Taxpayers’ Alliance: ‘Cut pensioner benefits now – they’ll be dead in 2020 anyway’


Following on from the Torygraph‘s revelation that Conservatives believe us all to be selfish, backstabbing and stupid, here’s the Tory-supporting Taxpayers’ Alliance, displaying all three of those qualities at once.

The TPA, if you recall, exists to cut the tax bill (primarily – and selfishly – for the very rich, hence the close connection with the Conservative Party) – and has called for the Conservative Government to cut pensioner benefits right now (backstabbing) on the grounds that either they’ll be dead or won’t remember what happened by the time of the 2020 election (stupid – pensioners have long memories when they’ve been wronged).

Not only is this suggestion selfish, backstabbing and stupid – it is also homicidal. Robbing pensioners of their winter fuel allowance or Christmas bonus could force them into choosing between (and I know it’s a cliché by now) heating and eating.

Unfortunately for pensioners, the idea may turn out to be attractive to the Conservatives, who may see it as a way of conducting a ‘stealth’ cull of the very old, in the same way they have been thinning the number of incapacity benefits claimants by nudging them in the direction of suicide. Any death – despite being caused by the benefit cut – would be blamed on the choices of the individual, rather than the government.

Here’s the introduction to the Torygraph article (it is also in several other papers). Please read it, go on to the original article if you can stomach it, and share with as many people as you can, to ensure that the wider public is made aware of what is being suggested here.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has been criticised after suggesting the government could cut pensioner benefits now because they might “not be around” at the 2020 general election.

The group, which seeks to cut the bill taxpayers are faced with, also hinted that some pensioners might forget about the cuts when they go to the ballot box in more than four years time.

The comments were made by Alex Wild, the group’s research director, during a fringe meeting at Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

Source: Taxpayers’ Alliance: ‘Cut pensioner benefits now, they will be dead in 2020 anyway’ – Telegraph

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17 thoughts on “Taxpayers’ Alliance: ‘Cut pensioner benefits now – they’ll be dead in 2020 anyway’

  1. fishkettlebanana

    if the tories keep this up they might be dead by 2020……..Marie Antoinette and Tsar Nicholas!

  2. wildswimmerpete

    What evil scum! Those of the Taxdodgers’ Alliance should be aware that karma awaits. I’m on State pension and I can assure everyone I won’t be voting Tory next time. I’ve just been fitted with nearly 20 grands’ worth of electronics so the NHS are obviously expecting me to do the course.

  3. Joan Edington

    By sheer coincidence, I am reading this just after I read an article which points out a government loophole that allows them to keep around £185m that should be payable to low-paid and part-time workers who are paying into a workplace pension scheme.

    Seemingly there are two types of scheme. The first, called relief at source, is fine. The government pays tax relief directly into the employees pension pot, whatever their earnings. However, a second type is known as a net-pay scheme. This allows those earning over £10,600 to have the same relief applied. If you earn less than that and therefore do not pay tax, there is no way to obtain that relief. This means the lowest paid are losing out on the government’s 20% to their pots. As the government raises the tax threshold, more and more workers are going to fall into the trap since it is doubtful many of them even know this is happening.

    A bit off topic, I know, but it will make the benefits even more valuable than they are today unless this loophole is closed, something that would go against the grain for Osborne.

  4. wildswimmerpete

    Utter scum. Those responsible for this so-called “policy” should bear in mind that karma awaits. I’m on the State pension and been just fitted with a very expensive bit of electronic kit so the NHS are obviously confident that I’ll do the full course. I won’t forget, and nor will I be voting Tory. Don’t forget the noxious Priti Patel has already mooted that those in receipt of the State pension be subjected to workfare.

  5. steffi thompson

    also, have they not noticed that a lot of pensioners are, despite the odds, Tory voters?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yeah – the TPA is saying they’ll still be Tory voters, even after being picked on, because they won’t remember who did the damage. Nice, eh?

    1. Max Cat

      I am a pensioner – I have an excellent memory and fully intend to be around in 2020 when I hope to see Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister – unless he has been annihilated by then

  6. wildswimmerpete

    The Tories conveniently forget that the State pension isn’t a benefit or handout, it’s our money. A pension results from an insurance policy maturing, in this case paid for by compulsory National Insurance premiums. Pension Guarantee Credit is a form of welfare benefit.

    1. jamesakirkcaldy

      Movements to remove NI as compulsory payment, starting with a certain ‘class’, are already under way. After the Tories won the election every major employer participating sent a letter to each employee encouraging them to opt out of class 2 NI contributions in favour of ’employer’ provided insurance which included health check ups etc.. Tried to get some major press to cover it as quite a big move but no one was interested.

  7. Christin Bergin

    Must admit I have been waiting for the announcement that Pensions will only rise 1% per annum just to be the same as government andlocal council employes. We are all in it together after all.

  8. Maria

    They won’t be here to vote if you cut their winter fuel allowance, they’ll have all of froze to death in the winter. I have never heard anything so disgusting, they get worse and worse. Someone ought to do something about them.

  9. JohnDee

    This psychopath also said “… that by means testing pensioner benefits we can end the perverse situation whereby wealthy pensioners receive winter fuel payments…”.

    Maybe he should inform Gidiot, caMoron, and RTU of the even more costly “perverse situation” – that, by the time Universal Credit becomes universal, those millions that go unclaimed will, by default, be awarded to those who never claimed it.

    Benefit not claimed, probably because they were too affluent to be fagged to claim in the first place. D’oh!

    ‘Any other “back of fag packet” ideas (s)tory boys?

    (This “perverse situation”, I believe, was pointed out by Mike in a previous article).

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