POLL: Lord Freud has apologised – should he keep his job?


Lord Freud has apologised for suggesting that disabled people were not ‘worth’ the minimum wage.

According to The Spectator, he has said:

“I would like to offer a full and unreserved apology. I was foolish to accept the premise of the question. To be clear, all disabled people should be paid at least the minimum wage, without exception, and I accept that it is offensive to suggest anything else.

“I care passionately about disabled people. I am proud to have played a full part in a government that is fully committed to helping disabled people overcome the many barriers they face in finding employment. That is why through Universal Credit – which I referred to in my response – we have increased overall spending on disabled households by £250m, offered the most generous work allowance ever, and increased the disability addition to £360 per month.

“I am profoundly sorry for any offence I have caused to any disabled people.”

Those of you who are disabled will no doubt be extremely interested – if not entertained – by the second paragraph of the above, in which Lord Freud fantasizes about his role in the Conservative-led Coalition’s policies of impoverishing them and forcing them towards death in the gutter or suicide before they get that far.

It is easy to see how ‘Lord Fraud’ got his nickname.

Let’s have a poll:

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30 thoughts on “POLL: Lord Freud has apologised – should he keep his job?

  1. Doc Weary

    An apology merely means that he feels sorry about the predicament that he has put himself in, he is obviously in the opinion that the disabled deserve to be paid less than the able bodied or why would he have said it in the first instance, apology my back side! they obviously DO think that we are all idiots.

  2. Nick

    he’s been responsible and overseen the deaths of many sick and disabled people and that’s the bottom line

    he may indeed helped a few get into work but should have put in proper safeguards to protect those sick and disabled who through no fault of their own couldn’t agree to his term’s and condition’s into finding work and died as a result

  3. paulrutherford8

    I always mean what I say and say what I mean… as, I expect, does m’Lud.

    I was almost physically sick when I first heard about what he said. Don’t believe his ‘apology’ for one second.

  4. s

    he said what he said because it is what he truly thinks, he is sorry he was stupid enough to say what he did because his gravy train ride might but cut short but that is all. You only have to look at how much avoidable pain and suffering he has caused the most vulnerable of society in his role, he could have helped but he chose to harm instead

  5. Dave Rowlands

    It’s the thoughts behind the comment that speaks volumes, it’s the conservative way of thinking, so an apology, well, a lot like a chocolate fire guard,

  6. wizardofdrivel

    See also his comments on food banks. They are so popular because people like free food, apparently. He obviously doesn’t even know that you have to be referred.

    By that token, I suppose people become homeless for the free hot soup and the bracing night air sleeping under the railway arches.

    If there’s ANYONE who isn’t worth his coin in this country today, it’s Lord bloody Fraud

    1. Jonathan Wilson

      And the other comment about poor people should take more risks as they have the least to lose; whereas he has a nice 8 bedroom mansion to lose should he take any risks… and doesn’t have to pay the bedroom tax on it. The guy deservedly has earned his nickname of “lord fraud…” especially after all the cockups his company did with various flotations (see Johnyvoid etc passim for details.)

  7. aturtle05

    “I care passionately about disabled people. I am proud to have played a full part in a government that is fully committed to helping disabled people overcome the many barriers they face in finding employment.” The biggest barriers in finding employment for disabled people is that there are (a) so many able-bodied looking for work and (b) very few jobs!

    Could someone remind me how many disabled people have died while waiting for benefits decisions? I’m glad I’m waiting for top up payment assessment (PIP) on week 41 of a 26 week wait. If I had no money for that period, you could add 2 to the list!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No – we can’t tell you how many disabled people have died while waiting for decision! This government does not record that information!
      The only information it records is deaths while people are in receipt – and it won’t allow that information to be published!

  8. Gen William Taggart

    Lord Freud seems to think an apology will set this right. The fact is that this is not an isolated Freudian slip (Excuse the pun) Lord Freud genuinely holds very extreme views (much like his Great Grandfather, Sigmund Freud), many of which have been well publicised.

    His comments where not off the cuff views, they were well rehearsed opinions. Opinions given as part of his position of office. Therefore under the rules governing his position of public office. A Simple apology is not sufficient when such extremist views are presented in that capacity.

    After all he was not appearing as Lord (Baron) Freud, guest speaker, He was appearing as Lord (Baron) Freud, The Minister for the Welfare Reform.

    The only real way to prevent serious harm to the position of office that he holds is to stand down from that position.

  9. Tisme's Cares

    Tens of thousands of disabled and CHRONICALLY sick people dead, suffering and destitute and he says sorry? Nope – hanging is too good for him – the least he should do is fall on his sword. But then, why would this sorry excuse for a man have any honour?

  10. Alistair Ralph Lazenby


  11. Lovejoy

    This is not news to me at all – if Freud’s attitude towards disabled people was transfered to any other demograph it would be regarded as agiest, sexist, racist, homophobic etc. All he has done has finally confirmed his views via words instead of actions.

  12. casalealex

    Too many in government make statements, which are put out there to ‘test the water’, and when a public uproar is the response, they ‘apologise’ and then go for the next insensitive and vexatious statement!

    Apology? Shamology!

    1. Lovejoy

      Very good point – Mcvey, IDS and Freud are Cameron’s fall guys/ mouth pieces. Their job is to float outrageous policies – if the Daily Mail laps it up, then it becomes government policy – if they don’t then it’s a ‘mistake’.

  13. Mr.Angry

    Should not be in his position in the first place a failed banker and waste of DNA, resembles pond life, no function whatsoever another tory disgrace.

  14. Nick

    mike if i told you what mp’s and lords i have overheard say in private over the years you would be like me very shocked

    all i will say is if i were fit i would leave this country tomorrow and through my passport in the fire

    enough said

  15. david edwards

    Lord Freud was obviously saying what he felt , he should think before he speaks , HE IS A FRAUD , that IS his opnion and as for apologising , he’s only trying to save his job , which he shouldn’t even be doing with an attitude like that , the sooner these tories are booted out the better THEY’RE VERY VERY NASTY PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Having read the information in the article, it seems to confirm Freud’s guilt rather than let him off the hook in any way!

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