The despair is deliberate

The despair is deliberate | Another Angry Voice

The verdict on Keir Starmer and his approach to the general election is in – at least from this veteran political columnist – and it is this: the despair is deliberate.

According to Another Angry Voice:

Labour is once again pushing austerity economics, but this time with an unlikeable and profoundly dishonest wannabe tyrant in charge of the party.

A fanatic who has surrounded himself with the right-wing wreckers who worked tirelessly to sabotage Labour from within between 2015 and 2019, in order to keep the Tories in power, and spent the last four years systematically purging Labour left-wingers and people of colour.

Imagine the absolute furore if Jeremy Corbyn had tried to outflank the Tories to the right on immigration hate-mongering, but somehow Starmer gets a total free pass from the media and the commentariat alike.

It’s because the narrative has worked; 14 years of politicians demonising people of ethnic minorities has turned the UK into a profoundly racist society.

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Only yesterday I had to sit and listen to a woman in her 80s, telling me “the blacks think they run the country”. I was so dispirited by the moment that I didn’t have the heart to tell her Rishi Sunak (she was, until very recently, strongly Conservative) is a person of colour.

Starmer stands for racism.

AAV also focuses on public ownership of services:

The polls are absolutely clear that most people want the NHS, schools, energy, public transport, and water to be run as not-for-profit public services.

But if you listen to Keir Starmer, the majority who support public ownership are an unpopular radical-left minority, that he’s done fantastically well to marginalise and purge from the Labour ranks!

Starmer’s lying through his teeth when he pretends that public ownership is unpopular anywhere other than corporate boardrooms, the offices of right-wing propaganda rags, and the compromised Westminster establishment class.

Who exactly are Labour trying to appeal to when they rule out public ownership of water and energy, refuse to restore local authority control over our schools, and actively promote the idea of even more private profiteering off the NHS? Because it’s definitely not the general public.

Starmer stands for privatisation.

And on social security?

Both Labour and the Tories are pushing the idea that what Britain really needs is to make life even more miserable for disabled people and low-income families, as if the last 14 years of systematically abusing disabled people and vandalism of the social security system wasn’t enough already.

If you want government to fight the scourge of child poverty and treat disabled people with dignity and respect, both the main parties are insistent that you’re in the wrong, and that stamping even harder on people in need is the correct course of action.

Starmer stands for victimisation.

The intention is to demoralise us all.

Our choice – if we buy into the Establishment narrative that we can only vote for the major parties in order to achieve anything – is apparently

voting Labour or Lib-Dem to get the Tories out, but keeping all of the Tory policies like austerity, privatisation profiteering, under-investment, and welfare vandalism, or protest voting for parties that have absolutely no chance of forming the next government.

And that’s exactly the way the establishment order want it.

They want us feeling despair and powerless to change anything, because that way they can keep on looting the country for their own benefit, no matter which party forms the next government.

So, what are you going to do?

To This Writer, the choice seems obvious. Why would you want to continue giving Establishment vandals from the Tories, Labour or even the Liberal Democrats carte blanche to continue ruining all our lives and robbing us blind?

The only choice for voters of conscience is a minor party candidate or an Independent. Look up who is standing in your constituency and decide who to support – who isn’t in Labour, the Tories, the Lib Dems or the SNP.

Source: The despair is deliberate – Another Angry Voice

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