8 thoughts on “MORE coronavirus propaganda: hundreds of fake NHS social media accounts set up – by Health Dept

  1. Julia

    Very well done John O’Connell for all your time and effort. What would we do without people like yourself and Mike. With a very few notable exceptions, we cannot rely on any MSM ‘journalists’ these days to dig for the truth under all the spin and propaganda.

    Releasing photographs of NHS staff in this manner must surely be an offence under Duty of Care, etc. Or possibly they were duped into agreeing to this…

    The mass deletion is indeed a huge giveaway. Whoever is responsible haven’t even the brains to have thought that out!

    I have to say the Government ‘advice’ at the end did raise a cynical laugh – “use the SHARE checklist….”. Sure, of course we will and believe every word we read there!

    Bloody despicable that in these times when people are actually sacrificing their lives and the government can’t even provide sufficient PPE for frontline staff, they are using resources for stuff like this.

  2. Julia

    PS This is mentioned in some of the comments on The Guardian’s live feed (nothing from the The Guardian itself as far as I can see of course) and one of the links has a larger photograph of ‘Susan’ – her name badge clearly says ‘Mia’ which of course I can now see above!!!

  3. Hecuba

    Not remotely surprised because the fascist tories know producing lies as ‘facts’ ensures the public believe them! DHSS now department of lies and propaganda! And the increasing demands to ‘open up country’ is emanating from the fascist tories because they’re getting their big boys knickers in a twist over the huge sums of money they are losing due to commercial businesses not being open!

    Never mind that state instigated murder of thousands and thousands of women and men continues to happen – ‘get the big businesses open again is the fascist tory cry!’

    Criminal are the actions of the puppets at the DHSS who are acting under the direct orders of dictator boris and his male fascist tory cronies! Democracy???? What democracy given we are now living in a fascist dictatorship!

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