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Remember This Site’s commentary earlier today (September 22) on Boris Johnson’s alleged corruption in giving huge amounts of public money to a friend who he also allowed to go on trade junkets?

It seems the mainstream media are – shamefully – trying to hush it up.

And it would be easy to achieve that. This Site doesn’t have a very high readership (and depends hugely on shares via social media platforms like Facebook – that could be cut down hugely if people in power there decide to restrict the circulation of Vox Political posts), and many other left media organisations are in the same position.

Fortunately, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stepped in to demand fairness:

It’s a reasonable point, made in reasonable terms: If people like the BBC’s Andrew Marr feel justified in asking searching questions of Mr Corbyn, when are they going to start giving Boris Johnson the same treatment? And why aren’t they doing so already?

The video heralds what many are suggesting will be a much stronger reaction against perceived media bias by Labour. It seems the plan is not to allow any imbalance in reporting to go unremarked any more.

About time, wouldn’t you say?