If Eton isn’t reopening until at least September, why the hurry to bring back state schools?

Closed: and apparently Eton won’t be open to pupils until at least September.

Don’t you think it’s a bit strange?

I mean, if it was safe to reopen schools at the beginning of June, you’d think the recipients of the most expensive education in the United Kingdom would be desperate to get their noses back to the grindstone. Wouldn’t you?

And their parents – many of whom are, I’m sure, inhabiting chairs in Boris Johnson’s cabinet – would be lining up to send them.

But it seems there’s no chance of Eton (for example) reopening its doors until September at the earliest.

We know that there’s no scientific support for schools opening so soon.

We know that teachers and teaching unions are absolutely opposed to it – along with the British Medical Association:

We know that the devolved administrations of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland won’t be allowing it – along with some English cities whose leaders are thinking for themselves:



And protest against the Tory plan to force our children back into school, without having shown any interest in making them safe, is mounting:

So why are the Tories so hasty about getting your kids back to school where they’ll almost certainly catch Covid-19 and give it to you?

Here’s a thought:

Perhaps it’s because, as long as children are out of school, parents are divided between staying home to look after them and going to work. With the kids in school, the parents have no reason to stay away and the economy can get moving again, making money for the Tories’ billionaire donors.

It’s a stupid, stupid rationale, I know. If the kids catch Covid-19 in schools (because there won’t be any social distancing there – try telling four, five and six-year-olds they have to stay at least two metres away from anyone else), and transmit it to their parents, then the adults will be busy trying not to die, rather than working.

But then: what’s rational about the Tory response to coronavirus?


  1. Country Girl May 16, 2020 at 12:53 am - Reply

    I’ve had enough of this over-hyped nonsense. Corona virus has been around for years, it is a minor illness with no or few symptoms for the majority. Only dangerous, for people with serious illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, lung conditions etc. and usually these are the elderly. The average age for death of a corona virus victim is 82, the average age of death for all reasons is 81. These people would have died of something as soon as they caught any respiratory illness. More likely to die if a person has had a flu jab, as is the person who has had a flu jab more likely to die of flu in the following 2 months.

    This whole scam is to control us, vaccinate us and chip us. Stop with the scaremongering.

    • Mike Sivier May 16, 2020 at 8:30 am - Reply

      Oh dear. I think somebody has been drinking in a little too much of the snake oil!

      • Mike May 16, 2020 at 4:13 pm - Reply

        I think she hasn’t been to visigg tv a hospital and seen the state of our intensive care units… Or has been drinking bleach 🤔

    • Justin May 16, 2020 at 9:43 am - Reply

      Contact the US President he has a perfect cure, looking for willing people to try this advanced RCT, You sound like a exceptional candidate, there is no vaccination as of yet, control us, hmm good one, I control myself to not go out till I see something that proves it is statistically safe, not a briefing, not what some government person says, what I see on the ground, that when it is safe, 60k deaths is A not natural B not safe C if these bunch of educated clowns had planned earlier then A and B Might have been less severe, what were they doing talking about trains, buses and some stupid bridge

      • Country Girl May 17, 2020 at 6:37 pm - Reply

        Trump was talking about Master Mineral Solution – which mainstream medicine/pharmaceutical giants try to ban because there is no money in it for them.

        As for Mike perhaps do some research on what that well known ‘expert’ ‘DR’ Bill Gates has been planning for us. Plenty of films out there of Gates being interviewed. In one of them he says the vaccine is ‘the final solution’ (quote). The interviewer laughs and suggests he calls it something else. Well known that Gates hobbies is to experiment on poor brown people with vaccinations, and his other hobby is eugenics.

    • wildswimmerpete May 16, 2020 at 2:08 pm - Reply

      @Country Girl

      True there are already coronaviruses in the environment like the one responsible for the common cold, which is of course is a usually mild condition. However we are discussing the NOVEL coronavirus that is killing thousands in the UK alone. I have had the current flu jab but to the best of my knowledge I haven’t been chipped.

  2. Jeffrey Davies May 16, 2020 at 6:07 am - Reply

    Don’t be stupid we are only the peasants fodder they experimental are we

  3. Justin May 16, 2020 at 8:22 am - Reply

    Are they going to be missed, what important part have they played in this, let’s itemise this:-

    plan knowing this was coming
    get ppe in for all health areas
    get the correct ppe
    reach out to industry that could have helped 3 months before
    look at most at risk areas prior to
    accept assistance from other countries
    not notice emails about ventilators
    plan lockdown earlier
    look at what other countries had done
    knock on business issues

    what actually happened

    big bungs for business
    no social isolation until to late
    lack of planning
    herd mentality
    60k+ deaths
    waiting for the miracle cure
    care homes deaths
    incorrect reporting
    nhs staff deaths
    putting people back to work/risk without adequate safeguarding
    no social distancing plans on trains etc
    chlorinated chicken from America
    Nigel farage lot sitting in the eu parliament getting paid and acting like total gits
    fake news

    am sure there loads more, feel free to add

    so the questions is unless there is real world month ( ie summer recess) new laws that include responsibility and acceptance of accountancy for your decisions what actual good I sit to have these private educated dipsticks in government if they have absolutely no clue about real world, have no policy of responsibility or accountancy, can carry on with this we do whatever we like mentality, employ tw@ts like cummings, so do we need them, no not really, in government there a Disgrace

    With this lot do you feel in safe hands!!!!

  4. Disgruntled Teecha May 17, 2020 at 1:27 am - Reply

    I think all kids should be staying at home. In home schooling teachers are working really hard, so actually school’s are open and running!
    May I just pick you up on the point that Eton isn’t actually closed, is a merely a senior school, thus hasn’t been ordered to reopen. It is also still housing boarders who are ‘stranded’ there (as are many independent schools).
    Stop being so easily divided and promote a stronger message of unity. Otherwise you’re as bad as that filth rag the daily fail.

    Misreporting (deliberately) weakens journalism.

    • Mike Sivier May 25, 2020 at 10:16 am - Reply

      On your substantive points: ALL schools have remained open to a certain degree, to accommodate children of key workers. The plan to bring back Reception and (I believe) Year 6 pupils in June is preparatory to bringing back senior pupils in July – but Eton and the other privately-owned and run schools will remain closed to the main body of their pupils until September.

      You are right that misreporting weakens journalism. I am glad that I am not the kind of journalist that ever knowingly does this.

      As a commenter, please do likewise.

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