difficulty commenting. I don’t know why that would be.

  11. John Costello

    Losing faith in Labour.

    At a time when we have a weak and divided Conservative government, how do you explain the recent somewhat lacklustre performance of Jeremy Corbyn and his team of ministers, who have consistently failed to take advantage of these weaknesses and land any punches on their political opponents?

    John Costello
    Activist for ‘We Are Shadows’

  12. JohnDeeJohn Ingleson

    I think Mike has a point. The problem at the moment, I believe, is that most of the public are in denial at even the idea that these monsters could seriously be killing our friends – after all, to most sane people, it IS a preposterous idea if you’re unable see it and it’s not happening to you – yet we KNOW it is happening as our lived experience!

    The public have had Windrush and Grenfell scandals unavoidably wiped in their faces, and therefore I believe that NOW is a good time to persuade all of Joe Public that the ‘hostile environment’ has ALSO been going on for some time now as a conscious scorched-earth policy against the easily-targeted disabled – part of the ‘Austerity’ mantra – and that maybe JC could make some headway with that realisation, make the connection, so that now it’s beginning to dawn on most people, finally they are starting to realise just how evil this scum really are.

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