Let’s hope #NorthShropshire electors think seriously about this before voting [VIDEO]

This is what you get if you vote Tory: Boris Johnson partied it up (he’s seen here asking Christmas Quiz questions for groups of Downing Street workers at a Christmas party last year) while millions of people cancelled their own celebrations and hundreds more died alone because of his social distancing demands. Do the people of North Shropshire want another party boy, or would they rather try to have an MP who actually represents them?

Does Westminster really need another rule-breaking Tory who’ll rave it up at parties rather than work for the interests of everybody in the UK?

That’s the question that should be on the minds of every voter in North Shropshire as they head for the polling stations today (Thursday, December 16, 2021).

The Conservative candidate may have said he does not approve of what is alleged to have happened – but then, Boris johnson said last night that he follows the rules, and if you believe that, then you were born yesterday and shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

Some political agitators are claiming that the Tories who are already in Parliament aren’t guilty of committing crimes because the Metropolitan Police, run by a woman who owes her job to the Tory government, are refusing to investigate the rule-busting Christmas parties last year.

Well, workers at the Met had a bit of a surprise recently, when a mobile billboard used by the media organisation Led By Donkeys broadcast the facts of the case at them in their Scotland Yard offices, to great public interest.

Take a look at the message yourself:

Damning – of both the Met and the Tories.

Do the people of North Shropshire want a member of Parliament who will represent them? Or do they want to send another sponger off to have a party while hundreds of people die?

We’ll find out in a few hours.


  1. Stephen Brophy December 16, 2021 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    it has become clear to me that the average vote is short on memory and a complete moron! I do not hold much hope as the weight of nodding donkey drags us all down! merry Christmas Mike.

  2. William-Glyn THOMAS December 16, 2021 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    I agree Mike. Unfortunately many UK voters are enshrined in the ways and habits of their parents or haven’t exercised (or if you prefer exorcised) their grey matter since leaving school. I hope the way this government, especially its leader, have abused their power in how they treat their constituents with such contempt. The voters in Shropshire have the power to send an important message to Westminster “You are heading for a crash, please stop, we, the passengers, want to get off”

  3. Hecuba December 16, 2021 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    Something rotten in ‘little england’ and that is systemic corruption and criminality being carried out by the fascist tories who are in political power. Aided and abeted by their puppets the Metropolitan police who are now owned and controlled by the fascist tories. Photo of little fascist dictator duck johnson claiming to be a ‘police officer’ is very telling – he is the arrogant fascist boy telling us peasants to do as we tell you not as we act and behave!

    The general public continue to slumber because engaging their intellects is oh so tiring and anyway ‘does it matter that a fake government – aka the fascist tory dictatorship has broken the law?’ No pretend everything is fine in this rotten little fascist state called little england!

    More than 180,000 women, men and children died as a direct result of the murderous fascist tory policies but hey ignore these facts because the fascist tories didn’t have parties did they????

    Democracy no longer exists and the fascist tories don’t work for us the citizens instead they are laughing at us stupid morons and so it continues the fascist tories supported by their puppets the labour boys will carry on destroying our rights because we peasants are expendable!

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