#Amnesty falsely labelled #antisemitic over report on #IsraeliApartheid

Israeli apartheid: this barrier separates Israelis from Palestinians, who are treated as a lower class of human being by the government of Israel.

There is no way that Amnesty International is an anti-Semitic organisation. It simply is not possible when one considers the composition and purpose of that organisation.

The world’s largest human rights organisation, it has just published a report labelling Israel as an apartheid nation and demanding change:

You can read the full report by following the link at the bottom of this article. It is sensible and balanced.

But when UK-based organisations that claim to represent British Jews caught sight of it, they made fools of themselves by denouncing Amnesty:

The joint statement says:

“The report is completely biased and applies standards to Israel that are not applied to any other country.”

A lie.

“The emotive term “apartheid” against Israel is a preposterous slur.”

Another lie. Israeli apartheid is well-documented – not least in the Amnesty video that appears above.

“Despite AI UK’s claim to recognise the Jewish claim to self-determination… it does not support that right.”

A lie. Amnesty does not suggest that Jews should not have that right.

“It chooses to focus on demonising the one Jewish state, holding it to clear double standards.”

A lie. Amnesty’s report attempts to hold Israel to the same standards as any other nation.

“The situation for the Palestinian people is indeed distressing; this will not be alleviated by destroying Israel.”

There is nothing in the Amnesty report that even remotely suggests dismantling Israel.

“This is a bad faith report hostile to the very concept of Israel.”

I think we can all see who is acting in bad faith!

Like all controversial acts, the Amnesty report has attracted detractors (who follow the BoD/JLC attack line) and supporters. Let’s focus on the supporters because they are right:


And if it is right to support Amnesty, then it is also right to criticise the BoD and the JLC:


The response by the Bod and the JLC has also led to another conclusion:

It’s a fair point, which leads to a further issue: Keir Starmer’s support for apartheid Israel.

We shouldn’t hold our collective breath waiting for a response. Starmer is a coward and will run away from a challenge like this.

While we do wait, we can all read the Amnesty report.


Here it is: Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians: a cruel system of domination and a crime against humanity – Amnesty International

3 thoughts on “#Amnesty falsely labelled #antisemitic over report on #IsraeliApartheid

  1. Stephen Brophy

    this report will be ignored and the usual suspects will be given air time be the media! fascism has many allies in the establishment.

  2. Martyn Meacham

    Zionism should have no place in the UK. It is a poisonous, insidious, racist and fascist dogma, that no decent person should bother with! Starmer is in full support of the zionists and their atrocities against the Palestinians. He and his fake Labour party are a disgrace.

  3. Dave Rowlands

    Anti-Semitism, used as a political weapon to silence genuine concerns about how Israel treats Palestinians. I’m absolutely appalled at how, with after the way the Jewish people were treated during WW11 that they can’t see what they are doing. Anti-Semitism is used as a tool to silence and too many people are willing to jump on that bandwagon.

    It was disproved about Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership but nothing was made of that truth, the right wing press totally ignored his innocence, it doesn’t suit the agenda, Anti-Semitism is a powerful political tool and used to great effect to silence anyone who disagrees with how the Israeli government goes about treating other human beings they don’t like. The truth won’t matter anyway, the right wing will make sure of that.

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