Photographic evidence: Lords hard at work in budget debate


The picture above shows unelected members of the House of Lords, hard at work debating the effects of George Osborne’s ’emergency’ budget on families and the disabled.

These people earn £400 a day and are asleep on the job.

If that money was spread around those who deserve it – such as the low-paid families and disabled people under discussion – there would have been no need for an ’emergency’ budget at all.

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30 thoughts on “Photographic evidence: Lords hard at work in budget debate

    1. hugosmum70

      if they are so old they need an afternoon nap, then they should retire. at over 70 lot of people need an afternoon nap or power nap as they call it these days but if working then no.. this lot should be fired.too old to do the job they are paid to do.

  1. Nick Fourbanks

    This is outrageous especially as the likes of my wife who is a carer on the minimum wage and has to look after these types of people

    If they were any half way decent, you would think they would be talking about how the country might like to make those in the caring profession a little better rewarded for the magnificent things they do in looking after those that are coming to the end of their life

    1. John Gaines

      When they talk about Benefit Cheats they ignore the biggest swindlers of the lot, Politicians creating ‘Lords’, IS AS INSANE AS THIS…..are the far too expensive Royals ever going to do a jot for the Billions they get ‘Free’, isn’t that actually ‘WELFARE’ ?????

  2. ian725

    makes one reiterate the question ‘ Just how relevant is the House of Lords and its unelected aristocrats ?’ Its almost legalised fraud against the State!

  3. kompani101

    They should be charged with bringing Parliament into disrepute and also claiming money under false pretences, the money reclaimed and then kicked out for life, disgusting.

  4. thomassutcliffe

    If I were got snoozing while I should be at my minimum wage job I would be fired on the spot – and that is the treatment that those Lords in your photo deserve.

  5. Chris Kitcher

    However until the great British public wake up and do something positive to put an end to this burgeoning inequality these has beens will continue to take advantage of us.

    Sadly with the rotten government that we have now these scroungers will be encouraged to fleece us in order to keep the disasterous policies emanating from Westminster being inflicetd on the poor and vulnerable.

  6. sasson1

    Yet again these sorts of photographs reveal the contempt of the political process and our country’s law making; similarly in the commons.

    Apart from any urgent activities a Lord or M.P. might have to preclude them from debates, the debates should be mandatory to ALL.

  7. hilary772013

    The Government have the gall to call Benefit Claimants Cheats, they should look on their own doorstep to see who the real cheats are (The Lords)

  8. crazytrucker1951

    Who are the ones asleep? Whoever they are it’s a disgrace at least have peers in there who can at least stay awake?
    Mind when I was at Uni I had to do an IT course and the lecturer was so monotonously boring I couldn’t stay awake, and having to listen to a regurgitated Osborne diatribe would be enough to bore anyone to unconsciousness.

  9. sendiansmail

    I am certainly no supporter of the House of Lords, to say the least and agree with many of the comments. HOWEVER, we lose credibility when images are realised that are not all they appear to be. In the backs to the benches there are round speakers. You need to put your ear to them in order to hear the speeches.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, you don’t. They are loud enough to be heard from any seated position – you don’t have to be flat out with yours eyes closed.

  10. rosie dee

    i felt there needed to be credible notes Times dates if this is to be accepted as a credible report. As for the Lords…

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      From experience, people only really make this kind of comment if they are desperate to disbelieve what they are being shown.
      It doesn’t matter when it happened, really, does it? The photo showed people who were asleep on the job and earning more money per day than some people receiving an an entire month. Why are you, apparently, keen to support that?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      One of them is reading from the papers on the bench next to him. The female is making a speech (obviously).
      If you really want to claim that one of the other three is listening to a speaker, just because it happens to be near his head, that’s your business. Don’t expect anyone else (apart from Hayfords) to agree with you.

  11. Darren M Gomes (@IamTheDoctor)

    The House of Lords needs reforming, but not abolishing. There has to be an equal number of members fixed to the main parties and non party supporters. There needs to be a retirement age too, or a test that the over 70s members are fit to continue and more importantly, the PM must not be allowed to elevate his mates to the House to make the House Tory heavy, as it is now.

  12. hayfords

    In the picture above it looks like two are asleep. One looks like he is listening to the speaker in the furniture. One at the front is looking down and may be reading. A quick look on the internet show lots of sleeping MPs in the commons. There are some nice ones of Ed Balls dozing off while Milliband is speaking.

    There are pics of the Lords where a few are asleep. However, one pic was taken at the end of an 18 hour debate. Contrary to what was said above, it is not possible for all Lords to attend all debate as they have other duties, such as select committee.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      They can look like they’re listening to a speaker when they’re really asleep, you know.
      Nobody in Parliament should be asleep during a debate, it’s true – whether Labour or Tory or whatever. Childish of you to draw attention to Labour MPs.

    2. Nick Fourbanks

      They all waffle on hayward i have known many articulate people in my time and i can assure that most lords and mp’s haven’t a clue on their topic and the waffling on just goes to prove that point as the topic become just meaningless

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