Fears that women will die laughing at Cameron’s ‘fun’ and ‘optimistic’ claim

Don’t laugh – David Cameron is trying to ‘woo’ women voters.

David Cameron said his wife Samantha chooses his clothes for him.

David Cameron said his wife Samantha chooses his clothes for him.

In an interview with Woman & Home magazine (we haven’t heard of it either), reported by the BBC, the comedy prime minister revealed his love of cooking and watching television in his spare time.

That’s strange – the commonly-held belief was that he was all about playing Angry Birds, too much wine with his Sunday lunch and leaving his daughter behind when he visited the pub. Ah yes – this is mentioned further down the BBC article (except the bit about his daughter. Odd, that).

Apparently women are being asked to think he’s “optimistic” and “fun”, that he relies on his wife Samantha (the one who works for a tax-dodging company) to choose his clothes for him, he loves barbecues, detective dramas on TV (or House of Cards), and his children react “sensibly” to his job. Did that daughter react “sensibly” to being left in the pub, one wonders.

Strangely, nothing seems to be said about the policies Cameron has enacted that have victimised women excessively.

According to the House of Commons Library – as reported in the Independent, £22bn of the £26bn of the Treasury revenue raised from tax and benefit ‘reforms’ since 2010 has been taken from women – 85 per cent of the total, with only 15 per cent contributed by men.

The policies that have had the biggest impact on women include cuts in tax credits, which took £8.3bn from women but only £2.3bn from men, reductions in housing benefit, under which women lost £2.3bn and men £1.5bn, and the three-year freeze in child benefit, which costs women £3.5bn and men £346m.

More information on the effects on women of Coalition policies may be found here.

Strangely, they go unmentioned in both the BBC and magazine articles!

Never mind – you can always share this article around – purely in the name of balance, of course.

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19 thoughts on “Fears that women will die laughing at Cameron’s ‘fun’ and ‘optimistic’ claim

  1. hstorm

    What’s “fun” about someone who watches TV? Samantha must get an enthralling social life.

    As for loving to cook… why should that interest women particularly? Is it because he thinks ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’ or something?

  2. Gary

    Well, I actually HAVE heard of ‘Woman and Home’ (sounds sexist). It’s a weighty, glossy magazine with aspirational lifestyle photos and interviews with celebs. The kind of thing NOT being read by anyone likely to be a victim of his policies. Exactly the kind of readership who’d be daft enough to vote Conservative. Nothing Cameron says would surprise me anymore..

  3. Jim Round

    “What do we want?”
    “A revolution”
    “When do we want it?”
    “After we’ve had us tea and watched some telly”

  4. moondancer

    the headline has been realized… I have 3 daughters.. they came over and saw the photo and started laughing when they realized who it was… when they saw the headline the eldest laughed even more and said fun? him…? I had more fun at the dentists today mum! Possibly you need to put a health warning up on posts like these… teenage girls just cant handle so much ‘fun’ !

  5. Stephen Bee

    I wonder if Scameron gets most of his ideas about how to screw the electorate further..from watching house of Cards?

  6. Luke

    “under which women lost £2.3bn and men £1.5bn”
    What a bloody stupid thing to say. Housing benefit isn’t paid to some sexual division union before being paid/or not to those in need.
    Sort it out!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Housing Benefit is paid to individuals. Clearly more of those individuals are women.
      What’s the problem with that?

      1. Luke

        My point precisely. What’s all this victimisation BS?
        I’ve just got it rainbows on sunny days and banquets on any day with a ‘y’ in it I guess.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        There writes somebody who hasn’t – and cannot – experience what it’s like on the other side.
        Women took 85 per cent of the cuts; men 15 per cent. The figures speak for themselves.

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        I’m editing out the rest of your comment, most of which is abusive.
        We don’t tolerate personal abuse on this site. I hoped you’d get the message but you didn’t so you’re banned.
        Clear off and find some hole that will put up with your silly rants.
        For the record – and something that you clearly didn’t realise in your rush to demonstrate your blinkered attitude – the article was reporting the findings of the independent House of Commons Library, which may hold no bias whatsoever – political or otherwise. Had you not been in such a rush to condemn me, you might have noticed this and not made such a monumental ass of yourself.

  7. Lady Kayla (@LadyKorenwolf)

    It’s too damned early in the morning for seeing pics like that! Hasn’t he fed well at the taxpayer’s expense over the years? I swear he was a much smaller, physically, person 5 years ago (as were the rest of the front bench – there has been a mass breakout of jowls).

    I, too, was a much smaller, physically, person 30 years ago – in case anyone thinks I shouldn’t mention size/weight – but I’ve had 2 kids & have gotten progressively more ill rather than stuck my snout in the public purse.

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