Did I have a ‘fiery row’ with LBC’s Nick Ferrari? I could hardly hear a word he said

Was it that bad-tempered an exchange?

I don’t remember much of it, to be honest. I had a list of things I wanted to mention:

  • That I’m not a Holocaust denier, obviously. The first I knew of this was when I bought the Sunday Times yesterday (February 4) and saw the headline. “Hang on – is that me?”
  • That the accusation comes from a comment in an article from 2016, that was off-topic – meaning the person making it was trying to entrap me into some kind of anti-Semitic remark not related to the subject under discussion.
  • That the claim that I said I “don’t know” whether the Holocaust happened was a mangling of my response to that comment. I had been asked why the SWP had referred to “thousands” instead of “millions” of deaths in a pamphlet, and why it had not mentioned Jews at all. I didn’t know the answers to any of those questions because I’m not in the SWP; it’s not my party.
  • That the claim that I said Tony Blair had been influenced by a “Jewish cabal” was a similar mangling of my words. I had been presented it as a claim by Tam Dalyell (I noticed Mr Ferrari trying to suggest I shouldn’t mention other people, which shows his understanding of the context!) and replied that anybody hearing such a claim without evidence might have cause to be concerned. But of course, the person making the claim should produce evidence to back up the claim. Without that, it is meaningless.
  • I also wanted to acknowledge something put to me on Twitter yesterday, that the language used is an anti-Semitic trope, as they’re described. That’s as may be, but that was the language that was put to me, and I notice nobody has taken the commenter to task. If I had changed the words, I would have been changing the meaning of what was being put to me, and that would not have been acceptable.
  • I wanted to mention my defence of Ken Livingstone, and the fact that he was unfairly attacked in 2016 when he discussed anti-Semitism claims. Note that I don’t defend his 2017 comments as I have not seen evidence to support them.
  • I wanted to take issue with Labour’s dispute resolution system, which squeezes defendants out of their own cases and makes it almost impossible to defend against a negative report from party officers.
  • And I wanted to point out that the attack on me is not only libel but an act of violence, intended to persuade people that I can’t be trused and put me off reading This Site, thereby cutting off an important source of income and impoverishing me.

How well did I do? I’m afraid you’ll have to visit the LBC page and listen to the interview to find out. I did, and was surprised to hear some of Nick Ferrari’s comments for the first time. He must have been trying to interrupt me but I couldn’t hear him very well.

Notice that my voice is removed from the beginning of the clip, when Mr Ferrari is listing things I’m supposed to have said. For the authentic experience, insert my voice saying, “No I didn’t!” after every assertion – you can hear my voice fading in after the third.

Oh, and a welcome by-product of the exchange seems to be that people are donating to the site. Gratitude goes out to everyone who has donated so far; if you haven’t, and want to, the “Donate” button is below the article text.

(When listening to the interview, please bear in mind that I’ve got quite a bad cold at the moment, so my voice sounds strange and you may hear me breathing in an odd way. Normally I have the voice of an angel, of course.)

Nick Ferrari was involved in a heated row with a Labour activist who had been accused of denying the Holocaust.

The Sunday Times reported that Mike Sivier was being re-admitted to the party, provided he attends a workshop about anti-Semitism.

However, during a testy exchange with Nick, Mr Sivier revealed he had turned down the option as he is innocent of the accusations against him.

However, the Labour activist did admit that the party has a problem with anti-Semitism.

Source: Nick Ferrari’s Fiery Row With Labour Activist Accused Of Holocaust Denial

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13 thoughts on “Did I have a ‘fiery row’ with LBC’s Nick Ferrari? I could hardly hear a word he said

  1. gdh4623

    These anti-Semitism “discussions” happening at the moment are becoming more and more like the 1950’s McCarthy witch-hunt every day

  2. Roy Beiley

    The Jewish Lobby seem to have got confused between the ethos of “National Socialism” (which of course was not Socialism at all but right wing fascism) and Socialism as an alternative to capitalism expounded by Marx and Engels. Shame on them. They are in danger of losing the worldwide sympathy they rightly received following the Holocaust but they should remember that famous saying ” methinks the lady doth protest too much”.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s not the “Jewish” lobby; plenty of Jews understand and agree with my words.
      What we are dealing with here is a small number of highly vocal zealots – I think that word may be justifiably applied – who are working towards their own political ends.
      These people don’t care about anti-Semitism or the Jews in any way except as tools to get their own way.

  3. Carol Fraser

    All alternative news channels are under attack from the MSM. Ferrari features on the pledge. He’s a typical Tory who does not think he should pay tax and damn the poor

  4. Stephen Brophy

    I thought you got your points across and nick farrari didn’t like the fact you provided accurate facts.

  5. G Millward

    Mike I listened to the exchange in full, Ferrari was asking you the question and then interrupting you as you attempted to answer … how very David Dimbleby of him.

  6. Brian

    Imagine the response, to whispers of the Tories enslaving the peasant population, killing the sick, persecuting the homeless, dismantling the system, with abundant evidence to boot & reveling with joy at their accomplishments. Would the Anti Slavery lobby be complacent, would the media be dumb, would political debate ensue? Easier diversions are at hand to titillate the audience, in moving the focus while slandering the opposition.

  7. hugosmum70

    all these things are ploys to take peoples minds off whats REALLY happening in this country and thus take the heat off this government and Maggie May especially.. i am wondering what new plans/policies etc are being slipped through via the back door by them once again. i am not saying there ISN’T a middle east crisis around Israel and Palestine etc. but see it for what it is……. they have to find a scapegoat and unfortunately this time Mike its you. (only thing wrong is that although they may THINK its taking our minds off the real stuff as opposed to made up stuff… we are all fully aware of what they are trying to do.

  8. pedro

    you are in total denial matey and i think nick ferrari exposed you for the slimey little toad you are.attend the anti semitism workshop and educate yourself that racism and anti semitism must be rooted out of the labour party.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The state of this.
      If there is a slimy little toad around, I trust that This Site’s other readers will see it for what it is.

    2. bbbarabas

      “Pedro”, the “TROLL”!
      You wouldn’t know one if it smacked you in the face!
      Where do you get off calling “Mike”, for the very same rubbish you write!
      A right wing fascist bigot, just like Ferrari who loves to listen to his own voice!
      A narcissistic good for nothing blabbermouth!

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Normally I don’t approve of personal comments on This Site.
        But it strikes me that, if readers who support me want to take personal issue with those who want to come here and fling abuse, perhaps I should let it happen.
        It’s never pleasant when you’re insulted unreasonably by someone else. Of course, the abusers won’t know that because anything they receive, like the above from bbbarabas, will be a reasonable response. Or so it seems to me at this time.

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