For the doubters: Iain Duncan Smith forced blind man to beg


This video shows Members of the Scottish Parliament hearing how a blind former health worker was reduced to begging as a result of the UK government’s welfare changes (I still refuse to call them reforms).

It is the gentleman’s personal account, in a letter being read to MSPs.

I’m publishing it here because I have received a couple of comments from another gentleman, putting forward the belief that the vast majority of those on disability benefits are scroungers. It’s a view that, polls suggest, is still held by a majority of the British public.

That view needs to be countered.

The video is nearly 10 minutes long. I urge those of you who might not want to spend that amount of time watching it to have patience; the information is good and it is worth hearing.

It’s only through finding out about what’s going on that people will ever be motivated to do something about it.

Otherwise, the vast majority of disabled people in the UK can look forward to a future as beggars.

6 thoughts on “For the doubters: Iain Duncan Smith forced blind man to beg

  1. Peter A Nicholson

    This coalition is proving to be Evil. The opposition Labour, is not fighting the disabled or poor persons corner. Ed Miliband often agrees that cuts must be made.Yet millionaires take £40k tax cuts. excessive amounts of money given to countries in aid that do not need it, to bolster David Camerons image as a world statesman. Surely this Government could be taken to the European court. over its handling of the disabled and the poor. *Note this Government has already hit the people on benefits by reducing help with rent or mortgage payments forcing some out of their homes.

  2. Tricia Gray

    I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears what the welfare reform act is doing. In 2013, people in social housing will have to pay from benefits another £50 per month if they live alone and have two rooms. I have filled in forms for severely disabled people who are genuinely terrified. Today, a profoundly deaf man, who has been in business for twenty years, but has lost his business and contracts due to increasing deafness, was told he is not considered as disabled in any way – this was a decision by letter. He has also had several strokes, has diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis in his spine. He would love to work, but his health won’t let him and several specialists have said it’s wonderful he managed to last so long with all of his disabilities. He’s been told to sign on the dole and get another job. I deal with him because he is also semi-literate. Yet, despite this he built up a very successful company which ran for years. Now because of the economic climate and his disabilities he cannot work and yet he is not recognised as being disabled in any way. Up until recently profound deafness was paid at the higher rate of DLA as it was regarded as being severely disabled.

  3. Silver

    Evil Flourishes when Good Men do nothing.

    Are there no decent parliamentarians these days.

    Tom Watson is a man that dares to be counted on issues that need unearthing.But are there any more Decent Politicians.

  4. keith hughes

    But how many people will continue to vote for these bastards just because they have always voted for the Tories. If you vote the same every time and are not prepared to change then why should they. To those that vote for this corrupt and degenerate scum, if you vote for them, then you are just as bad as them for you are supporting them in their attacks against the poorest and most in need in the land. After all the Nazi’s didn’t get into power without the support of the German people.

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