Just when you thought the DWP/Atos death trail couldn’t get worse…

This cartoon was clearly devised before the latest figures came out. They are diabolical and make the punchline here look quaint in its optimism.

According to an FOI (Freedom of Information) response publicised by the journalist Sonia Poulton on October 7, the current weekly average Atos/DWP death toll of people found fit for work after an ESA work capability assessment now stands at 73 people per week.

I don’t know if this is an increase on the 32 per week average that was originally put out for the period January to August 2011, or if it includes that period and runs up to the present. If the latter, then that makes a total of 6,643 deaths in this tiny part of the welfare sector alone, since the beginning of last year.

The horror stories are still coming in. Among the worst I’ve seen is this, from Michael Meacher MP: “Mr. D had diabetes, heart condition, and lymphoedema. The DWP made three appointments for him because he had major walking difficulties. The DWP then agreed that he could complete the ESA form in his car, though he had asked the DWP officer to come out to complete the form, which was refused.

“Mr. D died while completing the form.”

If you’re reading this and thinking how glad you are that they’re not taking your livelihood away, just remember this: They will come for you eventually. The time to take action against this brutality is now.

19 thoughts on “Just when you thought the DWP/Atos death trail couldn’t get worse…

  1. lorraine antwis

    It`s callous and can only be interpreted as a “cull” from on high. This must end now!

  2. Sarah

    My problem is that I have two conditions, and neither have been formerly diagnosed – and I can see how THAT’S going to go down!

    The first is Asperger’s, and the reason for that is because I can’t afford a diagnosis (I’m too old to have been diagnosed as a kid) and the second is Crohn’s disease (which I’m convinced I’ve had for at least 5 years) and I’m having a great deal of difficulty being taken seriously (apparently, because of the autism, I’m attention-seeking! I have to be at death’s door before I’ll see a doc – and then to be told I’m putting it all on – well shows what they know about autism, doesn’t it…?! I was even ARRESTED in Manchester cos I was screaming in the waiting room at A&E! Well you would be too if you felt like you’d been kicked in the belly by a horse – and then someone was stabbing you with white-hot skewers – and then twisting them! I’d been throwing up and had the runs for the previous 72hrs – and what did the sadistic doc give me…?! Movicol! Spent 72hrs in the cop shop being verbally abused by the plod (who thought it was hilarious to slam the hatch in the cell door shut as loudly as they could – and then award each other points based on how loudly they could make me scream!).

    I was there under the MHA – even tho I’m NOT mentally ill. When they picked me up, after stamping on my head, kicking me, and attempting to dislocate my shoulders, one radioed the station “Hey, Paul! We’ve got a right f*cking nutjob here – you’re gonna have some REAL FUN with this one!”

    And when they chucked me out, the same sadistic b*st*rd walked out with me and, when we were out of CCTV range, he pushed me up against the wall by the throat (I honestly thought he was going to attempt to tape me!) and growled menacingly at me “You better not attempt to make a complaint. We’ve got it all on tape – ya REALLY think anyone’s gonna believe a f*cking nutjob like you…?!”

    Consequently, I won’t go anywhere near A&E depts voluntarily (or cop shops for that matter!).

    I think this is all going to count against me – I’ve already had the ‘precursor to being ATOS’d’ forms. This is all going to make me out to be a total and utter liar, I just feel it – and I’m TERRIFIED!!! Hardly slept since the forms arrived, and it’s caused my Crohn’s to flare-up Big Time!

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’ve edited this slightly for language (although anyone can see what you were saying). Did you mean “I honestly thought he was going to attempt to RAPE me”?
      This is appalling.

  3. Steve

    As I’ve mentioned before Mike, for every death there are probably 10? or 20? people having their health wrecked. Wars usually publish both deaths and injuries, eg. at a ratio of 10:1. For 6k people killed by Cameron, there may well be another 50-100k seriously and permanently screwed.

  4. Chris Newson

    My grandfather (bless his soul) always told me: “The Conservatives will always keep the rich rich and the poor poorer.” Ain’t that the truth. They don’t have to worry about heating or food. Rent…electric , gas bills. but look what happened. All the liberals voted against Labour.. They would never vote Conservative. Let’s hope next election they vote with us and get rid for ever of the Tories. Also, people who didn’t vote – bloody well do so next election! Vote Labour. At least they are closer to the real people than the others.

  5. Silver

    It would be easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Presumably a lot of MPs are Hell-bound.

  6. Cindy

    March against austerity on 20th October – join Unite the Union and many others. In most major cities near you! These idiots must be stopped! NOW.

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  8. Simon

    This is akin to the Nazi Euthanasia programme to rid Nazi Germany of the Disabled. Lets have a Nuremburg style court hearing with IDS, Esther Mcvey, Camoron & Gideon tried for Crimes against Humanity

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