Internet film series exposes Tory Government’s dangerous policies against people with disabilities

161114-stop-pipA new documentary series exposing ATOS’, Maximus’, Capita’s and the DWP’s involvement in the deaths of thousands of Disabled people is being released – on Facebook.

STOP-PIP is a national group that has come together to put an end to the failings that are causing serious harm to people with disabilities in the UK.

The issue is a blazingly-hot topic at the moment, after the United Nations found the UK’s Conservative Government guilty of systematic violations of the human rights of people with disabilities.

Here’s the first episode, focusing on ‘Jennifer’:

And the second episode is about ‘Anna’:

“It is a very somber reality, when a target driven government department will sit in judgment over another person regarding their attainment in life,” according to a spokesperson for the group.

“The safety net that is meant to protect and support is now failing and has been destroying the people it is there to protect.

“It is failing to enable independence and failing to maximize the ability of thousands of amazing people whose only crime, so to speak, is to become unwell, ill, disabled or require some support.

“Not taken into account are problems, restrictions, medicines, condition complications, social difficulties, health difficulties, housing and mobility difficulties.

“To state that disabled people and caregivers have been at the hard edge of so called reforms would be a massive understatement.”

The group said the government has cut funding for disabled people in order to balance its books, but: “Even with all these cuts, the national debt has gone up under this government, while taxpayers money is handed to third party companies who are continuing to fail many under this agenda of Austerity.

“We feel there needs to be a Independent Disability Commission and an organisation to regulate provision for disabled people and caregivers – able to bridge the gaps in service provision, encompassing the views of disabled people, care-givers, charities, the government, local government bodies, justice, employment sectors, the health sector, the NHS, well-being and social care agencies, education and advocates within the UK.

“This would provide a positive national platform in addressing, establishing and supporting the rights of disabled people and carers.”

The spokesperson added: “A public review of failings in the current service, and other failings, should be conducted by independent bodies, and money misspent by companies found at fault should be repaid to the taxpayer, to be reinvested into society.

“Our view is that a person’s value is not what they hold in their bank account, and that no person should have to prove their integrity when the difficulties they are facing are clearly shown and are well-documented in medical evidence.

“The repeated testing of people with disabilities must stop and a new system must be put in place.

“In the interim we should return to the DLA and lifetime awards system. We say Universal Credit should stop and the cuts should stop.

“We hope that wider community can come together to call for this change that is needed.

“There is a crashing wave of dispair being forced upon disabled people, their families, their carers and the wider community.

“The stress that has been placed on vital services due to systemic failings is unacceptable.

“We need our whole community to come forward in a positive way to be the change that is needed.

“Demand that this stops now, that no more lives are lost due to these failings.

“Understanding and kindness really cost nothing.

“There is no problem that cannot be resolved, overcome or bettered with time, peace, support, acceptance, unity, solidarity, and resilience.”

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10 thoughts on “Internet film series exposes Tory Government’s dangerous policies against people with disabilities

  1. jeffrey davies

    hmm its like that doctor that knows whots coming next the ex dwp worker hmm she didnt speak out when she was doing this but know nows they coming for her i was only folowing orders yet karma does come for some early yet dla to pip you were always meant to fail this

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I have a lot of sympathy for his point of view. If you can’t spell properly, and/or can’t form a sentence properly, it makes your message harder to communicate.
        I let poorly-spelt comments with bad grammar onto the site because I think everybody should have a say, but I am concerned that sometimes people will get the wrong message from their words, and sometimes I even have to seek clarification.
        The other point I would make is that sometimes people make spelling/grammar mistakes because they are writing in anger, or another heightened emotional state. I allow those comments here as well.
        But, as someone who works with the English language every day, and who tries to do so in as accessible a way as possible, it does disturb me when people use it incorrectly.

  2. Barry Davies

    Shame it is an internet series that will probably mostly be seen by those who already know about it channel 4 or 5 could have rebalanced the appalling view created by benefit street nonsense.

    1. TomMagenta

      Very true, but this does bring up an interesting question;

      What effect if any will the reception to I, Daniel Blake have on benefit programs? I know it won’t faze the government one bit (if the UN finding them guilty of systemic human rights abuses won’t faze them, nothing will) but it might have some influence on the way these countless benefit programs portray their subjects.

      At least I hope – against my better judgement.

  3. Graeme Beard

    I really wish this would stop!

    The very idea that this government doesn’t “understand” and/or doesn’t “know” what these long deliberated policies applied with vigour are precipitating or that some kinds of ‘errors of judgement’ are at work is utter nonsense. Of course they know! How could they not? Can someone with a single brain cell please tell me how they could not. Even the UN is telling them for gods sake! This has nothing to do with “errors” or “mistakes” or ignorance of outcomes.

    That crass and damaging assumption excuses them and gives them a perfect ‘get out of jail card’ but people keep dealing it out to them almost daily. For Christ’s sake WAKE UP! There is a cull in progress. There is no government innocence in this. Check out the definition of Corporate Manslaughter. There – see what I mean?!


  4. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    The above speaks the truth! Unfortunately the truth is not what the Tories are seeking here as they must know full well that their deprivation of proper assistance to those who need it so badly, while allowing their own surfeit of indulgences by way of often vulgar and extravagant living, can only exacerbate the plight of those who find it difficult to exist. I think there must be some decent Tories who deplore such behaviour but, unfortunately not enough of them seem willing to speak up and condemn the perpetrator.

  5. hettyforindy

    A society, a government which attacks the most vulnerable especially now, in 2016, is IMO criminal. We all pay tax, even if it is mainly VAT, we all contribute. The UKgov have spent so many £millions on attacking our most vulnerable, while lining the pockets of the rich, it is truly sickening. This cannot continue, for humanities sake, we have to look after everyone, or we all suffer, and ultimately, it affects everyone, not just those who need our support due to their disability, no matter what form that takes.

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