Liars exposed! Why has nobody been sacked yet?

Questions to answer: Maria Miller, the minister for evasion, cannot be expected to respond. She obstructed Parliament's inquiry into her expenses claims and her eventual apology for her misdeeds lasted just 32 seconds.

Questions to answer: Maria Miller, the minister for evasion, cannot be expected to respond. She obstructed Parliament’s inquiry into her expenses claims and her eventual apology for her misdeeds lasted just 32 seconds.

This blog asked yesterday whether Downing Street communications chief Craig Oliver was a liar, an incompetent, or both after he denied that government officers threatened the Daily Telegraph with tougher press regulation if it published its investigation into Maria Miller’s expenses.

It turns out he was both.

The Telegraph has now published a recording of the conversation between reporter Holly Watt and Miller’s advisor Joanna Hindley, on which its allegations are based. There can be no doubt that the reporter did indeed have Leveson held over her (corruptly); there can be little doubt that this was done at the request of Miller; and there can be no doubt at all that Mr Oliver knew about it.

So – a liar. And incompetent, because he had obviously discounted the possibility that the Telegraph reporter might have recorded the exchange.

It appears that Mr Oliver still has his job, despite having become the second person to disgrace it out of only two appointed by David Cameron. We cannot comment on Joanna Hindley.

The bullying, possibly blackmailing fraudster Maria Miller – who also persecuted thousands of disabled people while she was minister for equalities, also remains part of the government.

This speaks volumes about the lack of judgement displayed by ‘comedy’ Prime Minister David Cameron.

The longer he delays removing his rotten minister, her rotten advisor and his rotten media chief, the more rotten he and his government will become – in the opinion of the public.

And for this Prime Minister, public opinion is everything.

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21 thoughts on “Liars exposed! Why has nobody been sacked yet?

  1. Joanna

    I don’t think they could not become more or less rotten! They certainly will Never be able to ever redeem themselves, and why would they care? no-one and nothing could ever change their comfortable existence.

    I don’t think they even care if they have a job after 2015, they never have to work again ever, because they have screwed the whole country in Every way!!!

    There is and never has been any justice!!!

  2. Joseph Smith

    I live in the north, I can smell the rotten corruption here even when the winds north to south. Stinking lying fraudulent cheating self seeking scum they don’t deserve to be allowed to exist much less occupy positions of power.

  3. Paul Jackman

    its a disgrace that governemnt is turning a blind eye to all this cover up and your police is a disgrace not looking in to murder in the N.H.S its all getting covered up barbaric

    1. Joanna

      I agree, but it still isn’t going to address the fact that the government is above any law! The government could shut down the paper if they wanted to, they have after all eradicated most of our freedoms, so it isn’t so far fetched!

  4. beastrabban

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Ian Hislop pointed out last night on Have I Got News For You that this does not augur well for press freedom, as Maria Miller is now in charge of overseeing the press under the new rules. Clearly she sees these regulations as a means of protecting herself, and the fact that Cameron has not sacked her or Oliver because of the threats indicates that he too believes that the political infringement of the freedom of the press is entirely acceptable. Remember – Cameron comes from PR, so he has absolutely no qualms about spin, and the government has already passed the gagging law. Miller’s and Oliver’s threats aren’t just another example of government corruption and the politicians’ double standards, where fraud is only criminal if it’s done by members of the public – the ‘little people’. It’s also another blow against the freedom of the press, as this government gradually chips away at our fundamental freedoms.

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  6. alexander nicol

    they (Ministers) do not know the meaning of the word LIAR , it is not in the Bulingdon Westminster Dictionary

  7. stilloaks

    Reblogged this on Still Oaks and commented:
    They told us why, they are all in it together! They lie cheat and steal yet only need apologise and gesticulate! Money for nothing and your rent for free! Now that aint working, thats the way you do it!

  8. jray

    Mike,how dare you! This Rt Hon MP,all right,3 lies in 3 words.I am knackered! The logic that explains the expense claims must have a team at NASA working 24/7 trying to find plausible excuses….Second Homes? Bedroom Tax? I would love to see a comparison.

    1. Mike Sivier

      How dare I?
      I started typing and the words just flowed out.
      Anyway, what’s the problem? You seem to be on the same wavelength as I am.

      1. jray

        It was Sarcasm,as people claiming JSA/Benefits can be sanctioned perhaps this should also apply for MP’s?

    1. Mike Sivier

      I’ve already signed and put it up on Facebook and Twitter, where it has won many responses, but I’m grateful to you, Keith, for publicising it here as well.

  9. david edwards

    none of this comes as a surprise , lying cheating , double standards, who do these people think they are , lets just hope that any of their blind , stupid and obviously devoted supporters see for themselves what a corrupt bunch of criminals they were dumb enough to vote for , because if they don’t , there really is no hope . They cannot be allowed to persist in destroying this country for a minute longer . Not one of them deserves their position , they are ALL corrupt ……

  10. alan

    Parliament makes the rules to protect itself, per se. If the same rules applied to the general public very few in prison. Windy Miller should now be in prison for defrauding the State, let alone the Treasury. It makes you wonder what dirt she has on some fellow high MPs to get away with this fraud and theft. At the end of the day this MP should never be re-elected, like the vast majority should not be, and marked up as a thief, and in any comments she addressed as a fraud and a thief because that is what she is.

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  12. Joseph Smith

    Ok, let’s now campaign to rid of Craig Oliver, if Cameron starts to lose his bottom feeding supporters he himself will fall eventually.

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