How about a live blog on the benefit debate?

I’m thinking of doing a ‘live blog’ on the WoW Petition/incapacity-disability benefits debate in the House of Commons tomorrow (Thursday).

Previously I had intended to go along myself, but donations to the site have been almost non-existent this month, meaning I don’t have the financial wherewithal. It occurs to me that this might be a better use of my time.

The idea would be that I would post developments into the article as they happen, along with appropriate tweets from other people who are watching the debate, and comments from readers who want to contribute to the discussion.

I would not be able to make the article self-refreshing, like they do on the newspapers’ websites, so readers would have to refresh the page themselves in order to keep up with what everyone is saying.

It would start with the debate – around 11.15am, with an introductory paragraph posted up earlier in the morning so that people have a web address to refresh in the first place.

Good idea?

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26 thoughts on “How about a live blog on the benefit debate?

  1. beastrabban

    I think it’s a good idea, Mike. I’d certainly be interested in following it and hearing what other people have to say about it as it happened.

  2. A6er

    I can’t make the debate but I will be watching it. A live blog is a great idea Mike, I’m sure many will appreciate you doing it.I’m one of those economically deprived but will make a donation when my DLA payment arrives. You do a marvellous service with your blogs.

  3. Winifred Gare

    I am not,at present affected by these appalling restrictions.My time will come as I am now seventy and have been registered disabled since I was in my thirties
    I sign every petition and send emails where necessary,having read about your book I intend to buy it,well done you
    I will continue to support you and your cause in any way I can
    Good luck to all who are also supporting you my sincere sympathy to any one who is suffering under this evil government

  4. AM-FM

    It’s a good idea if you can be bothered and it doesn’t make a mess of your blog. For me live blogs always leave out bits I consider vital, so I end up having to wait to the read the article anyway.
    I don’t like pages that keep refreshing while you’re trying to read them, so having to refresh, reload, or press F5 is no problem.

    1. Mike Sivier

      My idea with this was that, if anyone thinks I’ve left out something important, they can make a comment about it and I’ll include it in the article, so – hopefully – your concern would be addressed.

      I’m willing to give it a go, see how well it works.

  5. sonya lippold

    Go for it Mike, my message a mirror image of, Winifred Gare`s, but I`m not disabled, apart from poor IT skills !!

    1. joanna

      Hi Sonya don’t knock your IT skills after all you have at least replied, which is more than some people can or will do. It’s never too late to learn new stuff, I know because I work voluntarily as a teaching assistant for adult learners facilitated by a college.
      I consider myself extremely lucky because I too have not been affected by the awful state of affairs, and I am disabled and on benefits, I do feel a little less guilty by being able to help others.

      1. joanna

        Wow, that is a fantastic idea Mike, I didn’t that could be done! Oh how I feel old!! (43 in 2 weeks).
        I really hope it does get a proper hearing, I remember seeing on Youtube Dennis Skinner giving his all and kicking the comdems ass. Though I really would love to see IDS have another public tantrum!! He may lose it and go too far for himself. Sigh! I live in hope!!

  6. jaypot2012

    Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Good idea – especially if you are like me and don’t watch TV! It’d be great to see other people’s reactions as it comes through – not just the articles later on.

  7. leonc1963

    Yes please Mike as I find it easier to follow and understand via a blog as it cuts out much of the drivel which causes confusion to my stroke brain.

  8. 1234

    My only concern, is that the lies spouted by this bunch need refuting with solid facts, and the format of a live blog tends to prioritise updates over solid rebuttals.

    Your blog is great for having well researched and presented facts, and I know that it’s been a huge help to me in dealing with these scumbags.

    The current govt like to throw out statistics and statements at a huge rate, and believe that it legitimises their actions.
    Merely responding with “this is wrong” etc due to the pace of a debate doesn’t do as much good as being able to blow apart their arguments with actual facts.

    If you feel the format of a live blog gives you the opportunity to respond quickly with your usual level of reasoned researched argument, then I’d love to read it, I just have worries that anybody can keep pace with the volume and frequency of lies this lot spit out, as it happens. (Of course this is exactly what they rely on).

  9. Pendantic Geek

    Great idea. For those that don’t know, pressing F5 on the keyboard will refresh the page for you so you don’t have to keep reaching for the mouse.

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