Unwell person incited to commit suicide – on David Cameron’s Facebook page

Just when you think you’ve seen the lowest the Conservatives can go, something happens that is completely beyond the pale.

Yesterday a message was posted to David Cameron’s Facebook page from a person who said they were going to commit suicide because they had been wrongly sanctioned.

The response – from one of Cameron’s supporters – was as follows: “Well get on with it then.”

This serious disability hate remark has been allowed to remain ever since – on the Prime Minister’s own Facebook page, which we are led to understand is overseen by professionals who, let’s not forget, paid for people to visit it and press the ‘Like’ button in order to make him look popular, and who may reasonably be expected to moderate such offensive behaviour off the page before it causes any real harm.

You can read more details on the Atos Miracles Facebook page.

Part of the post that encouraged Cameron’s supporter to incite this person to suicide went as follows:

“I am in receipt of ESA. I am trying my best to get better. I want to get better as I fully believe I have a lot of offer. However I am being continually lied about because when I ask for help I find a lot wrong with the system. Mainly due to the unfair cuts imposed by your government to public sector services and … as a consequence I have not got any better in fact I have got worse. A lot worse. To the point I no longer want to live anymore.

“I have now been sanctioned for not getting better. I don’t mind anymore today I telephoned them and told them this… Because of how many people your government have murdered through the Sanctions regime and taking away their rights to financial aid the DWP have stopped counting how many people have died. Yet George Osborne keeps telling everyone how well the country is prospering. This is a lie… the benefits office informed me I had telephoned the wrong number to discuss my sanction. Perhaps you have too many telephone numbers he did inform me it was my choice to take my life.”

If you had seen this on Facebook, would you have told the author to “get on with it then”?

Or would you have sent a message of support and tried to get them the help they need?

The rational choice would be the latter.

If you had been overseeing that Facebook page, would you have allowed such a dangerous comment to remain or would you have removed it and reported the sender?

The very least that could have been done by the Tory overseers of Cameron’s page would have been to check up on the Job Centre advisor mentioned in the post, whose response was just as bad. “He did inform me it was my choice to take my life” – that person should have got in touch with the relevant authorities and rallied help, but no. It seems some people will do anything for a “positive benefit outcome”.

I’m told the person who wrote the message has been found and is safe and well – no thanks to the Job Centre, to the inhabitants and moderators of David Cameron’s Facebook page, or to Cameron himself.

He should be utterly ashamed.

But he probably doesn’t even know this has happened.

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104 thoughts on “Unwell person incited to commit suicide – on David Cameron’s Facebook page

  1. Jack Cureton

    Yes this is oh so true. I left one of the many positive comments/offers of support. I like many others was horrified at the post.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’ve edited your comment to remove the person’s name, Jack, as I was asked not to mention it by the person who tipped me off about this.

      1. Glynis Knapp

        I have sent this to the Daily Mirror because I am disgusted by it. How dare the Prime Ministers own people say such a thing. We should all pass this on to all papers xx

  2. beastrabban

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This just about shows the monstrous indifference to real suffering and desperation shown by the Conservatives and Cameron. And it’s just one in a long line of incidents that show the callousness and personal treachery of the government. IDS, for example, attempted to have one foreign-born woman deported after she approached him about the problems she was having gaining benefits to which she was legally entitled. Yes, the internet is populated by trolls – the bored and malign, who get a malicious kick out of annoying and upsetting people. But it’s not hard to mod a website, and money should not be object for people as personally wealthy as Cameron. There’s no excuse for this – it’s just callous indifference, mixed with genuine malice to those whom the Tories consider beneath them. It’s another eloquent indictment not just of the Prime Minister, but of his entire government.

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  4. Rose-Marie Mcginn

    Shocking comment to someone so vulnerable. Goes to show the tory agenda for sick and disabled. They should of removed the comment. Where is there compassion for someone suffering so much. May God forgive them. Glad they are ok. No thanks to job centre staff. Well dome mike for highlighting this. Love Rose-Marie

  5. the dwp is currupt department for deciet and sanctions

    upon calling the department i now refer to them as the department for deceit and sanctions, i am also sanctioned for 3 months, past caring now, no food no money, no toothpaste no deodorant luckily i have a roof over my head, otherwise the sh** would hit the fan

    1. one of the few lucky ones

      Please please take care, there are people out there who still care about you <3 xxx

    2. amnesiaclinic

      Very sorry to hear about this and wish you very, very well and all the best. Are you able to write to your MP daily and keep him informed? Just a postcard stating the bald facts sometimes works wonders. Is there anyone who can help you appeal? Also write to your local councillors and try to get all the help and support you can.


      1. D. Glassock

        Hard to afford dearer stamps when the rich idiots in power have stopped you money.

      2. Gandalfsfrippet

        Just a moment. If you are sanctioned and dont have the funds for even the basic HEALTH neccities such as toothpaste/food/hot water. How do you think they can afford a ‘stamp’ to write to their MP daily? Surely you understand what being sanctioned means. It means no finanances. Apologies if my replay has come across as terse. But really? o_O

  6. mick mouse

    its not that he does not know about it its because he does not care as long as there is plenty of money going into his account along side the 400 million him and his family dont pay tax on that is what he cares about

  7. Jean Casale

    The Tories have now spelled out their intentions to condemn people to absolute destitution if they do not accept disgusting exploitative Zero Hours (or 1 hour per month) contracts.


    Using sanctions to force people to accept Zero Hours contract work makes an absolute mockery of their absurd attempts to dress themselves up as “the workers’ party”. The Tories are quite clearly on the side of exploitative bosses.


    Vincent Cable (Secretary of State, Business, Innovation and Skills; Twickenham, Liberal Democrat)

    An issue that has not been mentioned today, but which arose several times during our discussions, is the relationship with jobseeker’s allowance. Many people feel that if they decline a zero-hours contract there will be a sanction, and they will lose their benefits. I can make it absolutely clear that that is not the case, but during the consultation we will examine the processes that are being followed just to reassure people that there is no hidden sanction.

    • Link to this: Individually | In context
    • Hansard source (Citation: HC Deb, 16 October 2013, c761)

    1. Florence

      They are removing the welfare state for the unemployed. By forcing people onto zero hours contracts they are effectively making people sign on for work with agencies, and the agencies will be required to submit info to the DWP UC system for benefits payment. If the agency is late with info, or withholds it for personal / bullying reasons they will be effectively in control of benefit sanctions, but without any recourse to appeal

      There is no other explanation. The reign of terror moves up a gear, and the delivery of punishments to be totally privatised, not just handed over to the poverty pimps in charge of the WP or the “Help to Work” DWP profiteers.

      The fact that the Facebook page has not remove the comment – perhaps there should be a direct complaint to FB to have the DC site shut down for disability hate crime.

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  9. FrankieP

    My mother took her life 18 months ago, one of the reasons being pressure from the DWP. Many lives have been devastated through this. Shame on them

    1. Mick Collingwood

      So sorry to hear about your loss. People don’t realise the immense pressure that the DWP/JCP can put on you. As someone going through it myself I can sympathise.

    2. beastrabban

      Really sorry to hear about that, Frankie P. Best wishes for you for your loss.

  10. jaypot2012

    Sick, sick, sick b*****ds – this government needs to go and the quicker the better.
    I’m glad that the person who was going to commit suicide has been found and is safe, but my God, what did that person go through – I can’t even begin to imagine it 🙁

  11. Barry Davies

    Not in anyway trying to support camoron or the tories, but given that the majority of people who post on his twitter feed and fb site hate his guts, it is possible it wasn’t a tory supporter at all who posted ‘well get on with it”. It is dangerous to extrapolate that the party or indeed the majority of the supporters of that party agree with a single post in any event.

    1. Mike Sivier

      I don’t think anybody is suggesting that – the sin in this case is leaving that comment up for everybody to see, including the person who posted the original message. And what signal does that send out to other people in a similar position?

      As for the political sympathies of the person who posted the reply – I can’t comment on that but it seems likely that this person is known to others who frequent Cameron’s page, so they would be able to answer you on that.

    2. Kirsty Mum

      The majority on his FB are supporters. Many are not but why would it be someone who hated Cameron,they are the ones sympathising with the poor and disabled.

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  13. nancyrowina

    disturbing the person was told by someone from the DWP it was “their choice” when they said over the phone they were planning suicide. The staff who answer the phones are supposed to have training in what to say and do when talking to suicidal people. Have the PCS been told about this? The staff member needs to be found and given extra training obviously.

    1. Christine Joyce

      Better still give that DWP staff member their P45, that’ll teach em!.

      1. Christine Martin

        I hope the disgusting civil servant without a heart gets his or her karma back! To die slowly of a terminal decease without any benefits would be just about right. Cruelty like this should recieve its just rewards.

  14. delboy109

    I really don’t know what to say any more, talk about being feeling sick by this Disgusting so called Government who were not voted in by the people of our great country, how can any Government get away with this sort of cleansing is beyond me if this was a Government of another country they would be condemned by us so please someone tell me how they can get away with this appalling behaviour DISGRACEFUL DAVID CAMERON YOU ARE PURE EVIL.

  15. Julian Field

    It just goes to prove, that the tories have moved on from being lower than vermin, to being lower than viruses.

  16. delboy109

    Very true Julian why this sort of evil is not brought to the public media on TV news or the news papers the people all people should know what evil is running our country. Who ever votes for this evil next time is equally as bad & EVIL Should be rid of because that’s what this is. EVIL SHOULD BE DEFEATED & NOT ALLOWED TO GO ON.

  17. Florence

    One thinks instinctively of those who have just gone quietly. So saddening, so unjustified, and cruel. The disturbing, disgusting, and frankly sadistic comments by the FB post is matched by those of Neil Couling to the Scottish parliament on sanctions that “people welcome them as a wake up call”, and use food banks as an “economic choice”. I consider those to be acts of aggression in the class war being waged upon us, and as such are declarations of the initiations of open hostilities.

    are we collectively reaching the end of the tether? The tribalism displayed by Cameron & his sh*t-troopers is now out in the open for all to see, like the festering wound it has always been behind gilded doors since 1945.

    The trouble is there is so much on so many fronts, it is getting impossible to organise through the usual route – march against NHS site being closed, action on ILF, etc, all really brilliant individually, but that’s the point. Where do those who are equally appalled by the situation of starvation and destitution and homelessness, want to re-nationalise rail & power & water, etc rally to if they are not one of the affected?

    We need a modern Jarrow crusade, from all corners of the land, and converging on London. Can the shoestring army / Occupy / Unions not sort SOMETHING out?

      1. Nick

        yes thanks i saw that awful comment but that’s the sort of comment that is in-line with a conservative supporter and the way they think at heart

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  19. Darren

    Thank you for covering this, Mike. Luckily, our friend was found safe and well (albeit extremely depressed) and is now receiving adequate care and support rom professional agencies, but what about tomorrow’s desperate individual who maybe doesn’t have the phone credit or PC access to the web to put up a cry for help on FB? How many more have to die before the police excise the cause of the deaths, which cause is the senior personnel – the policymakers – at the DWP. If this culling of the poor goes on much longer I can see them having to be taken into custody for their own continuing safety!

  20. ghost whistler

    Is this Hancock character connected to the Tories? Or just some sad right wing troll, typical of the world we now live in.

    Nothing about this surprises me; i doubt Cameron has ever read that page.

    Facebook; it’s a sign of the times.

  21. Therion

    How about inciting that suicidal person to kill as many Tories as possible first?

  22. Me

    This is what they want isn’t it to make peoples lives so unbearable they will do themselves in and then they won’t need to give them any money or help. I hope this person can get his benefits back, if anyone needs them he does.

  23. Joseph Smith

    Are we in the least surprised by this government response? Cameron’s government actively supports and promotes mass murder by a cabinet minister Ian Duncan Smith. Cameron defrauded his way in to power in May 2010 has failed absolutely to honour any of his pre-election promises. The death of a few benefit recipients is to Cameron meaningless and matterless. To him at least. We the public neither have influence nor power to promote meaningfully protest. Unless and until we are prepared to be as cruel and tough as they are. If that means civil unrest so be it.after we’ve tried every other option.

      1. Michelle Gledhill

        I have been disabled for 20+ years, Claiming E.S.A. (incapacity benefit as it was called) D.L.A. all the time I have been disabled with 2 degenerative diseases.I received a letter from E.S.A.a few weeks ago asking why I had not attended a back to work assessment ….. I had received no letters nor phone calls stating that I had a meeting to attend…. There was a response form in with the letter so I responded stating I had not received anything saying I had a meeting to attend …. This Saturday I received another letter stating that my not knowing about the meeting was not a valid reason not to attend said meeting and they were stopping my money on the 23rd of this month I am a now single mum with 3 children still at home and am at my wits end and feel as though I have nowhere to turn I know exactly how this person felt :/

      2. amnesiaclinic

        This cannot be right!! I hope you have someone who can ring and try to sort it out or your MP and get it sorted before you take them to tribunal as a last resort because that could take months.
        Do you have relatives or friends who could rally round or a charity or church that could help? You cannot feed 3 children on fresh air.
        Please keep us informed and let us know how we can help.
        Take care and good luck.

      3. Tasha Tyler-Harris

        Mike, speaking from personal experience, fleeing domestic violence isn’t a valid reason for not having the appropriate paperwork, nor is them getting my address wrong…so I’m sadly not at all surprised to hear that not knowing isn’t a valid reason for missing a theoretical appointment either.

  24. Bigger Me

    And this is what the scumbag Cameron is gonna do if he is realected next year,well in fact it will get worse,he is a murderer of innocent women and men and no doudt eventually children,he is Hitler and Ghengis Khan all in one and when you really think about it he must be related to The Plantagenets – The British Monarchy they ruled for over a hundred years and were evil SOBs.,so he is on track to even be worse than them.

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  26. gonna-kick-his-face-in

    im gonna punch the prat that said that on facebook he should be shot

    1. Mike Sivier

      Don’t sink to that level. It seems likely this person will get what’s coming to him, and if it’s done legally it will be in a more lasting way.

  27. Anonymous

    I have seen many similar comments I always make a point of copying the comments and including a pic of the person who made them to re-post. Name & shame.

  28. Steve Jones

    I have had a Mechanical Valve in my Heart for 3 years after having Major Heart surgery. Although the Valve saved my life, I am on lots of medication including Warfarin for the rest of my life.
    I am left with breathlessness, fatigue and severe depression, and unable to get any help for this.
    I am in receipt of ESA benefits of £85 per week, I get no help with rent because although I am 57 I now live at my elderly parents address.
    The DWP/JC placed me in the Work related activity group instead of the Support group and every six months I have to be assessed by the DWP WRAG team, where I have been told that I am lazy and should be actively seeking work.
    The system is not geared to help you in any way what so ever, it can be really frustrating for even a more healthy person.
    I really know where this Man is coming from for wanting to take is own life, I feel for him and anyone else who is in a similar situation.

    1. amnesiaclinic

      Thank you Steve for sharing your story. We need to hear everyone’s experience to help and support each other. It is wrong you are going through all this but it is much easier if you are able to have someone like a relative to support you and be your advocate in contacting them. Is your doctor supportive? That would be a great help as others find this is enough to get them into the support group. I had to do this with my son who had severe ME and wasn’t able to leave the house and some days not even able to lift his head off the pillow. Fortunately the staff were very helpful and supported us in getting a reconsideration which I know is more difficult now.
      There is so much we can do to help ourselves and not give in to feeling helpless and hopeless and powerless which is exactly what they want us to think! Supporting myself and keeping really positive helped my son and us both to help fight our case. I have always found Louise Hay worked for me and the World Summit coming up soon excellent for support and knowledge. Also Dr Lissa Rankin for excellent free on-line resources such as an amazing healing meditation on her Mind Over Medicine site. None of these cost any money but you realise you are able to improve your health significantly with some very simple techniques.
      I wish you luck and send you all good wishes. We are all rooting for you!

      With love

  29. lucy

    This government as unpopular ad they are just can’t see it!!Do they hate people so much?imagine being a primeminiser and hating your own people through yourown ignorance!!that’s the UK government!!it s s coalition not a one party government!and it do them good to not forget that!because the people certainly are not!!!

  30. Ron

    Reblogged this on Ron's Rants… and commented:
    I have no doubt that Cameron is fully aware. Just as I have no doubt that he doesn’t care – he’d be more than happy if, like Ivan, we were all dead.

  31. delboy109

    Any person who see’s sense will never vote them in ever again unless their is more innocent poor people to die. They must always be remembered for all the innocent deaths of the people & we owe it to them to remember for all time DEATH TO THE TORY SCUM PARTY. LETS ALL MAKE THIS KNOWN ON THE NEXT ELLECTION BY VOTEING THE RIGHT PARTY WHO WILL CARE FOR IT’S PEOPLE WHO EVER THEY MAY BE, THE PEOPLE ARE THE PRIORITY OF OUR OWN COUNTRY & WE MUST MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN. PLEASE THINK WHEN YOU VOTE THANK YOU.

    1. barry ward noble.

      if labour are so good they say we will turn this country great again why did they not do so when they where . in power ? LABOUR ran our great country down. i remberer the miners strikes

      1. Mike Sivier

        This country enjoyed one of its most prosperous periods under the last Labour government. How you can say Labour ran the country down is beyond me.

        The miners’ strikes were prompted because Thatcher said she was going to close around 25 pits, but was actually planning to close 75 (revealed under the 30-year rule last year). Arthur Scargill was vilified at the time for making this claim but has now been proved right. It was part of the Conservative Party’s plan to – as you describe it – run our great country down, in order to make the workforce much more insecure than it was during the 1960s and 1970s, allowing the Tories to reassert class- and wealth-based control, which is what they have done.

        History. It’s useful when you need the facts.

      2. delboy109

        Don’t talk to me Barry I have never heard so much rubbish from ones mouth take a look at what thatcher did & I think that will answer your question for you good bye.

  32. delboy109

    Very true Mike I was going to say about thatcher she was the one who destroyed the pits & it’s work force I think some should get their facts right before they comment lol. So well said Mike nice one.

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  34. Jason Pullen

    It has been proven that due to the actions of David ‘The Dog’ Cameron, people have died, perhaps via suicide incitement or starvation, so why can the public not see that according to the self defense clause of law, any citizen aware of any other citizen being under threat of death can be defended and if unfortunately necessary, and the relevant attacker is avoiding other means of defense(letters and protests etc) they can be legally killed… Hence, the British Prime minister is apparently trying to commit suicide!…
    This cannot be right as a large sum of the effectively stolen funds was given by David Cameron to another country…suggesting that this may be where David the dog intends to run to on termination of his employment, ..so he can drink in the bars and boast of the country he ruined…
    If, as the killer he is, he is killed, no legal punishment will be given…and the majority(apparently 78% of the UK hate him!) of citizens in the UK will praise the actions of relevant defender… David the dog said the poor and needy had no fear should he be elected…and what he really meant was ‘no fear, should I be elected, ,..that I will ensure the poor and needy die…
    If he is killed soon, the 10Bn he intends to further rob from welfare and society will be saved along with all other proposed victims.
    Are you one of them?

      1. Jason Pullen

        theory? I am mentally disabled(severe head injury) caused by the government and am certified unfit for work for life. I was promised years ago my pension would never be reduced for any reason as the full fault for the claim is theirs..
        This was a lie. If you think it a theory…give me a gun while near David, and in the defense of the suicidal tendencies I suffer due to these injuries which are being incited by this murderer I would shoot him…

      2. Mike Sivier

        I’m not happy about people threatening to kill anyone, even David Cameron, although I can sympathise with your reasons for feeling that way.

      3. Jason Pullen

        Threat? Where?
        This was a statement, I have no need to kill him as in the self defense clause…that others can see, it states that ANY citizen can protect any citizen from death vi any attacker… This means there may be a few billion people waiting to defend the poor…

      4. Jason Pullen

        yes, ..’I would…’ – relates to opportunity, ..was not ‘I will…’
        Mr Sivier…I think you may be from outside England as English does not seem to be your main language..

      5. Mike Sivier

        No, no, I am extremely proficient in English. I also understand the language of the law. In particular, a claim that you would take an opportunity to kill another man, if presented to you, is a crime, whether you accept it or not.
        I thought everybody who visits this blog knew I’m from Bristol.

      6. Jason Pullen

        Although I am severely head-injured I am proficient in English and have always regarded and threat as ‘I will..’ never as ‘I would if…’
        Anyway, to get back to my attempt to vent my frustration at government lies and theft of what was calculated before cost and price rises, ..injured by the government and promises from the government cause me to want this…and as he has actioned something that has caused deaths – suicides and starvation…along with the incitement caused by this for my suicidal-tendencies caused by them…if I could I would… Relevance here falls into the fact tha I cannot…so again, this is not a threat it is a statement..
        However, the rest of the 78% of people in England that hate him are fully permitted to do to him whatever they want. He is a liar, proven, a murderer, proven, ..and I have asked the police to arrest him for this.
        Again, as he has crossed the supposed barrier for the self defense law and is continuing these actions, citizen within the world can defend the poor and needy who could be possible victims of his electorally enhancing vote lies..and as he has ignored all other attempts of defense – calls/letters/protest marches.. the only available option seems to be what I stated. No threat, but good luck to them. Why do so many hate him. He is corrupt money grabbing thief, that steals money from the UK to give to other countries..
        I hate him.

      7. Mike Sivier

        He is not a proven murderer (I’m sorry to say). If he was, it would have been done in a court of law and he would be in prison. Your argument that he could be killed in self-defence would fall because government policy would remain the same under a different Prime Minister, I’m sorry to say.
        It seems the only way to get justice for his crimes is very long-winded. We have to wait until he is voted out of office (there seems to be some kind of immunity preventing cabinet ministers from being prosecuted, although this could be police corruption), compile the evidence against him, and then prosecute him after he has gone into opposition.

  35. delboy109

    Theirs not any party yet mentioned anything about helping the poor sick or needy Disabled with any extra help, although they say the country is coming out of recession still no mention of the needy getting any help know one cares any more about people who need help that’s why people feel let down & that causes depression in itself there is a lot of people who still have a lot of self respect & don’t want to beg & rightfully so when they have worked hard for there money only to be told theirs nothing for you you either work or get nothing what a insult & let down to those people I only hope Cameron & IDS get what they deserve in standing on trial for the crimes & stripped of any money they have saved since being in office people who have died because of it need justice & rightfully so. I’M DISGUSTED WITH THE WHOLE THING PLEASE DO SOMTHING FOR THEM.

    1. Nick

      Mike does his best and it’s up to him and his fellow journalists and press at the end of the day and how the bbc present the news
      In reality the public can only sit and watch or write to their mp which falls on deaf ears so no joy there

      Sure, some mp’s do a lot of talking using words like outrageous but it means nothing because that to falls on deaf ears
      Sure you could write to the lords but there already deaf

      you could even write to the queen but she’s be deaf for years and i know the royal family very well there’ll all deaf apart from certain topics like horses / art but in general know nothing about nothing so you’ll get no joy there either unless your a Arab wishing to purchase a blood line horse then you’ll be offered a visit

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