11 thoughts on “Beware Coalition stooges who repeat Iain Duncan Smith’s lies for him!

  1. Citisix

    That astounding letter wasn’t written by anyone called ‘Mrs. Lloyd’, unless Mrs. Lloyd is a tory astroturfer. It’s language and grammar screams ‘manipulative politico’ more than a dear lady writing from her kitchen table.

    And you’re right, it’s 98% horsesh*t.

  2. bookmanwales

    Unfortunately whether this letter was written by a Mrs Lloyd or not there are still quite a few who believe this drivel.
    You only have to look on other blogs to see them stick their heads over the parapet, whilst using false names obviously.

    Propaganda has always been a fantastic tool of the government because they have deliberately undermined education to prevent independent thinking and stifled debate on so many issues by inflammatory rhetoric like “WMD” “Racist” “leftie” “Conspiracy theorist” etc.

    In my short 55 years on this planet I have learnt one thing.. Political beliefs tend to be intractable in a lot of people, they are brought up in it, live it, and see no other point of view. (eg.holocaust denial) The final argument is the threat of violence when they can’t repudiate your argument.

    It will matter not whether one person dies after being pronounced fit for work or 1 million or whether every child in this country is living in poverty, if the mainstream media ignore it (as to date they have) then nothing will change.

  3. fkreid

    Now, whenever I read comments on newspaper articles my first line of action is to try and identify the poster and their existence in reality. In this endeavour I came across the term ‘sock puppet’ which I suggest Mrs Lloyd is. It makes it extremely difficult to tell whether the commenters are real or not.
    It does seem to be strange for anyone to go to the extreme of hiding behind an imaginary character for a local paper though. (The circulation is only 8468)

  4. NMac

    Does this so-called “Mrs Lloyd” really exist? In my opinion this letter appears to have been written by someone well versed in politics, who is a dyed-in-the-wool Tory.

  5. tomdat7

    This letter from an alleged Mrs Lloyd is just the type of comment I have been speaking about just recently to my friends. It proves ( if authentic ) that the propaganda spewed out by this coalition of evil is getting through to the general public. The letter makes my very doubtful about it’s authenticity because of the writers claims of being a labour supporter and of having always voted Labour. Either she is lying about being a Labour supporter or the letter is bogus. Even the most cynical Labour supporter could not agree with the attack on the most needy, disabled, poorest and those of greatest need this evil coalition is currently inflicting on it’s own people. The amount of bundled cuts being imposed on society all at once is simply staggering, but none of it is working, and has been ridiculed by the Worlds leading economists and economic agencies. It is staggering and frightening that all the best advice in the World is ignored by this most evil of all Tory Governments, the welfare cuts have and will continue to cause unnecessary suffering to the least able to withstand them, including children, the sick and disabled, low paid working people.

    The worst thing about being governed by this axis of evil is, they know damn well what effect their policies are having on the people they affect, suicide, homelessness, starvation, depression, dejection, hopelessness, divorce, family break up, unemployment the list is endless, but they don’t give a toss, they really don’t and to me this makes me so very angry. This anger turns to terrible frustration and makes me imagine all sorts of radical ways of bringing about change. I can’t be the only person to be so affected by a growing hatred of the uncaring scum, and for me to be driven to a feeling of hatred is something I never thought myself capable of, but I have never witnessed a collection of such arrogant, ignorant, self centred people. They really do sicken me, how on earth can millionaires and multi-millionaires think they can advise people they have probably had no personal dealings with and have no idea about their standard of living, decide about how much they can take off them in the name of austerity. The majority of the welfare cuts have been done without any impact assessments being undertaken, they were mostly thought up during a cabinet meeting with an hours consideration.

    Today, it looks probable the war mongerer Hague will get his way and start to arm the Syrian jihadists. How can this even be considered when we are suffering draconian cuts to our Welfare, NHS, Local Councils, it is a disgusting decision. Apart from probably initiating a third world war, just consider how much a new machine gun and ammunition would cost, now multiply that by millions, how much will a armoured personnel carrier cost, now multiply that by say 1 hundred, how much would you say we are up too now, at least £30 million, I think I am on the low side, these are just the start, before you know our troops will be in there. Then the cost doesn’t matter because another war will be underway and the outcome will not be known this time.

    1. bookmanwales

      As far as Syria goes we are heading for another Afghanistan. We armed the Taliban to fight the Russians then they turned on us.
      If they arm jihadists in Syria the exact same thing is going to happen. This will just increase the threat of terrorism and lead to even more draconian “suppression” of civil liberties ( but then that is maybe the aim, other terrorism being a little slow at the moment)

      It is amazing that given all our “Austerity” cuts are hitting the poorest we can suddenly rustle up from nowhere untold millions in arms and aid to another country. One can only wonder what profits there are to be made for the rich folk of this country, you can be sure it is not about “civilian deaths” as we know this coalition gives not a damn about people dying ( or maybe that is just their own civilians).

      No surprise that it is the UK and US leading the pack yet again… another carve up with our “special relations” getting the lion’s share ?

  6. Ulysses

    The Tory Party is famous for the employ of stooges from Central Office writing in to local newspapers, masquerading as concerned locals.

  7. Grayling

    text book shill troll by numbers – initially pretending to be one of the boys / girls then …very on CCO message – recycled Daily Mail comments section , dog whistle stuff

  8. Keith

    The reason the bedroom tax applies to rooms too small for a bed is that IDS sleeps hanging upside down from the ceiling and doesn’t have the humanity to empathise with mortals.

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