Misleading headlines: “UK will quit EU unless PM’s reforms go through, says Philip Hammond | Politics | The Guardian”

Here’s a misleading headline if ever there was one! The Guardian seems to want readers to think the government will opt to leave the EU unless its plan for change is agreed by the other member states.

In fact, Eurosceptic Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s view referred to the electorate’s position:

Foreign secretary believes Britons will opt to leave union unless EU leaders agree to changes and that in/out referendum campaign could launch in spring 2016

According to the latest opinion polls, it’s an inaccurate claim. More than half of those who have been asked still believe it is better to stay in the European Union.

The prime minister is planning to demand change in four broad areas. He wants to:

  • Bar unemployed EU migrants from claiming benefits and force EU migrants in work to wait four years before claiming in-work benefits. This will be resisted in Warsaw

  • Hand the UK an optout from the “ever closer union” declaration

  • Ensure that EU member states outside the eurozone, such as the UK, could not have changes to the rules of the single market imposed on them by eurozone countries

  • Give national parliaments the right to club together to block new legislative proposals.

Source: UK will quit EU unless PM’s reforms go through, says Philip Hammond | Politics | The Guardian

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10 thoughts on “Misleading headlines: “UK will quit EU unless PM’s reforms go through, says Philip Hammond | Politics | The Guardian”

  1. Prettyclean.

    I Wonder if anybody reading this Can help not sure, Where else to turn to. My Neighbor was recently at a medical with maximus/Atossers, he as inverse Psoriasis, around the groin area very swollen red, very sore also, other conditions, that i will not mention, He said the assessor, never even wanted to look at it, despite. Him wanting her to see it!! can he asked for a report of what she typed down?? as she may have not even put it on the form to be sent to those, Anonymous Decision makers, who are wrecking Peoples, lives! i have on his behalf also requested her GMC number, that they was ever so Reluctant, to supply! i have it, any help would be most grateful , Thank you in Advance.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes, your neighbour can demand a copy of everything that has been said. It’s called a SAR – Subject Access Request.

      Perhaps other readers with more expertise would offer their services?

  2. Prettyclean.

    I have GMC number being sent, to Actually see if she was indeed a qualified dermatologist, and competent, in assessing Mental health.

    1. Prettyclean.

      He asked the assessor for her GMC number the moment, he entered the room, she said not just yet, but will write it down, at, the end! Surprise surprise, she never did.

    2. Norma Roberts

      There are only a few conditions which have to be assessed by a doctor, according to the DWP, the majority of physical and mental health conditions can, and are, assessed by nurses and physiotherapists. As regards the report made by the assessor, just contact the DWP and tell them you want to see the ESA 85 report. They have to send you a copy, if you request one. The only problem is, that if certain things are not mentioned in the report, the assessor could state that your friend never mentioned these things, in which case you would probably have to appeal. My first assessment was like that, but the decision was overturned by the DWP, without the need for an appeal, when I wrote to the DWP and Atos and complained. I requested that my second assessment was recorded, and, although not completely accurate, it was accurate enough to entitle me to ESA.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Here’s what you need to do (I’ve found the information that was sent to me). Contact the DWP office dealing with your case and write:

        Subject Access Request
         FAO: Freedom of Information Team – SAR
         Dear Sir/Madam,
        Reference: [YOUR NI NUMBER]
        I wish to request the following information as a Subject Access Request:

        Please forward ALL original copies of information pertaining to my WCA, as well as ALL documentation you have regarding this assessment from my last ESA50 up to the present day. This should include, but not be restricted to, the following:

        The ESA50
        The ESA85 Decision Maker’s Scoresheet
        The ESA65
        ESA85 (s)
        The ESA113
        All the medical information the HCP used to make their opinion
        All the medical information the DWP Decision Maker used to make their decision
with the name date and SIGNATURE of the DM. As you have all my details I politely request this document signed and dated.
         Please make sure that you include the HCP’s full name, title and qualification, as well as the HCP’s GMC or NMC registration number. In addition, I also want the full name of the DWP DM involved in the decision to incorrectly place me in the WRAG.
         I look forward to your speedy response.

        Sign and send.

  3. Florence

    Meanwhile, back on topic (and no disrespect to psoroasis cases, I’m one myself), this smacks of bread & circuses, to provide the press with reasons to focus on events not happening inside the UK. It was found during the election that very few were concerned about the EU/UK position.

    Gammon-head Cameron realises he has left the UK out of the loop internationally, and now is obviously going to try & strut around being as useless as he is domestically. And he doesn’t even have Haige as his fag / batman.

  4. Nick

    If i were the EU i would not give the UK and special treatment at all and come the referendum the public will vote to stay in the EU

    The EU know this there no way the UK could go things alone likes the Swiss or the Danes

    A whole load of policy are tied up in the EU some good some bad and it is not right that someone like Cameron should cherry pick to the detriment of the other countries that make up the EU

  5. Mr.Angry

    Never trust a man that has a center part, puffy eyes and worm like lips and resembles a wide mouth bull frog.

    I totally agree with Florence, Ham head will strut his stuff playing his PR game as usual his aim to be our sole dictator.

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