7 thoughts on “The Tories are trashing the contributory principle by pretending to support it

  1. Anthony Turtle

    How about we pay into an insurance “system” that is maintained on a national level, every person in the country could even be given a unique number that could be used to assess their right to benefit payments. As it’s done on a national basis and it’s a form of insurance, let’s call it “National Insurance”, the number could be 2 letters, 6 numbers and a letter as a check digit.

    Oh, hang on, we’ve already got it!

    1. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

      Exactly @Anthony Turtle and how about something for something instead of the something for nothing that the tories try and say we’re all getting. We ALL PAY TAX because WE ALL PAY VAT. These shysters will try and flog off everything to their tory mates, donors and hedge fund managers, even if it’s not theirs to flog!

  2. Stephen Tamblin

    We are entitled to claim benefits because I worked all my life farm worker out in all weather’s now I have been diagnosed with vascular dementia and depression and angsity attacks so no falt of my own I have a terrible short term memory and gaps in my long term memory I cannot go anywhere on my own my wife has to go with me

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