Bombs and the bong are on MPs’ agendas – Monday in Parliament

Cameron and cannabis: It is said that the Prime Minister smoked 'wacky baccy' at Eton (or maybe in Oxford), but that' doesn't mean he's ready to legalise it! What about other MPs? The debate is today (October 12).

Cameron and cannabis: It is said that the Prime Minister smoked ‘wacky baccy’ at Eton (or maybe in Oxford), but that’ doesn’t mean he’s ready to legalise it! What about other MPs? The debate is today (October 12).

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party will receive its first test today (Monday) with an adjournment debate to be launched by one of his own MPs, who supports military action in Syria – against the wishes of her boss.

Jo Cox should know her proposal for “a three-pronged strategy in which military intervention by UK forces would complement fresh humanitarian and diplomatic initiatives” doesn’t have enough detail to be persuasive, but she’s probably hoping this won’t matter.

As the Graun stated, “it would be a huge blow to the leader’s authority if a vote was passed with the backing of a sizable number of Labour MPs”.

It would also be a huge blow to the credibility of the Parliamentary Labour Party as a whole if a large number of its MPs rebelled against the wishes of the 59 per cent of the party who want to see Mr Corbyn’s policies supported in the Commons.

Ms Cox must be aware of this, so it is difficult to fathom the reasoning behind her actions. Let us hope she will illuminate us all during the debate.

Another kind of illumination is enjoyed by people who partake of the cannabis plant for recreational amusement.

An e-petition calling for Parliament to legalise the controversial recreational drug has achieved more than the required 100,000 signatures needed for it to be considered for debate – and is to get that debate in the Westminster Hall, between 4.30 and 7.30pm.

It has been said that cannabis has many medicinal uses, not least in pain relief, but some doctors say it can cause serious mental health issues also. Attempts to refine the drug, emphasising its beneficial effects, are taking place.

Will that be a feature of the debate? We’ll soon find out.

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  1. Andy October 12, 2015 at 5:34 am - Reply

    That 59% of the Labour Party membershıp – that’s MP’s, genuine party members and the £3.00 casual supporters – wanted hım as leader of the opposıtıon does not automatıcally mean that they have to support what he ındıvıdually wants…and many wısh to retaın the defensıve capabılıty the UK currently enjoys.

  2. stephen brophy October 12, 2015 at 10:33 am - Reply

    The cannabis debate needs to lead to a royal commission on drug law! We know this and earier governments do what the federal government of the usa tells them to do! But this needs to change, this has far reaching effects on life in the uk,

  3. mohandeer October 12, 2015 at 2:05 pm - Reply

    It is incredible how the LP has completely forgotten that they lost both the election in 2010 but also 2015. Suddenly they have an upsurge in members because of Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance on the scene with his anti war stance, his anti austerity stance and his plausible economic and fiscal policies. So what do they do? Their level best to undermine him, the policies he stands for and dismiss the increase in numbers of party members who joined backing him. The Labour Party is arrogant and self serving. Some examples would be “we want to stay in Europe regardless of what our membership wants, like it or lump it, we want to maintain NATO in it’s current war footing against Russia regardless of what our membership wants, like it or lump it, we want nuclear capabilities extended at a cost of £100 billion regardless of what our membership wants, like it or lump it and we want to shell the hell out of Syria regardless of what our membership wants, like it or lump it”. So they won’t be surprised, if in 2020, the “membership” decides, come voting time, “I think I’ll lump it and vote for……” (somebody else, anybody else, just not those arrogant, self serving and dismissive Labour dictators?) In some ways I just wish they’d get on and do it, get rid of Corbyn, so that those who voted for him could set their sites on a new party emergence, a stronger, more focussed and honest party for the people as an alternative to the Blairite right wing elitists who have hi-jacked the party for the people and offer us, instead Tory Lite politics. I feel sorry for the Syrian people, who with Russia’s help and they are already making a difference, could have had their country back. The Syrian people hate the US and now are beginning to realise that the UK was far more heavily involved in supporting Washington, they view all Brits with scepticism and sometimes shun them or show outright loathing towards them, unless of course that Brit has shown complete condemnation for the activities of the US/UK/EU Alliance against Assad. Like it or not, Assad is still the leader of Syria and only he can impose a “no fly zone” over his country. If he should choose to, he could do so with the exclusion of his allies Russia and Iran, in which case, any plane intruding over his air space can be shot down and Russia and possibly even China could send more aircraft across to shoot down the trespassers. We brought this conflict down on the heads of the Syrian peoples because we wanted Assad gone, now we need to withdraw and allow Syria’s allies to rid the country of ALL terrorists.

    • Mike Sivier October 12, 2015 at 2:57 pm - Reply

      Only some of the Labour Party is trying to undermine Mr Corbyn. It is wrong to say “the LP” is doing it because most of “the LP” is on his side.
      May I remind all readers to be aware of this?

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