Starmer’s first purge: anybody in Labour tainted with accusations of anti-Semitism

Purge: if these badges represent Labour members who have been accused of anti-Semitism, how many do you think will get a fair hearing of their case under Keir Starmer? I’ll tell you: none.

Those of us who have been falsely accused of anti-Semitism may have hoped that a new Labour leader would take a strong position against the lies.

That was a forlorn hope, it seems.

We had a glimpse of what might come when Keir Starmer – along with, to their shame, every other Labour leadership candidate – agreed to support the Tory-run Board of Deputies of British Jews and its so-called “10 Commandments” demanding the persecution and expulsion of anybody their trolls decide to tar with false accusations. Some of these demands are not even legal so it will be interesting to see how Starmer enacts those parts of this promise.

But he made his direction of travel clear in his first speech as leader:

“Antisemitism has been a stain on our party. I have seen the grief that it has brought to so many Jewish communities. On behalf of the Labour Party I am sorry, and I will tear out this poison by its roots and judge success by the return of our Jewish members and those who felt that they could no longer support us.”

Sorry, but anti-Semitism has not been a stain on the Labour Party. False accusations of anti-Semitism have been. But the liars who made those claims have been allowed to get away with it and now it seems their witch-hunt will claim many new victims.

I’m sure it has brought grief to Jewish communities – especially those that have been split between those who are gullible enough to believe anything the BoD and its trolls tell them, and those who trust their own judgement.

But a vow to “tear out this poison by its roots” makes it clear that Starmer has swallowed the lies hook, line and sinker. He will purge the party of anybody tarred with these accusations – whether true or false – and his pledge to judge his success by whether Jewish members who have left the party come back means that the trolls can make him do whatever they want.

This is a man who will not work for the people but will act only for the minority sectarian interests that control him.

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16 thoughts on “Starmer’s first purge: anybody in Labour tainted with accusations of anti-Semitism

  1. SteveH

    Or we could wait and see what actually happens before leaping to sow disunity and conflict.

    1. The Toffee (597)

      Yeah, let’s all back starmer in the same way he backed Corbyn, eh, steve?

      I don’t think so. Not while I expect to see the likes of angela (ill)eagle and jess ‘mouthpiece’ philips in the shadow cabinet.

    2. samspruce

      There is a limit to waiting to see. Starmer has leapt at the first opportunity with a degree of overt and embarrassing enthusiasm. He couldn’t back out of this now. He has begged for their approval and they will slaughter him if he does not do their bidding. I think he knows full well what he is doing – and it is corrupt in the extreme.

  2. groovmistress

    Yes, you’ve got it in a nutshell. I despair. The media made it a “thing” and now they’ve won. Starmer is in for a big shock if he thinks this is a situation he can resolve by doing the right thing

  3. john thatcher

    A lot of very naive party members are in for a rude awakening,that is if they are willing to admit to themselves the truth,which is certainly not a given.

  4. Julia

    Although deeply disappointed at the result I was willing to give Keir Starmer a chance, but his having included that in his ‘victory speech’, it doesn’t bode well….

  5. Simon Cohen

    I knew Starmer would consolidate the ‘antisemitism myth’ and I certainly didn;t vote for him BUT even Rebecca L.B also bowed down before the myth and threw Chris Williamson ‘under a bus.’

    Only people to resist it as far as I know were Butler and Burgon.

    Not sure I can stay a member now. As a Jew I don’t want to buy into this ghastly aberration that has been a media disniformation campaign.

  6. timfrom

    Oh, somebody PLEASE accuse me of “anti-Semitism” and throw me out of the party! There’s plenty in my past to (ab)use. It’d be an absolute privilege! After all, he won’t judge his success on this by the number of returning Jews. That’s pretty unquantifiable. It’s far more likely that the number of expulsions will be his (and the BOD’s) yardstick.

    In the meantime I’ll wait to see the composition of his cabinet, but only Corbyn as Foreign Secretary could salvage the situation for me now and that’ll be a cold day in hell.. Expect to see the Star of David next to the Rose on future Labour membership cards. My card will be meeting the kitchen scissors very soon on present showing.

  7. Chris Kitcher

    I read the submission of the Jewish organisations in their complaint to the Equalities Commission regarding anti Semitism in the Labour Party and I have never in my whole life read so much drivel and sanctimonious rubbish as was contained in the examples quoted.

    We hear a lot these days about “snowflakes” and I can only think that that the compilers of this report are examples par excellence of that term. If Starmer has one grain of metal in him he will tell these whining creatures where to go and pretty quickly to.

  8. Lorraine Murphy

    Over 150,000 denied the vote
    FROM A FRIEND: Labour Leadership
    Turnout (including trade unions and affiliates).

    2010 72.7%
    2015 76.3%
    2016 77.6%
    2020 62.58%

    The membership (excluding affiliates) turnout was 20% lower (72%) than in previous years (where the turnout has been around 90%).

    So many people have complained about not receiving their ballots, the party appears to have not issued ballots for up to 150,000 members – I have spoken to people who have tried but have gotten nowhere with Labour.

    Suspended members were also denied a vote – a suspended member is somebody who has not been found guilty of anything and is awaiting an investigation. The Labour Party’s Procedures Committee decided not to issue them with ballots.

    Does this sound fair to you?

  9. kateuk

    As it was mainly left wing members that were being accused of anti semitism, I imagine Starmer will be only too pleased to purge them. It has always been political and it will remain so.

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