Who is Johnson (Senior) trying to fool?

A pair of Johnsons. [Image: BBC]

A pair of Johnsons. [Image: BBC]

Boris Johnson’s dad has said Tories who are not MPs should be allowed to stand for the party leadership – and wants us to believe he’s not saying it so his son can have a go.

Give us a break, Stan!

We all know Boris would love a crack at being top Tory – he thinks he’s a better statesman than any of the current cabinet. Considering their qualities, it is entirely possible for him to be correct and still be the ignorant, reptilian, right-wing, aristocratic oaf that we all know he is.

Or is this another Conservative test to see whether the population at large has become credulous enough to vote Conservative again? This would explain why you said the Tories will win next year’s general election with rosy-cheeked Dave Can’t-Moron in charge.

Here’s the story, if you think you can stomach it.

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10 thoughts on “Who is Johnson (Senior) trying to fool?

  1. jaypot2012

    I read the article – and I’m still crying laughing! He really does believe that the tories are going to get back in doesn’t he? What a deluded fool, just like his son and just like every MP, and every voter who actually can put an X by the tories!
    Well that’s cheered me up no end 🙂

    1. Jim Round

      Be careful what you wish for!
      Saying the Tories won’t get back in next year would not be a good bet IMHO.
      If the Tories “recovery” continues, they will continue to milk it and make it a big part of their re-election campaign “we’ve brought growth back to Britain” etc…
      Supported by The Sun, Telegraph, Times and Mail

  2. beastrabban

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This does indeed look like Johnson pere trying to prepare the way for Johnson fils to become prime minister. If the law is changed to allow Tory members, who are not MPs to become chairman of the party, then I think there’s a very good chance that BoJo could achieve the leadership. Despite the image of an affable, bumbling oaf, Johnson is aggressively ambitious, intelligent and has a nasty temper. He is, however, someone who has nothing in common with nor interest in the rest of the country, and would rule solely in the interest of the super-rich. As for his style of government, one of the essays reprinted in his book ‘Have I Got Views For You’ is a glowing piece about the Berlusconi, the corrupt and libidinous populist leader of Italy. We have indeed been warned. Like Germany with Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’, if he becomes leader we can’t say we weren’t warned.

  3. Nick

    Boris Johnson is only a maverick and could never be taken seriously but it’s that type of oddity that appeals today in the reckless minds of many.

  4. gingerblokeblog

    Reblogged this on gingerblokeblog and commented:
    So Stanley (Daddy) Johnson wants a potential Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to be a person that has not been elected to parliament? And these jokers wonder why we are so weary of anything that they say when they open their mouths.

    I would suggest that Boris ask his father to keep his mouth firmly shut in future otherwise his political leadership campaign could be over before it really begins.

  5. Nick

    I’ll stand for premier no problem but that’s not what Stan means. what he wants in his mind is that only wealthy people should be allowed to became pm and that Boris would do a good job

    Boris would do a good job in Russia i have no doubt but in the world of the uk his type of nonsense would only make things worse then they already are

    David Cameron is as bad as it gets and is first to shout down other world leaders like Russias putin but when he himself adopts policy that kills others like the sick and disabled he says that’s helping the sick and disabled ?

    no wonder putin feels fit to do as he please knowing full well the west are just hypocrites

  6. Jim Round

    Maybe so Mike, but the problem is that too many people believe the MSM and will be happy as long as they are o.k and can buy what they need.
    The standard of investagative journalism declines every year.

  7. Guy Ropes

    Interviewed on BBC’s ‘Today’ programme, Johnson Senior said of Boris, “He doesn’t support sanctions against Doctors who fail to report FGM – and I agree with him on that.” They should both be barred from any future Jury service.

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