Miller’s ‘killer’ instinct homes in on the press

The new culture secretary, Maria Miller, loves to throw her weight around, doesn’t she?

I wasn’t going to write about how she claimed £90,000 towards a mortgage and other expenses associated with the south London house where her parents live – the Daily Telegraph has already done a very good job of it – but then, it seems, she decided to try bully-girl tactics.

While the newspaper was researching the story, we are told, Mrs Miller’s special advisor – one Joanna Hindley – warned a Telegraph reporter that the paper’s editor was meeting the Prime Minister and the culture secretary to discuss the implementation of the Leveson report.

The implication seems clear enough: “Leave her alone or she’ll make life very difficult for you.”

Big, big mistake.

You see, this meant it wasn’t another “dodgy expenses claim” story any more. It’s now about abuse of power. That puts this minister up in the big leagues, with George Osborne and that paddock he used to own.

Gideon, as by now I have documented very thoroughly, thought he could get away with using taxpayers’ cash to make a cool million pounds in the property market without anyone being able to do a thing about it. Now there’s a criminal investigation under way, examining his activities.

Mrs Miller, who earned the nickname ‘Killer’ for her part in implementing cruel and unnecessary welfare reforms that have led either directly or indirectly to the deaths of 73 people per week (on average) – and who also ensured the closure of 36 Remploy factories, which employ disabled people (another 10 have come under threat from her successor) – seems to think she can use her position to stop the public finding out the facts about her.

Well, now we know one thing for sure: She’s a nasty piece of work.

And she can’t perform her job impartially, which is what is required. Cabinet ministers are supposed to act for the good of the nation, not their own petty personal interests. In this, both Gideon and ‘Killer’ have failed. They have abused public trust and should be dismissed. My opinion is that Osborne should be jailed.

‘Killer’ has been reported to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards as her expenses claims appear to be similar to those of Labour MP Tony McNulty who, in 2009, was required to pay back more than £13,000 in expenses claimed on a second home occupied by his parents.

I hope she gets penalised in a big way.

But even if that doesn’t happen, she can be sure that life won’t be easy from now on. Reporters don’t take kindly to bullies, and a threat against one – in the way she engineered – is a threat against us all.

I reckon we’ll be finding out a lot more about Mrs Miller’s misdeeds from now on. Perhaps life will become difficult for her.

13 thoughts on “Miller’s ‘killer’ instinct homes in on the press

  1. Billyboy

    Miller’s got a lot to keep hidden. Perhaps now some of the disgraceful way she’s been treating the disabled will start coming to light, and with that more of the truth about the Atos assessments and, specifically, the involvement in ‘welfare reform’ of the disgraced (Google for Unum scandal) giant American insurance company Unum and how much it stands to profit from the ending of the welfare state.

    1. anon

      unum are the sister company to atos their plot is going to plan, they have been waiting to deliever their crap since the last tory government, atos have chucked out of america for misconduct and bad management…plenty of sue claims against them. i am in the that this country will realise what is going on and rise up…

  2. silver

    Bullies usually get theirs in the end.People see through the bluster and see straw men,or women as the case may be.
    These kind of people tend to be whining wimps on the way down,and don’t have to many friends,because they pissed of to many people on the way up.
    I believe in Karma,and Miller and Osbourne will get theirs one day.Even Maggie went Ga Ga.Like Ronnie Raygun.

  3. Peachy

    A few years ago my MP contacted Ms Miller because I was panicking about how I would cope with the new benefits system as Mum to two children diagnosed with autism (and one with a non diagnosed disability): I got a reply telling me 2 years was more than enough to ‘sort’ my children. No empathy at all.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I have to say I find this behaviour particularly mean-spirited. I have a little experience of children with autism (a cousin’s son) and one fact that is patently obvious is IT DOESN’T GO AWAY. So how Mrs Miller can say two years is long enough to “sort” it (whatever that means) is incomprehensible. Also, this woman is not a doctor. Therefore pronouncements of this kind have no meaning whatsoever. I would have asked my MP to get back to her and remind her of that fact, then warn her that she should seek expert advice if necessary, otherwise she’s likely to make stupid, ignorant mistakes like this.
      Still, it all adds to the evidence against her.

      1. Peachy

        Thank you. As it happens, I have almost completed an MA in Autism (very part time!0 so if anyone can- ahem- ‘sort it’ it will be me: I can’t, neither can 2 specialist schools. We work hard to improve their life outcomes and I fully expect one of my boys to work and have a self-funded future, but it’s the fact that I AM a Carer and at home that hs allowed me to have the time to put in to achieve that, if it makes sense?

        Also, no matter how much I manage to improve their ASD and to secure chidlcare, there will always be constant rounds of reviews and appointments to attend, no paid childcarer can do that. As it happens my husband is employed, and I hope to find part time work next year, so we are better off than many but it was the coldness of her reply I found most chilling.

  4. Chris Tandy

    She has the prime prerequisite for membership of caMorons fascist government.

    She is FILTH.

    Nothing else matters.


    looks like a few of the locals had her number ? looks like she knew her number was up with a general election on the horizon …see local rag comments []

  6. shirley knott

    Doesn’t seem like her mum is… disabled any more, Hope the poor old thing coped looking after the children?

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