Racists attack political commentator over innocent image – THEY associated it with Reading stabbings

Ash Sarkar: she posted this innocent image of herself enjoying an orange ice lolly after cycling – and racist loonies claimed it showed her supporting an alleged terror attack in which three people were killed. Is that how it looks to you?

What’s wrong with the picture above?

Nothing, as far as This Writer can see. It’s a shot of a healthy young lady enjoying an ice lolly after exercising on a bicycle – posted on her personal Twitter feed.

It might be considered a little risque as, if she’s wearing shorts, they appear to be very short indeed. But that’s the worst of it.

So why, then, did this happen?

Apparently Ms Sarkar was being accused of using the orange emojis as symbols celebrating the three deaths.

When have orange emojis ever been said to symbolise that?

They don’t. But that’s what the lunatics have been saying.

Is it because the BBC initially associated the killings with a Black Lives Matter protest in Reading and, besides being a political commentator, Ms Sarkar happens to have darker skin than some of us?

If so, it is beyond reason (that’s why I suggest that those saying it are lunatics). And who are the racists in this situation – the young lady posting a summery pic on her timeline, or the foam-at-the-mouth individuals perversely accusing her?

Sane Twitter users have made their choice:


Of course the nutcases aren’t backing down – but I’m glad to see that Ms Sarkar isn’t, either.

Can you believe they wanted her to apologise for the offence that they have chosen to take against her?

That’s a good response – sharp, and to the point.

Then it became clear that Ms Sarkar’s critics were, in fact, just another gang of racists. They made it clear themselves.

In the next exchange, Ms Sarkar is replying to that classic racist trope: “go back to where you came from”. The tweeter appears to have deleted their message, which is a clear indication of guilt, and I would appreciated it if anybody who may have taken a screenshot could send me a copy.

Akala’s book Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire has this to say about the “go back to where you came from” trope: “Their assumption is that anyone who is not racialised as white is not really a citizen, echoing the old white-supremacist adage ‘Race and Nation are one’ and the ‘blood and soil’ logic of the Nazis.”

Ms Sarkar, being a citizen of the UK, comes from Enfield.

And of course, I’m giving her the last word because it is far more mature than anything her detractors had to say:

“Three families are grieving… and I feel really angry that there are people out there who are appropriating that grief, that shock, and that horror, and then using that to take down someone on Twitter.

“I don’t know how you live with yourself if you’re doing that.

“Beyond the racism and beyond the threats, I just feel that’s completely immoral.”


7 thoughts on “Racists attack political commentator over innocent image – THEY associated it with Reading stabbings

  1. Stu

    I see a very pretty (and obviously intelligent) young lady enjoying the sunshine.

    People choose what they wish to see based upon their own beliefs, cultural and social influences.
    Always remember that the accusations say more about the accuser than those they criticise. (an insight into their dark, warped view of the world)

  2. millhouze

    No one has ever accused the knuckle dragging fools that make up the foot soldiers of right-wing racism of being overly bright but I must say they have excelled themselves in outing their pig headed stupidity in this case.

  3. kateuk

    One tweet said “It’s clearly the same park”, as someone who used to live near Reading and knows Forbury Park well, I can tell you it clearly isn’t the same park, even if she hadn’t said it was in Hackney. Some people are disgusting using any excuse to target BAME people with racism.

  4. Martin Odoni

    Ash will take this in her stride, she deals with worse every day. But the chapter does say a lot about the Far Right on several levels; –

    Firstly, this is seen as symbolic evidence of Ash’s ‘support for radical Islamic terrorism’ by the same people who claim they can’t see any indication of Nazi support in a bunch of DFLA thugs performing Nazi salutes on Parliament Square.

    Secondly, the people getting their nappies in a twist about this are the same ones who routinely call the left ‘Snowflakes’.

    Sometimes, comedy just can’t compete with reality.

  5. Martin Odoni

    Ash was on Novaramedia this evening and pointed out another hilariously silly aspect. She admits she was deliberately showing off a-bit-of-leg (sorry to sound crude, but it’s what she was doing), and the right wingers are saying the pic proves she’s ISIS. As she points out, no woman would dress like that to please ISIS, they’d stone her to death for showing anything more than her eyes!

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