Tory treachery: these are just TODAY’S reasons to regret voting ‘Conservative’

Loadsamoney: Boris Johnson and his party are rolling in it, and can expect much more, courtesy of Russia and the USA. You are going to suffer like you’ve never suffered before.

Anybody who voted ‘Conservative’ last December in the belief that they would be better-off must be really kicking themselves now.

Today we have learned that the Tories took money from Russians and then looked the other way while Russia interfered with our general elections – and possibly the Brexit referendum. The arrogant Tories have said they won’t even bother with a retrospective investigation of what happened (in case it incriminates them, perhaps).

Within the last 24 hours, the Tories voted to ensure that the National Health Service will be part of a future trade deal with the United States of America, meaning that health care in the UK will become an asset of US corporations if any such deal goes through.

Allow me to expand on this.

The Tories have already reneged on a promise that they would not allow diseased US-manufactured chlorinated chicken into the UK, meaning anybody who eats it is more likely to contract food poisoning.

Now we can see that anybody who does become ill in that way will not be able to afford help from a doctor, as they will be charged exorbitant US rates. Buying insurance will be no good because the insurance companies actively search for ways to avoid paying out (see my pieces about Unum).

Jeremy Corbyn warned us that the NHS would be privatised before the election last year – he showed you the documents! – but you were told not to vote for him, and like a herd of sheep you did as you were told.

So: possibly because of Russian interference, if you voted ‘Conservative’, you voted to harm your own health and to ensure that you would not be able to gain access to the healthcare you would need in order to get better.

That’s on you!

By all means, blame the Tories if you like. But they are Tories – it is pointless to say, “You told us you wouldn’t sell the NHS or allow chlorinated chicken, or allow the Russians to mess with our democracy,” because their answer is clear: “You knew what we were when you voted for us. We’re Tories. Lying to you is in our nature.”

Oh, and by the way, under the Tories, borrowing has reached a record high. The UK is in more debt than it has every been in the history of the country, and that is all because of the Tories.

Remember back in 2010 when they conned you into voting for them in that year’s election? They said their austerity would eliminate the national deficit by 2015, and they would go on from there to eliminate the debt as well. They lied.

And it means there will be no money for future, non-Tory governments to buy back what the Tories are selling – without creating a debt crisis as Tory lenders refuse to help out.

And for once, the saying is true.

We’re all in the mire together – because you voted Tory.

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6 thoughts on “Tory treachery: these are just TODAY’S reasons to regret voting ‘Conservative’

  1. Stu

    Not a single peep of it in the media – that is scandalous.

    The message is now clear that Bojob has issued an unwritten proclamation to the greedy everywhere saying “Stick with us lads and we’ll all get rich!”

  2. kateuk

    Unfortunately, most of the people reading your article probably didn’t vote Tory, so you are preaching to the converted. The people who voted for them will probably just carry on making excuses, such as “oh but Corbyn would have ruined the country!”

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It’s a classic, isn’t it?

      The trolls have certainly been out in force on Twitter – both pro-Tory and pro-Starmer.

      From my point of view, the worst part of it is that most Tory voters won’t have seen it, having sealed themselves up in a near-hermetic echo chamber. They’re probably sitting at home playing Bubblehead Blast (or some such), with BBC News on in the background, singing “La la la don’t want to know!”

  3. Giddy Fisher

    Why do you have to blame Russia? Who told you that Russia ‘meddled’ with your ‘democracy’? Old tories in Whitehall jealous of Russia’s strength & resources, that’s who. I’m with you in your condemnation of the tories, but invoking the Cold War bogeyman is playing the tory game. The fault of brexit & the tory win in the GE is with THE ENGLISH ELECTORATE & NO ONE ELSE.

  4. Bal S

    Totally agree. I’m now waiting for British ‘security intelligence sources’ (the same ones who gave us all those whoppers about Iraqi wmd’s, Libya, Syria, Ukraine etc) telling us Russia ‘almost certainly’ sank the Titanic, kidnapped Shergar, bumped off Princess Di and smuggled Lord Lucan out of Blighty.
    People in this country have to wake up to an unfortunate nasty truth- when it it comes to geopolitics, Blighty is not an independent sovereign state, it’s America’s little bitch. So much for ‘taking control back’…..and that’s Russia’s fault as well!

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