Corbyn was helping the homeless during the Queen’s Speech. What was Johnson doing?

Jeremy Corbyn: He helps the homeless at Christmas. Boris Johnson is off in the tropics helping himself.

We’ve established that, like most of the UK’s population, Jeremy Corbyn has better things to do than watch the Queen’s Christmas message.

He visits a local shelter for homeless people and helps out.

Apparently this is a shocking display of irresponsibility, according to ITV’s Julie Etchingham.

But Boris Johnson is raving it up on Mustique. It’s an island playground for the incredibly rich in the tropics somewhere, apparently.

So, of the two, which would you say was taking his role seriously? And which may be seen to be rubbing our noses in his extreme privilege?

Source: What Jeremy Corbyn does instead of watching the Queen’s Christmas speech – Mirror Online

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24 thoughts on “Corbyn was helping the homeless during the Queen’s Speech. What was Johnson doing?

  1. trev

    Boris doesn’t even see homelessness or poverty as a problem, to him inequality is not only inevitable but “essential”, i.e. a desirable situation, and one to be perpetuated.

  2. wildswimmerpete

    So our Tinpot Dictator swans off to the Caribbean with his latest – err – woman no doubt flying Business Class at OUR expense. Hopefully Karma will sooner or later bite him on the backside.

  3. Jeremy

    If the taxpayer money per month wasted by the ditherers in Parliament (like Corbyn) had been spent on the homeless instead of delaying Brexit then maybe Boris could have spent more money on the NHS and the homeless. You might be fooled and impressed by Corbyn carrying a few boxes in front of the media cameras but I’m not.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      If you think money was wasted by those who tried to defend the UK against the disastrous Brexit that Boris Johnson (and Theresa May) was trying to push on us, I can’t wait to read your appraisal of the cash haemorrhage that we’re about to experience, now his Brexit is going to happen anyway.

      It is Boris Johnson and his Conservatives who are to blame for the waste; nobody else. Grow up.

      1. Jeremy

        Boris deserves a holiday and he can go on holiday where he chooses. You can whinge all you like but it won’t make any difference. Corbyn hasn’t made a difference either, he just helped to delay the inevitable but at huge cost to the taxpayer. Brexit was always going to happen once it was voted for democratically.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Why does he deserve a holiday? What has he done to deserve it? I see a history of dishonesty that suggests he should be serving a term at Her Majesty’s pleasure rather than pleasuring himself on the public purse.

        And will you loony Tories please work out once and for all whether you think Jeremy Corbyn was a leader or remained, and whether he managed to change the situation significantly or negligibly. You all seem mentally confused.

    2. trev

      Jeremy, the Taxpayers money you speak of has for the last decade been diverted into the pockets of the rich, who haven’t reinvested in infrastructure but hoarded their (our) wealth in offshore accounts and dodgy Russian banks. Are you really that gullible? The Tories have created widespread poverty and destitution by way of deliberately designed policies that benefit the rich at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable in Society, the same people that they have also deliberately marginalized and demonized.

      1. Jeremy

        If Corbyn had got to power he would have borrowed and spent the economy into disaster. He would then have blamed everyone else for the disaster but himself. That’s what socialists do.

  4. Simon Cohen

    I think one of the biggest problems the Left has is the cultural shift towards the worship and admiration of flaunted wealth. Forty years ago, Corbyn helping the homeless would have been admired. Now after decades of celebrity worship and socila fragmentation. Things have been reversed:

    Many in the public (Tory voters!) will see Johnsons as an exemplar of ‘success’ and Corbyn as a sad loser. Our culture (if you can call it that) has been almost irreversible coarsened and caloused due to the obsession with financial wealth. Ruskin called this sort of ‘wealth’ ‘illth.’ I see this as a big factor in the Tory victory. Even people who are relatively poor have started to see themselves as ‘losers’ and ‘failures’

    A Kensington Labour campaigner even reported finding a homeless man who said he would have voted Tory if he had been registered!

    1. Jeremy

      Corbyn has made a lifetime career from telling socialists ‘what they want to hear’. His unhealthy hatred of success and wealth has poisoned many minds. Maybe you want to have a look at his finances and his pension deal. Maybe ask yourselves who really benefits from the party donations. Corbyn has had an easy time for decades, play to the crowd, complain and protest about how unfair it all is whilst making a lot of money.

      1. hugosmum70

        good god…………. anyone would think no one on the left had a mind of their own……….. i resent that. i have been labour for many years, long before corbyn came on the scene of the front banch etc. and definitely before he became leader of the labour party. long before. i have my own mind. i simply, as an ex nurse, ex carer, ex benefits adviser on the peoples side not wdp or dsss in those days. i have seen for myself over many years, the shortage of nurses and doctors which was happening back in the 60s .its a lot worse now. the shortage of carers, those who cared for their parents, disabled children, or siblings even friends.aunties/uncles grandparents. for nothing. they didnt get carers allowance then, and what home carers get now is ridicul;ous. and if a carer doesnt have other money coming in. that carers allowance is taken off their income support.the latter supposed to pay to keep a roof over their heads. heat in the house n food in their bellies. be they single or a parent of a family of kids.what does the dwp do? they take that carers allowance, they means test it and deduct it from that income support. then add back on whatever the going rate is they are allowed to earn.. used to be 20quid you could earn not sure what it is now but they basically get around 30quid income support so the carers allowance, which is supposed to help then get to the place where that cared for person is if not living with the carer. (or vice versa) and get home daily , actually has to go on the house and living expenses of that carer. basically they still caring for that person for the tories still expect them to get a job. even if their caring dutues are 24/7, …ive seen it all. so dont you dare call us labour party members as if we have no brains to think with eyes to see whats going on …………….ohhhhhhhhh you make me sick yu really do. if i had the energy i wuou;d sdrag you round some of these places. make yu see the homeless properly. the humiliation daily of those on the streets and those poor women having to survive on food bank groceries , enough for each person to last 3 days only ( but in effect 3 weeks cos they cant get more for another 3 weeks. inhumane. or what.

  5. hugosmum70

    or he will tempt fate with a crocodile that he can’t control and lose
    (do they have crocodiles in that area? i wouldn’t know but its a nice thought.)

  6. Zippi

    It is, indeed, commendable for Jeremy Corbyn to help the homeless, more of us should but is it really justified to criticise somebody for having a good time, at ChristMas, as most of us do? Boris Johnson was hardly in a minority of one. Jeremy Corbyn is, of course, worthy of praise, for his efforts and the Prime Minister could have done the same but I feel that criticising him for doing what most people were doing, instead, is a little mean spirited.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      He’s the prime minister, and he has been shown up as a selfish rat by the leader of the Opposition. If he wasn’t ready to accept the fact that he’d be expected to go a little further than his job description, he shouldn’t have applied for the job.

    2. trev

      Zippi, mean spirited? This is Boris Johnson we’re talking about! Do you think he has our best interests at heart? He doesn’t care one iota whether you or I live or die. He doesn’t care how many people have to sleep on the streets, or how many sick children have to lay on the floor in A&E.

      1. Zippi

        That doesn’t mean that we have to sink to his level. Criticising somebody for doing what most people and indeed many, if not most, or even all of us were doing is, at the very least, hypocritical.
        How many of us give our time to work with homeless people? How many of us make that work public? Aye, mean spirited. It’s ChristMas. how many other Prime Ministers have done what Jeremy Corbyn did? No, Boris Johnson is no friend of mine but this, I feel, is just unnecessary negativity.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        You’re trying to drag the rest of us down to Mr Johnson’s level. I don’t think many would approve of that.

      3. Zippi

        I’m doing no such thing, Mike and well you know it. What were YOU doing during the Queen’s speech? Helping the homeless? How many of us were? So why is it okay to criticise Boris Johnson, no matter how much you dislike him, for doing what just about everybody else was doing? I’m sorry, Mike but this is not a good look for you. It makes you just look nasty. Fine, if everybody else was doing it and Boris Johnson was the exception but he was not, he was the norm, at this time of year, having a Christmas break. Why ciriticise the man for doing it and then criticise me fore pointing it out?
        I don’t like Boris Johnson on iota; I lived under his mayoralty and now live out of a suitcase. Criticise his policies, criticise his political actions but don’t criticse him for doing what we were all doing and to accuse me, once again, of things which are not true, is, frankly, despicable, Mike. You used to be journalist of integrity but lately, you are showing yourself to be somebody with an axe to grind. You still owe me an apology for accusing me of lying, when I did no such thing! why do you have to make things personal?

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        I look nasty most of the time, don’t I?

        No, everybody else doesn’t have to do it but clearing off to a billionaires’-resort island isn’t a good look for a PM when his opposite number is helping the homeless – and being criticised for not watching the Queen’s Christmas message. And clearing off to a billionaires’-resort island is NOT the norm at this time of year.

        I know only a little of what’s coming and that makes me happy to criticise Boris Johnson over his shoe size if the mood grips me.

        And I don’t make things personal.

  7. hugosmum70

    HE CERTAINLY DOES NOT DESERVE ANY SYMPATHY OR GOOD THOUGHTS FROM US,THATS FOR SURE…. i wouldnt mind a fortnight on mustique… be nice to get away…… but instead i have been sat here juggling my finances trying to make ends meet.i get my pension on monday and its already gone(on paper)… dread my next bank statement.gone are the days when i could be certain how much my bills will be each month throughout the year. and have that amount taken from my pension automatically without thinking about it, knowing that whats left is just for food and fares. its getting ridiculous now
    and then you read about boris, sunning himself as he is doing, while we face the cold december days trying to get enough food in for the week…(not to mention high monthly payments for our gas/electric…… and yes i am very much aware of the homeless and destitute. those having to rely on food banks but i dont want to be the next to join them.

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