Stewart knocked out of Tory leader race as MPs signal support for ANOTHER racist PM

Tory tribalism really is coming out in the current leadership election.

In today’s (June 19) third round of votes, Conservative MPs rejected the diplomatic approach of Rory Stewart in favour of the statesmanship of a man who, in the words of SNP leader Ian Blackford:

  • Published a poem stating that the Scottish people are a “verminous” race that should be placed in ghettos and exterminated;
  • Called Muslim women “letter boxes”; and
  • Described African people as having “watermelon smiles”

That man is Boris Johnson. He gained 17 votes on yesterday’s poll, totalling 143 – while Mr Stewart lost 10, amassing only 27*.

Mr Johnson has also been accused of:

  • Cheating on his partner(s)
  • Helping a friend get a journalist beaten up
  • Wasting millions of taxpayer pounds on London water cannon and a Garden Bridge that never got built; and
  • Denouncing Tory donors by saying “f**k business”.

This is the man nearly half of Conservative MPs say should be prime minister.


Can you picture him trying to face down Jeremy Corbyn over the allegations of different forms of racism in their parties? Mr Corbyn has been accused, yes – but falsely. The evidence against Mr Johnson is damning – and available for all to see.

He’ll never be able to make an appearance in front of a wide cross-section of the general public because they’ll be chanting “racist!” and “sexist!” at him.

And if he restricts his public appearances to a carefully-selected few members of the elite, then he’ll be pilloried in exactly the same way Theresa May’s image suffered during the 2017 general election campaign.

Mrs May was, of course, overtly racist herself – in her infamous “hostile environment” policies that targeted people belonging to ethnic minorities for deportation.

Of course, for political commentators like This Writer, he’ll be a dream come true.

For the duration of what I expect will be a historically short and disastrous premiership.

*By the way, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and Sajid Javid are still in the race, too – not that anybody cares.

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9 thoughts on “Stewart knocked out of Tory leader race as MPs signal support for ANOTHER racist PM

  1. ladyfreebird750

    Racisim isnt all that can be laid at his feet.

    His dismissal of the suffering of child sexual abuse victims, remember he considers money spent searching for the abusers as spaffing up the wall.

    Most horrific of all his missteps has to be the effect his ignorance has had on Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe. At the very least his stupidity, his arrogance at believing he knows far more than anyone else has condemned her and her family to extra years in hell.
    If that poor woman dies, as far as I’m concerned it will be this oaf fault.

    So then we turn full circle, If Nazanin had been called Nancy, if she wasn’t so clearly not this precious ‘white British’ , would his actions and his words have been different. Is Nazanin in that stinking jail because of racism as well as an ignorant flappy mouth?

    This is what makes Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson unfit to be the leader of the Conservative or (any other party for that matter) and prime minister of our country.

  2. Growing Flame

    In many ways , we are now approaching something that “normal” politics tends to skate over. The Brexit debate has revealed people’s deepest, core beliefs about themselves and their world. Tory Party members ,in the past, may have tended to opt to support more “acceptable” candidates, well-groomed types who can prattle on about “fairness” and opportunity” and how the hard-working can get on in life regardless of their origins etc etc. In return for having to bite their tongues and not choose rabid racists as their parliamentary candidates, they got to enjoy the taste of victory in regular General Elections. But they never reconciled themselves to the modern reality of a post-imperial Britain that was just another medium -sized power.

    The Brexit Referendum finally gave them the chance to support their core belief in a white, nationalist Britain that (miraculously) is able to return to economic pre-eminence .Which does not need to rely on imported labour even though it is expected to produce most of its needs without recourse to imports. The “Yes/No” nature of the referendum meant that they did not need to compromise their beliefs by supporting candidates with a whole range of policies , many of which they disliked.
    Now they cannot let it go. This is their last chance to remake Britain in their own, white, bigotted image and they are digging their heels in. No wonder the recent Poll suggested that most of them would rather lose Scotland, the north of Ireland, and economic stability if only they can get their precious Brexit all the same. It is THAT serious for them.
    Brexit was all about racial and national superiority and they have no interest in the damage they are causing to the economy. “F*ck business” as their hero, Boris Johnson, put it.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I know you were quoting someone else but still mind your language please.

    2. Zippi

      I’m not sure that I agree. It was the Conservative Party that took us into the E.E.C., against £abour’s wishes and it was something of a stitch-up, at the time. The whole Europe issue is far more complex and nuanced than most people realise.

  3. Zippi

    This is a small detail but an important one; Boris Johnson did not call Muslim women letterboxes; he said that it was “ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like” [them]. Trust me, I’m no fan of the man but if we are going to criticise people for putting words into Jeremy Corbyn’s mouth, we must not do the same to others. I note that you invoked Ian Blackford but to quote a misrepresentation without correction is to misrepresent.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I think you’re nitpicking here. He was saying that people do indeed choose to go around looking like letterboxes, and giving his own opinion on that.

      1. Zippi

        I did say that it was a small detail but nonetheless an important one. I know what he said, because I quoted him. I don’t like the man but don’t credit him with saying things that he didn’t; the same is happening to Jeremy Corbyn. We must be on the side of truth.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        I used his word; I quoted him accurately. I would agree that we must be on the side of fact; your suggestion that I have deviated from that is false.

  4. nmac064

    The fact that Tories are prepared to elect Johnson as their leader says everything about their lack of principles and scruples and their contempt for honesty, integrity and decency. Something which, until recently, they have managed to hide from public view.

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