“Inflammatory rubbish”: Here’s a list of This Site’s articles on Tory brutality to the sick and disabled

[Image: www.disabledgo.com]

This isn’t even an exhaustive list, but it should go some way towards demonstrating that Tory councillor Chris Stevens was wrong to describe concerns about the minority Conservative government driving benefit claimants to their deaths as “inflammatory rubbish”.

I sent it to the United Nations, to support an investigation into the UK’s abuses against the sick and disabled – so it is out of date, but it’s handy as a guide.

I’ve separated out material relevant to my first and second Freedom of Information requests, so you can see how hard it was to get information from the Tories.

Show your contempt for this arrogant dictatorship

Welfare Reform Bill: a request for information

David Cameron’s dream: a Britain without hope


New Atos contract to increase misery for the disabled

Ashamed to be British as prejudice and bigotry stalk the streets

MPs: Terminate the deadly Atos assessment regime before anyone else dies

When police fight the disabled there can be no winners


Survey boosts ‘divide and rule’ agenda – and hate crime

Grayling, IDS, Miller to be tried for crimes against humanity?

Just when you thought the DWP/Atos death trail couldn’t get worse…

Benefits: how much information are the authorities holding back?

Police move on campaigners for “criminal acts against DWP”

Internet surveillance plan will extend – not create – a communications ‘police state’

Pat’s petition may fail because good people did nothing

New e-petition gives you another chance to challenge murderous disability benefit cuts

New call to put DWP/Atos on trial for manslaughter

Atos assessment death rate dwarfs that of soldiers in Afghanistan

Smith v Jones over benefits, the disabled and the truth about homelessness

IDS off the hook with ICC – so evidence needed of Atos deaths

Iain Duncan Smith’s Question Time lies exposed

Only you can close the Atos slaughterhouse

Greek case for austerity “genocide” creates hope in UK

Success for one disability campaign – but another needs your help

Wow! Petition renews the struggle against vicious welfare cuts

A wake-up call for people on Canterbury’s council estates

Disabled people’s rights are hanging on upcoming judicial review

When big business dabbles with welfare; a cautionary tale

Persistent misdirection will perpetuate the Atos nightmare

Unum, Atos, the DWP and the WCA; Who gets the blame for the biopsychosocial saga?

MPs tell their own Atos horror stories

DWP/Atos/WCA: Unanswered questions demonstrate the Coalition’s cruelty

Panorama’s ‘great disability scam’ – companies get fat while the disabled are punished

Clause 99 – further dis-figuring benefits for the disabled


Mark Hoban: A message isn’t scaremongering if it’s true

If we can name streets after fallen servicepeople, why not those who fell to Atos/DWP?

Are British workers being lured into health insurance that will never pay out?

You are ‘infrahuman’ and your government thinks you are ‘stock’ – even if you voted for it

Judges find DWP ‘fitness for work’ test breaches the Equality Act and is illegal

Why did the DWP push ahead with illegal sanctions, knowing they don’t do any good?

The European courts have their priorities wrong. Why aren’t they stopping the disability deaths?

Nowhere to hide, Mr Hoban: With advance notice of questions there’s no excuse for failure to answer

ESA audio recordings: Did Hoban answer and does it matter either way?

ESA appeals more than double – and decisions in the claimant’s favour are increasing

ATOS Call Police to Stop Welfare Experts Advising Disabled Claimants

DWP allowed to appeal against ruling that ‘fitness for work’ test is illegal

Work Capability Assessment: Time to make your experience count

Call for evidence on Work Capability Assessment: My submission

Doubletalking DWP’s new assault on the sick

The fit-for-work test fails mentally ill people – not the other way round

‘Fit to work’ man rushed to hospital

If we’re talking about evil, did someone mention Iain Duncan Smith?

Hounded by the British Government right up until she died.

How can disabled people appeal if not told the assessment result?

Iain Duncan Smith sent back to his novel(s)

Has the DWP let you know that you can ask for your ESA Atos face-to-face assessment to be recorded?

Another Angry Voice on the Tories’ Response to the Death Stats: Axe the Stats

DWP denials: They would kill you and call it ‘help’

One-legged man accused of benefit fraud after DWP examined wrong leg (not satire!)

Disabled? There’s only one way to make Atos ESA assessors understand your condition

Doctors Told To Abandon Patients Undergoing Vicious Medical Assessments

10,000 Cuts and Counting: A Ceremony of Remembrance and Solidarity

DWP calls in Rentadoc to harass the sick off-benefit

Let’s be clear – Tory and Lib Dem MPs have decided terminally ill patients should work or starve

‘Reconsideration’ fiddle for ‘fitness-for-work’ test

Our Petition FINALLY goes to Parliament

The single killer question from ATOS that drove a woman to suicide

Another Tragic Atos Death: RIP Jacqueline Harris

Observations on the Suicide of Jacqueline Harris

WoW Petition for rethink of disability ‘reforms’ hits its target

Leaked Evidence Shows DWP Set Quotas For ‘Fit For Work’ Assessments

DWP Lose Again: Atos Assessments Do Discriminate Says Appeal Court

‘Moaning’ Work and Pensions committee lets IDS ‘off the hook’

IDS at W&P Select Committee – Was it worth it??

Back to the maths class for DWP decision makers

Breaking News : Government Reviewer Opposed Rollout of ESA

Christmas cancelled for Gloucester disabled family after dad falls through benefit net

The spirit of Scrooge is haunting the DWP

RIP Tim Salter and Denis Jones. Is This What You Wanted Iain Duncan Smith?

DWP blames cancer patient for her illness

Have 230,000 sick and disabled people been wrongly knocked off-benefit and forgotten?

Victims tell how they were unfairly knocked off sickness benefits

BBC confirms ‘Tory mouthpiece’ accusation with updated lies about ESA

More ‘sick’ propaganda via BBC hereby corrected….

DWP’s shame: Facts reveal how ministers duped the press

Man loses benefits because he had heart attack during work capability assessment

The Scandal of DWP Silence

Send your ESA/WCA experiences to the new MP inquiry

Iain Duncan Smith: Using Disabled People as Guinea Pigs Since June 2013

Rosette Laid for the Victims of Atos in Derby

Lies and Double-Talk by Atos and the DWP

Anonymous Commenter on Forcing the Disabled Back to Work

Atos ‘death threats’ claim – ‘outrageous’ insult to those its regime has killed

Will Peter and Sue get added to this year’s malnutrition statistics?

‘WoW’ debate on sickness and disability benefits live blog

A new low for the UK: disabled man starves to death

Mark Wood: Had Food Phobia, Starved To Death After Atos Decision

Was Mark Wood the last stumbling-block for Atos?

Another ESA-related death but the DWP wants us to believe there’s no connection

The Indictment Against the Tory Party: That They Did Wilfully and With Malice Aforethought Cruelly Abandon People to Languish on Incapacity Benefit

Why are victims being sidelined by MPs’ inquiry?

More statistical shenanigans from obstructive DWP

Atos quits ESA assessments but will continue to c*** up PIP

ESA/WCA inquiry chair: ‘Victims are NOT being sidelined’

Petition demands fibromyalgia test be fit to work

Sickness benefit death statistics – a quick update

Cancer sufferer’s benefits are cut – and the chattering classes demonise HIM

Unwell person incited to commit suicide – on David Cameron’s Facebook page

How can the government’s new ESA specialist claim he knows nothing about all the deaths?

Rising ESA sanctions: punishing the vulnerable for being vulnerable

Number Of Employment Support Allowance Claims On The Rise – Is Iain Duncan Smith Making Us Sick?

Backlog of 700,000 for ESA Claims

Backlog of assessments for ESA. Double the passport backlog, but none of the coverage

Atos fined 30 million for WCA errors

If the DWP reckons it’s getting decisions right, why are people still suffering?

‘Mandatory reconsideration’ – more money-saving by sending the sick to their deaths

Caught out: DWP ministers who claimed a million sickness benefit claimants had been found ‘fit for work’ – kept real data from public view

Harassment of the poor & disabled, on benefits, treated like criminals


Home visit action* to check you are being treated appropriately*

The truth about Employment Support Allowance

Educating Dr Litchfield – a few facts about the Work Capability Assessment

Art attack on Coalition policies that drive people to their deaths

DWP debate highlights Duncan Smith’s failure to perform

Vigil to support judicial review for ESA claimants with mental health issues

Man who had sickness benefits axed wins appeal – months after he died

Labour not to blame for ESA assessment backlog

IDS & his beloved statistics

More inhumane treatment by DWP

Another letter to Mike Penning from Sheila Gilmore about mandatory reconsideration

Ministers humiliated over cumulative impact assessment

Work and Pensions Committee urge Ministers to pay disabled benefits during appeals

DWP Limbo: “Sometimes I Think I Would Be Better Off Dead”

The government refuse to carry out a cumulative impact assessment of welfare “reforms”. Again.

Case Of David Clapson Sparks Calls For National Inquiry

Found: The book that helps the government smear the sick as ‘malingerers’

Duncan Smith reckons cutting welfare for cancer patients is “creating jobs” – Pride’s Purge

Amputee veteran told to get a job despite having no way to get to it

DWP limbo: We ask Job Centres ‘How low will you go’?

ESA sanctions: When did the ‘last resort’ become the first option?

UN inquiry for UK disability rights violations

Mark unravels after sanctions: ‘The process left me feeling suicidal’ – Ann McGauran

Wrong again, Daily Mail! UN human rights investigation is welcome here

‘More or Less’ on the ESA deaths: MORE stupidity, LESS accuracy

Over 90% fall in JSA & ESA appeals as process made more difficult – Benefits and Work

DWP Figures Reveal Shocking Delays In Sickness Benefit Decisions – Welfare News Service

How Whitehall neutered the Freedom of Information Act – Ian Dunt, politics.co.uk

‘Benefits and Work’ request on ESA deaths stalled by DWP

DWP Breaks its Own Rules when threatening Support Group Members – Jayne Linney

400,000 ESA Claims Disappear due to DWP trickery

Leaked document shows Tories think incapacity claimants aren’t ill

DWP admits investigating 60 benefit-related deaths since 2012

71 reasons to end Tory and Lib Dem government

DWP To Use Fraud Staff To Harass People Off ESA In Birmingham – John D Turner

No apology from DWP for ‘potentially dangerous’ ESA letters

Benefit changes are killing the vulnerable, say campaigners

How DEAEP helped Former soldier with ESA Claim – Jayne Linney

DWP demands work fitness test on teen with mental age of five

Yet another disabled death due to DWP harassment means #CameronMustGo

WCA reviewer condemns claimants to five more years of misery – Benefits and Work

UN announce inquiry against United Kingdom Government

Remembrance Day for DWP/Atos deaths

This Christmas, remember the hidden casualties of the Coalition years

Work capability assessor asked why depressed claimant had not committed suicide

The work capability assessment and suicide – a.k.a. ‘chequebook euthanasia’

Chequebook euthanasia – who’s the biggest threat to other people?

Claimant death: Job Centre staff say “We are only following orders”

80% of January to March ESA claimants still waiting – Benefits and Work

Claimant death: A letter to Dame Anne Begg

DWP urged to publish inquiries on benefit claimant suicides – Guardian Society

Dying woman ordered onto the Work Programme

Disabled man’s benefits are cut before Christmas – Littlehampton Gazette

A Christmas Cruel: Spirit of Scrooge lives on at DWP

This portrait of Iain Duncan Smith’s uses images of those who died in his war on the poor – Pride’s Purge

Sanction and suicide – The poor side of life

MPs’ inquiry: Five things we’ve learned about benefit sanctions – glynismillward189

MP asks civil servant to check whether DWP to blame for benefit deaths – Disability News Service

Shouldn’t we call time on the Work Capability Assessment?

How many deaths have Tory evidence-free policies caused?

George Berger on Gordon Waddell and the Origins of the Work Capability Test – Beastrabban’s Weblog

RIP Andrew Sherrat- Another Victim Of #fitforwork #dwp

Tories: Cuts Can’t Be Savage, Because No-One’s Died in the Street – Beastrabban’s Weblog

DWP: We think you might be fit for work even if Atos didn’t – Kate Belgrave

ESA sanctions hit new record high – Benefits and Work

How can the unemployed PAY for appeals against refusal of benefit?

ESA sanctions hit new record high – Stop MP lies and propaganda

A campaigner falls. Friends asked to remember Lotte Ryan

DWP’s Mandatory Reconsiderations have “effectively destroyed” independent Tribunals – Refuted

Two die amid threats of losing benefits and eviction

DWP to claimant: If you don’t die within six months, we’ll prosecute you – Same Difference

Benefit assessments now proved to make sick people worse

Doctors to be briefed on life-saving work capability assessment rules

DWP Forced To Apologise After Terminally Ill Benefit Claimant Tried To Take His Own Life | Welfare Weekly

DWP reveals sanctions link to one in five benefit claimant deaths » Central Government » 24dash.com

Nearly half disability benefit claimants have a mental illness – Telegraph

ESA death statistics may never see light of day – Benefits and Work

Malingering, illness deception, and disability benefit reforms | Ekklesia

Almost half the DWP’s benefit death reviews were on sick or disabled people

Parkinson’s sufferer told she is fit to work | Newark Advertiser

‘Harmful’ ESA benefit sanctions double in one year – who’s at risk and why – Mirror Online

Petition for DWP to drop appeal against revealing benefit deaths tops 50,000

Tories want you to believe people choose to be poor and disabled

Plan for sickness benefit cut to ‘incentivise’ claimants

Man wins appeal against removal of sickness benefits – months after his death

More DWP cruelty – asking the terminally ill when they expect to be dead

Disabled jobseekers get a disability premium. Disabled people who are sick don’t. Is that fair?

Latest benefit death: Musician took his own life after DWP ruled him fit to work

Sanction threat to health: Duncan Smith replies with lies

Chronically-ill Glenn Harris used electric saw to commit suicide

Disability assessment system ignores evidence and pushes claimants towards death

The mentally ill are bearing the brunt of benefit sanctions in Wales

Carers now being targeted by the DWP.  | The poor side of life

Watchdog asks DWP for ‘objective and impartial’ sanctions statements

People with mental health problems ARE vulnerable and the DWP has lied AGAIN

Zac and Sarah don’t exist – why should we believe anything from the DWP?

Lie after lie over sanctions and FoI: Duncan Smith’s head should roll

‘Work is good for your mental health’ says well-known Iain Duncan Smith. He should be worried about his own

Are DWP Decision Makers Submitting Fabricated Evidence To Appeal Tribunals? | Welfare Weekly

How is waving a pink card overhead supposed to stop someone committing suicide, DWP?

“Nothing To Do With Me”, Did You Say, IDS? Well Then You’re Still In For The Chop | TheCritique Archives

Claimants suddenly develop mysterious superpowers after being sanctioned | Politics and Insights

Video: Victim’s sister: The DWP know they are killing people – Telegraph

He cannot talk, read or write, but Tories want severely disabled Stuart Chester to fill in 20-page form to keep benefits | News | The National

Benefit cuts DON’T force people into work – despite what Iain Duncan Smith says – Mirror Online

Vulnerable are easy targets, according to Job Centre Plus whistleblower – Daily Record

DWP madness – thinking they can get away with the same trick twice

DWP again refuses to release data on disability benefits – using the same excuse

National press coverage for latest petition highlighting DWP failures

Sanctions: do they affect ESA claimants terminally?

The IDS Files: DWP caught giving disability propaganda to Daily Mail » DPAC

Amnesia sufferer Nikki Pegram declared fit to work | glynismillward189

Man douses himself in petrol inside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.  | The poor side of life

Successful ‘fit for work’ appeals add to evidence against ‘work capability assessment’ system

‘Dangerous’ cuts to support are ‘exposing government’s ILF lies’

Coroner’s ‘ground-breaking’ verdict: Suicide was ‘triggered’ by ‘fit for work’ test

DWP hounded diabetic, mentally ill mother to her death after ‘fit for work’ verdict


Grieving mum shocked by DWP demand for son – one day after his funeral

Disability benefit claimants in Kirklees sent as far as Manchester for ‘fit for work’ tests – Huddersfield Examiner

Crackdown on DLA to PIP challenges means failure rates soar

A lose-lose situation: the DWP’s Catch 22. | EmsyBlog

Depressed mum drowned herself after being refused residential care for autistic daughter – Mirror Online

DWP bases benefit decisions on allegations about the assessors’ character rather than evidence

Why is the DWP forcing people into work-focused activities they will NEVER be able to carry out?

Corrie star brandishes adult nappy to highlight ‘shameful’ cuts to disabled care

This ignorant Tory councillor had better try justifying the deaths his party has caused

Accusations face indignation over disability-related deaths

Capita assessors STILL refusing to disclose qualifications | jaynelinney

Daughter of ‘fit for work’ suicide man takes human rights case to UN

UK benefit policy is to ‘save money by ensuring people die waiting for claims to be processed’

Minister for state-sponsored genocide outlines latest plan to cull the benefit-claiming population

DWP discrimination against the disabled adds another victim to its list

Duncan Smith’s speech was full of Tory false arguments and hid the homicidal facts

Iain Duncan Smith tells disabled people to work their way out of poverty

James McEnaney: An open letter to Iain Duncan Smith – meet Michael, my brother

Why should a young person at the start of their life feel like they want to end it?  | The poor side of life

Employment and Support Allowance – Another Mean Cut From IDS – Sheila Gilmore | Politics and Insights

Reports of disability hate crime have soared

Government takes Motability vehicles from 200 people each week

Government hides information on death of Michael O’Sullivan

Distressed, ashamed and hopeless – the experience of being ‘fit for work’

Serial shaming for Iain Duncan Smith in Prime Minister’s Questions

DWP blamed by second coroner for incapacity benefit claimant suicide

‘Immoral’ DWP is ‘stubbornly ignoring’ calls for sanctions review, say Churches

Claimant death scandal: Chief coroner is failing in duty to prevent future deaths

Michael O’Sullivan: DWP twice pushed father-of-two to suicide bids

Suicide happens when the government tells depressed people they are faking their symptoms

Benefit sanctions: Britain’s secret penal system – Dr David Webster | Politics and Insights

Sickness benefit claimants are more than twice as likely to die than get a job

‘Tailored support for the disabled’ at the Job Centre? Nonsense



DWP refuses to provide information on ESA/IB deaths. What is it hiding?

Atos deaths: A letter to Mr… Smith

DWP falsehoods: Let’s get some questions answered

Will the DWP do ANYTHING to avoid revealing the true extent of the Atos deaths?

Revealed: The facts about DWP lies

DWP obstruction over Atos deaths – a plea for sanity

“Extremist”: My government’s latest ‘label’ for me!

Stop collecting death stats if you like, DWP – it’s what you’ve got already that we want to see!

The Death Toll from Benefit Cuts: The DWP Blocks Attempts to Find the True Numbers

DWP – Department of Wayward Perversion?

Information Commissioner to decide about DWP deaths

Information Commissioner rules on the cover-up of DWP-related deaths

Let’s start the New Year with some hopeful news

My St George’s Day bid to kill the ESA/WCA ‘dragon’

Information tribunal on deaths of IB/ESA claimants – next week

Freedom of Information tribunal on benefit deaths – April 23

Case proven? Government stays away from benefit deaths tribunal

Hollow victory for DWP after ‘ESA deaths’ tribunal


FOI? Or just FU?

Demand DWP deaths inquiry (and an announcement from Vox Political)

DWP is still refusing to reveal how many people its policies have KILLED

Delay in decision on ESA deaths – to influence the election?

Victory for Vox Political: DWP ordered to give details of benefit-related deaths

Benefit deaths: IDS lies while DWP evades

Petitioners call on DWP to end appeal against publishing benefit death totals

Vox Political in the national press over DWP deaths petition – part one

Vox Political in the national press over DWP deaths petition – part two

Vox Political in the INTERnational press over DWP deaths petition – part three

Newcastle MP joins call for DWP to publish death statistics

How the DWP plans to hoodwink you over benefit deaths

Setting the record straight after the Independent’s error-ridden ‘sanctions’ story

It’s your conspiracy of silence over benefit deaths that is disgraceful, IDS – not our hugely popular petition against it!

Duncan Smith chastised over benefit deaths lie

Benefit cuts deaths: Revealed, how Tories are trying to ‘fudge’ figures claiming they’re too ’emotive’ – Mirror Online

IMPORTANT: Do NOT trust Cameron over benefit-related deaths

Are ratios the evasive politician’s new favourite tool?

Conduct complaint over Iain Duncan Smith’s lie to Parliament

Challenged to defend their record of persecution against the disabled, Tories have nothing to say

Our sick and disabled are being stifled; we should give them space to breathe

Corbyn backs Parliamentary motion on DWP deaths

Another mention in Parliament for Vox Political’s campaign on benefit-related deaths

Release the Death Statistics on Benefit Cuts to Show Their Full Impact | Maggie Zolobajluk

What’s the Commons speaker saying about the DWP?

Merseyside MP renews pressure to reveal death toll after “fit for work” tests

Mock indignation from IDS won’t halt the uproar over benefit-related deaths

Iain Duncan Smith accused of planning to ‘fudge’ benefit death stats – Mirror Online

ESA death statistics to be cynically released over August bank holiday – Benefits and Work

Location revealed for ‘benefit-related deaths’ Tribunal hearing in November

Unrepentant IDS will persecute the sick no matter what the death statistics say

Known number of deaths while claiming incapacity benefits nears 100,000

DWP reveals benefit claimant deaths (From Herald Scotland)

More than 2,300 died after fit for work assessment – DWP figures – BBC News

More Than 4,000 Died Within Six Weeks Of Being Deemed ‘Fit For Work’, Reveal Government

Thousands have died after being found fit for work, DWP figures show | Society | The Guardian

Statement On DWP Mortality Data | New Approach

IDS special adviser gets peerage – as DWP admits thousands died after ‘fit for work’ assessments

Many Commiserations On Your Unqualified Success | TheCritique Archives

DWP’s death figures aren’t adding up

Parliament should have power to force Duncan Smith to resign over WCA deaths | Michael Meacher

Why the delay, DWP? The ONS has templates on calculating death rates

On Employment and Support Allowance, Ms Patel isn’t sitting pretty

David Cameron should check his facts properly before spouting nonsense in PMQs

“Isn’t the DWP’s lawyer a cheeky madam?”

DWP death statistics lack accuracy, logic or consistency

Tory bid to put ‘freedom of information’ out of your price range

The DWP has lied; ministers know ‘fit for work’ decisions lead to death

Three people who killed themselves after being found ‘fit to work’ – The Independent

Why is the DWP pleading for more time to answer a simple FoI request?

Will David Cameron explain the DWP deaths to the Conservative conference?

Ministers think they have successfully hid the facts about the deaths of claimants. Have they?

DWP has delayed long enough. WHERE IS MY INFORMATION?

Has the DWP made a fatal error over the claimant deaths FoI request?

This is how the DWP denies responsibility for claimant deaths

DWP confusion: Saying claimants can die twice – and denying it – at the same time

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