Public money is being thrown away on government-contracted scroungers


It turns out that some people really do get to lie around all day, doing nothing apart from watching the money rolling in.

Bloody scroungers.

I’m sorry to swear – and you know I’m not usually rude – but these Work Programme provider companies really get my goat.

The revelation that companies such as Ingeus, A4e and Working Links were getting undeserved ‘incentive’ money (see also the BBC’s article), rather than being paid by results as has been claimed loudly and repeatedly by Tory ministers and backbenchers, is nothing new to Vox Politicalwe first pointed out the problem in November 2012, more than 18 months ago.

You see, not only has this been going on ever since the Coalition government established welfare-to-work in its current form –

Not only have government ministers and backbenchers been lying to you about the payouts given to the profit-driven privately-owned provider companies –

Not only have these companies been sucking down on your hard-earned taxpayer cash as though they had done something to earn it –

But the people they were supposed to be helping – people who have been forced into ever-greater poverty by the benefit uprating cap, arbitrary and unfair benefit sanctions, the bedroom tax, the £26,000 cap on benefits for families, the imposition of council tax on even the poorest households (in England at least), the stress of continual reassessment (if they are ESA claimants in the work-related activity group), the humiliation of having to visit food banks and who knows what else…

The people who are desperate to get any kind of paying job, despite the fact that zero-hours contracts could make them worse-off than unemployment, due to the effect on in-work benefits, despite the fact that those in-work benefits are also being squeezed hard, and despite the fact that there are at least five jobseekers for every job that becomes available…

These are the people that government ministers, backbenchers and the right-wing press keep victimising with their endless attacks on “skivers”, “scroungers”, the “feckless”, the “idle” and the “lazy”!

If I was unemployed and my MP had been caught slagging me off while praising these good-for-nothing so-called work programme ‘providers’, I would make it my business to bring them before the public, lock them into some medieval stocks and pelt them with rotten vegetables. Public humiliation is the least they should get for this continual insult to common decency.

But wait! There’s more.

It turns out that, not only are these work programme providers a bunch of lazy good-for-nothing parasites, but many of them are also a bunch of foreigners who’ve come to the UK to take our jobs!

Ingeus is Australian. G4S is part-Danish. Maximus is American.

It seems that all the politically-fuelled and media-driven anger against immigration into the UK from the rest of the European Union and beyond may be designed to distract us all from the fact that foreign firms are immigrating here to take government jobs that should be yours, and to steal your tax money.

Nobody can say they’ve earned it, after all.

But let us not be unfair. It would be wrong to concentrate on welfare-to-work providers when all of government is riddled with foreign interlopers.

Look at the Treasury, where the ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms have been re-writing tax law to suit their tax-avoiding corporate clients for the last few years. They are Deloitte (American), PriceWaterhouseCoopers (part-American), Ernst & Young (part-American) and KPMG (Dutch).

And then there is the huge, criminal, foreign firm that has been advising the Department for Work and Pensions on ways to privatise the welfare state since the mid-1990s – a firm so controversial that there is currently a moratorium on the mention of its name in the national mainstream media. It is an American insurance giant called Unum.

The best that can be said of these five corporations is that – at least to the best of our knowledge – they do work for a living.

… In their own interest – not yours.

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26 thoughts on “Public money is being thrown away on government-contracted scroungers

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  2. Jeffrey Davies

    you forget that woman emma who awarded herself 8.6 million in bonuses then not long after another ten million oh for those privates racketiers its like going back a few hundred yrs jeff3

  3. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    The same thing is happening in HMRC; they’ve recently put in a tender for a scanning company so every letter, return, document you send in for any head of duty (Tax credits, VAT, PAYE Income Tax, Corporation Tax, National Insurance) will be seen by this private company… Oh and of course they’ve got rid of all the post rooms in HMRC which were staffed by diligent and experienced civil servants.

  4. Mr.Angry

    Absolutely criminal words fail me, if I could just sell my house I would be away from this corrupt society any where but certainly not here in the UK. United Kingdom now that’s a laugh, as united as a box of cornflakes.

  5. beastrabban

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Mike turns the government’s invective against the lazy scrounging off the state and the foreigners, who take British jobs, and apply it to work it really belongs: the workfare and outsourcing companies, as well as the foreign and foreign owned accountancy and insurance companies, like the corrupt American giant Unum. These are the people really running the country down – not the unemployed, the sick, the aged and poor, and not asylum seekers fleeing violence and persecution or migrants from eastern Europe trying to make a living.

  6. Samwise Gamgee

    Only today Cameron made his usual jibes about the Labour Party being “bought and paid for” by the unions. Yet to me, a British political party being funded by trade unions that represent British workers is far, far less of a scandal than the current Conservative-led coalitions, the leading party of which seems to be in the gift of foreign business interests and bankrolled by foreign businessmen.

    How typical of the “patriotic” Tory party to put the interests of a overseas-based wealthy elite first at the expense of UK workers’ interests. Just shows us all where the Tories’ heart really lie.

    1. Joan Edington

      I agree. They always talk about “the unions” as if they were some breed of monsters doing their own thing with members’ money. The money comes from the members’ political levy payments which every member has the right to pay or not. It is not, therefore, “the unions” who fund the Labour Party but PEOPLE who happen to be members. As a membership secretary of my union branch (before New Labour), it was hard to convince some people that this levy was a fraction of the funding that the Tories received from big business, and was necessary if Labour was to have any chance of competing.

  7. jaypot2012

    I have a couple that are acquaintances of mine, actually, they were once friends of mine but that had to stop as I couldn’t be a part of what was going on, just by association alone. They ran one of these “job club” type things and made hundreds of thousands from the tax payer. The wife didn’t even know how much she was getting paid as the hubby would give her a load of cash at the end of every week and tell her to go out and spend as much as she wanted! He ended up being able to pay for a large listed house, have all the mod cons put into it, have the garden transformed, buy a little cottage, have a new car every year and pay in cash – the list is endless.
    After 3 years of this they eventually lost the contract to someone who most likely put in a cheaper bid. They had gotten greedy you see.
    He used to ‘phone his mother-in-law and ask her to get a shoe box from under the bed so that he could buy something cash – a new suite etc. – his MIL used to be shocked at the amount of boxes under just that one bed! There were more beds, 6 in total. Now he’s spent up – he went over his 250,000 overdraft and they wanted the money to come down to 150,000 – that took up a lot of shoeboxes. He got into more debt and he had to sell his cottage, then one of the shops that he owned, then a couple of flats. He still lives in his house, it needs work doing as the electrics have been got at by mice, their is a leak over the sun room door which has now been their for nearly 2 years and is causing problems in the flooring. He still owns a shop but the thing is nearly falling down and the person that rents it is just waiting for it to go down in price and he’ll buy it cheap and get the work done on it. He still owns two flats but one is a wreck and he’s just letting a lad live there and gets the lowest HB, even though the lad is having all kinds of people staying there. His other tenant in his other flat is waiting for the house prices to come down so that he can buy the place.
    He’s really feeling it and is often found rooting around for money for himself and his wife. He’ll not really be able to get a re-mortgage due to his finances and if he did he’d just waste it anyway.
    He’s feeling the pinch, they are not going out for meals, they are not getting the newest clothes that were so expensive, they struggle to pay bills and are just like you and me except that they bought in on themselves and took from the taxpayer for doing nothing. In all, I think they got about 40/50 people into work in the whole time, and that’s bad!
    I’m glad that they are struggling, no more new cars, no more sticking their noses up at the unemployed and those on benefits – serve them right for taking away vital money from the taxpayer and for starting to vote conservative!!!!
    I just wish things like this would happen to the larger firms, they think that they are above the law and can take, take, take, but it will eventually turn around and bite them on the erse – we just have to be patient.

    1. Jeffrey Davies

      but this is happening daily screwing the tax payers whot I laugh at is that 40/50 people into work my bet is they found their own jobs not the company ones its always been about greed it cant otherwise be that’s why we had jcp dwp all split into their own departments but sadly they were sacked for this new rob the taxes

  8. david pearce

    I’m actually surprised Mike that none of these companies are Russian based given Cams corporate sponsors. Or are they saving that for the Gulag camps

  9. amnesiaclinic

    Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    The rich and elite are from all countries and own the world. They see us as stock to be milked and kept in herds, (Agenda 2 human settlements) and the rest of the countries for themselves. UK Column had a very good piece about this yesterday about Reset that has been hijacked by the ecotyrants as well as in agenda 21

  10. Damo

    I,m currently on jsa and everyday looking for work which I don’t mind telling you is hard so recently when I was in the job center my adviser,lol advised me to see this …provider…lol. A shitty little Middlesex based employment agency now I live in central london ..they wanted us all there for two months to work on our cv,s there based on a trading estate in Middlesex way out past wembley they weren’t offering fares it was gonna cost £36.75 per week traveling expenses no lunch ,nada nothing from 9 till 6 mon to Friday the jobs they were offering were the usual zero hours ,min wag part time..non jobs..I pulled them up on all this ..hang on a second…they threat and me with benifit sanction ..but I said I hadn’t sighed anything ,lol they refered me back to my…adviser…this company gets funded by the European Union……..funny that.

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